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  1. Sunday 1/4/2012, Hi all, Fantastic turn out, Womps / Can am/ Int 32, two groups of each class. The action started with Int 32 fast/ slick racing, followed by the new Can Am`s fast and fun machines, then the rough and tumble womps, complete with wall shots and cart wheeling down the main straight by yours truly Special thanks to Debbie for the lovely platter of fresh sandwiches that fed all racers to keep energy levels up for such a big afternoon of racing. Plenty of fun and laughter was had by all INT 32 1. Bruce 134 2. Tony 133 3. Jim 131 4. Damien 122 5. Greg S 119 6. Andy S 115 7. Tom S 101 8. Rob 97 9. Mike 90 Can- Am 1. Bruce 134 2. Tony 133 3. Jim 131 4. Damien 122 5. Greg S 119 6. Andy S 115 7. Tom S 101 8. Rob 97 9. Mike 90 Wompy Tony 69 Greg 65 Andy 64 Jim 64 Rob 64 Tom 54 Damien 51 Mike 47 Kayla 40 Bruce DNF Cambo DNF Click on the link for some Wompy action until next time !
  2. Hi all, Action packed utes this morning between Len / Luke for 1st/2nd in the first group ,rubbing door handles and just staying above the 5 seconds. Group 2 produced breakout blips & deslots galoure and a nice 4 car pile up just off the finger in the first bracket. Well done Luke/ Andrew 180+ laps. V8 tourers were fast and furious as usual complete with sideways action, and a smokey motor. A great morning was had by all. until next week
  3. Hi All, Would like to start posting race results from my local track, The turnout was a bit light on from the normal, but we still had fun. Plenty of action was had with flying wheels the odd breakdown and some smooth/ slick racing. The afternoons racing was held on the kingelman track. Wing Womps Damien 136 Tony A 117 Andrew W 122 INT 32 Damien 127 Mike D 109 Tony A 135 Bruce D 144 Can-Am Damien 109 Mike D 61 Tony A 131 Bruce D 119 James L 114 ___________ Until next time have fun !
  4. Hi stoo23, Great to see Womps make it to the Nats , very popular down here at M.R...... bucket loads of fun and laughter, all the best with the event
  5. Hi all my Name is Damien, Slot car racing all started with race club at Mobile Raceways, Dandenong. You receive a flexi car ute after completing 5 race clubs, that was in 2011. Now we compete in weekly V8 ute, V8 tourer racing and also involved in the monthly Womp, Int 32, Can Am classes and soon to start my first scratch Build chassis. We have found slot cars to be loads of fun and i enjoy the building side of it a lot.
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