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  1. Hi, how do I change my username on this Forum, I want to change my name to different username, I can't seem to find any way of changing it in the Settings, or am I stuck with it now? Thanks for help.
  2. mark iliff

    Rekindled Obsession

    Hi rude, how you getting on with the Nissan R390?, is it any better to drive yet?. Nice cars by the way, bet the Mrs loves you!, lol.
  3. Hi, thanks for that!, I knew their was a reason and I could definitely feel the difference with the chip fitted in the car on an Analogue track, I wasn't sure why but guess it was something to do with what you said and not much that can be done about it, other than to remove the chip.
  4. The HRS2 chassis looks to be very adjustable, but I take it that is mainly for getting it to fit with the body of choice, I was thinking maybe the adjustability would be an advantage to setting a car up to handle well, but again I suppose that Slot.it have already done this on the stock chassis for each car to a high standard anyway. Yeh the original chassis are fairly cheap, I did notice that, which is a good thing. I guess its worth having one though, could use it for some White Body Kits to mount the body on, as you just said. When I buy something the more pieces in the bag the better it looks to me, and the HRS2 seems to have a lot of pieces in the kit compared to a plain flat chassis, more pieces = more fixing/tinkering/adjusting/experimenting and so on which = good value for money and enjoyment out of it.
  5. Thankyou, a super reply, I was just curious as I like tinkering around with my cars, and wondered if it was worth a try with one of them, but as you say its most likely not going to change anything on an already great car. Thanks so much.
  6. G'day, are the Slot.it HRS2 chassis kits better than a standard chassis, so say if I had a Slot.it Porsche and replaced it with an HRS2 chassis would this be a good performance upgrade or would it be best to leave the car with its original chassis. I know the HRS2 chassis if designed so you can add a body of choice that you wish to fit, but it looks to be a well designed piece of kit with plenty of adjustments that can be made, so this would be a good chassis for a performance racing car, or not worth the hassle?
  7. Great explanation, I did have slight idea that it had something to do with what you had said as I did read this somewhere before, but kind of forget what I had read. But what about the Slot.it motors, such as the orange coloured, they come in different versions, is the only difference which end the pinion is on the shaft, so take my Slot.it orange motor with the pinion on the bell end, if I put the pinion on the can end - this should possibly be better for the motor, just I would have to change to a different motor pod for the motor to fit. This would mean can-end is the way to go. Also don't they have the screw holes for fixing the motor to a pod- in the can end only. Still makes me wonder why have the bell end option?, if can-end is better, I guess its because like you said that is how they were first made.
  8. If you click the translate to English button at the top of the page - it says £399 for each car, I just thought it was funny
  9. Hi all, I have question, I have often wondered what the difference is between "can-end and bell end" is regarding motors, of course I know it refers to which end of the motor is driving the pinion/gear, but what is the reason for using one end other the other?
  10. Here is a little mod I did to my SCX Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, I wanted to upgrade the gears, axle and wheels to Slot.it parts because the stock parts on the car a rubbish and the car goes like - well really bad!. I found the clearance around the crown to be really bad on this car in particular, my other SCX Audi R10 - the clearance is not as bad and I have a 27t Slot.it brass crown fitted on that car, with a 28t being the largest(lowest gear) that will fit of the Slot.it in-line crown gears without cutting the bodyshell to make clearance. On the Peugeot I can now fit my largest Slot.it crown - a 30t, with no problems regarding clearance, before cutting the body shell I could only fit a 26t Slot.it crown, which at the time did not mesh well with the SCX 9t pinion. So what I did to the SCX Peugeot was to cut away at the chassis around the crown area to make for the best maximum possible clearance. I did this with a cheapo snap off blade hobby knife and it did an ok job, but a better quality x-acto knife or even a Dremmel may be better. I can now fit a 30t Slot.it crown with a 10t Slot.it brass 5.5mm pinion to my SCX Peugeot, otherwise without cutting the bigger hole would not be possible. This gear ratio 10/30 or 3.00:1 is awesome on my Scalextric track, the mesh is as smooth as silk, and has super fast acceleration, with plenty enough top speed for my home track which at the moment is only 10ft by 6 ft with mostly radius 2 corners and a couple of radius 1 corners/bends. I have 2 of these Peugeot cars, one is box stock and the other has all Slot.it and upgraded parts, the car upgraded with Slot.it parts is a million times better. See pics for details: http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6258.jpg http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6255.jpg http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6254.jpg I know its not the neatest cutting of the bodyshell!, a bit of white paint would tidy it up. Also note that I had to glue the motor pod in place after cutting the bigger hole to fit the larger crown in, this does not affect the cars handling at all, and this is now one of my best and funnest cars to drive, as with its stock RX42B motor and the Slot.it gears it handles and drives on my Scalextric track extremely well indeed.
  11. mark iliff

    How Much!

    Hi all, check out the prices on this website!, click translate to English box at the top of the screen, and see the out of this world prices in pounds! http://www.racerbanen.dk/sideways-sideways-biler-c-34_90.html
  12. Hi, weight saving could be one reason to remove the chip when racing Analogue, but for some reason unknown to me, when you have the chip installed in the car and you race on an Analogue track the car doesn't go as quick, it slows by about 20% approx at a guess, you can definitely feel the difference.Some people don't mind this and perhaps is not a big enough deal to warrant removing the chip if you swap between a digital and an analogue set up, especially if you do it often. I'm not sure if this speed reduction applies to the 6car Power Base as I don't have one, but when I switch between my Scalextric 4car Power Base and Scalextric Sport Analogue set-up, my digital cars don't run as quick as my cars without a chip in, they feel sluggish, but as I said this could be preferred by some people as you will have less spin off's and crashes from going to fast!. To be honest I don't remove my chips at the moment, I just use the cars as they are or use a different car for each type of track, so an analogue car for analogue and a digital car for digital, and I still sometimes use my cars that have a digital chip in on my analogue track. I just liked the idea of being able to quickly dis-connect the motor and chip if needed, with the use of the 2pin connectors that I soldered on the motor and chip wires. I doubt if racing in a competition or club it would be legal or in the rules to have these 2pin connections on your motors though, I'm not sure on this. I just shown it as option, something different really, don't think too much of it, most people won't feel the need to go to the trouble of soldering 2pin connectors on their motors and chips, its not necessary to do this, but was just shown as an option.
  13. I just found out with that red Toyota ScaleAuto car in the picture, you can change the motor pods for Slot.it ones, how good is that!
  14. mark iliff

    Rekindled Obsession

    It definitely looks fun. I got a dremel the other day and modified my holden v8. Lowered it a bit and it's handling much better. One question, can you make that car digital as it isn't DPR? Cheers LOL Yup... I'd have more cars in my grubby hands, but dammit, work gets in the way. I've hit up ebay and another online shop recently, so I'm waiting for those.... 6 or so cars to arrive! I have a question about the R390 - it runs like crap. It just isn't smooth like my other cars at all and comes off every corner when pushed a little. I've opened it up and played around with it, but it hasn't made much of a difference. Then i made a mistake whilst truing the tyres.... A bit embarrassing - I was talking to the wife, and without noticing as the sandpaper was covering the slot, i had one wheel just touching the slot, and it tore into the rubber - so that'll need replacing - any recommended tyres? Also, i've noticed the chassis have a slight flex to it after installing the slot.it chip - so i suspect this to be causing the vibrating/rattling when it's driving. Your new R390 runs like carp, you may find that the magnets in these Slot.it cars are not as powerful as Scalextric type cars, I also had a similar thing happen with a Racer Sideways I purchased, after a while you get used to it, you may need to learn about fine tuning the car to get the best out of it, as even though its a Slot.it - it still will most likely need a few tweeks here and there to get it handling at its best and suited to your driving style/preference as the cars are not always set perfect from the factory, because these are race cars - its usually left upto the buyer to fine tune the car, Its not hard to do and you will soon pick up plenty of tips on this forum, little adjustments can make a big difference with slot cars. Also one of the best and cheapest things to get a car running better is to buy some decent tyres, although I would have thought your Slot.it tyres to have been ok.By the way have you tried a Racer Sideways Riley or Dallara yet, these are fantastic cars and they take the Slot.it chip. Also leave that slot.it Mazda in the box, unless you are ok with the rear wing breaking off on the first lap!. As for your addiction, we all spend what we can afford and a little more we can't, Slot cars can get you like this, but its a great hobby/pastime, welcome to the club!
  15. Hi, here is a few pics of the SCX car that I had trouble with the guide popping out when the rear end slid out. A small piece of styrene tubing fixed this problem 100%. http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6188.jpg http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6193.jpg http://i1094.photobu...th/DSCN6194.jpg No need to glue in place. If you buy the same size I did, the tubing at first may seem too small, but this is good as it stretches a little and so this helps to keep the tubing a tight snug fit around the top of the guide post A piece of about 2mm is all you need 3/16" or 4.8mm with an internal diameter of 4mm. (Evergreen Styrene tube 226). Cut with a sharp hobby knife and if you like smooth the edge with a sanding stick if needed. After testing the car hard, and after numerous spin off's, not once did the guide pop out again, and it now has a better contact with the metal tabs/strips that go to the motor. (Any left over tubing, which I had plenty, can be used to make drinking straws! ) NOT.
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