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    Playing guitar, harmonica. <br>V8 Supercars<br>Aussie bands from the 80's such as Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, The Angels, The Radiators, The Divinyls, Hoodoo Gurus Australian Crawl, Noiseworks<br>AFL - Go The Swannies!!!
  1. Lynchy

    I Give Up......

    Note to Self : Don't go shopping with Lee!!!
  2. Lynchy

    V8 Supercars

    Hey, Just wondering how many models of the V8's have Scalextric produced? I currently have: Ambrose AU Falcon Johnson AU Falcon Bright BA Falcon Lowndes BA Falcon (888) Ingall BA Falcon Ingall VX Commodore Tander VX Commodore Richards VY Commodore Murphy VY Commodore I know there are still the Lowndes BA Falcon (6) & the Ambrose BA Falcon to get but that only leaves 11 cars, 7 Fords & 4 Holdens, were there any more released? Can't wait for the '06 models from Richards, Murphy, Johson & a 3rd installment from Ingall Lynchy...
  3. Lynchy

    Track Problem

    Hey, Thanks for the replies. I will try & pack some foil into the connections. I might cut a small sqaure & wrap around the male end & slide the whole lot in the female end (whoops...I know its a family website, but you know what I mean ) I will try that method first as I think soldering is a bit more permanent & difficult Cheers, Lynchy...
  4. Lynchy

    Casting My Own Parts

    Graeme, Those trucks look awesome. You should be proud of your work that you do in casting parts. You could bring back to life any old beat up banger!!! WELL DONE!!! Lynchy
  5. Lynchy

    Track Problem

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has experienced a problem similar to this one? I have a Scaley sport track & it seems very temperamental. I have just come in from the shed feeling deflated as I seem to be losing power in one lane of my track. I have cleaned it thoroughly using cleaning vinegar (works quite well) & I have also tested each section of track using a mutli-meter. The multi-meter showed that each section had the same current flowing through it. I have tried several cars on the track & all of them slow down at the same point. Its as if the track is losing power. I have held the cars over one section & then moved them to the next whilst the controller is on full. It speeds up a fair bit on one section. I have taken this piece out & cleaned it & swapped it with another, yet still the problem persists!!!! Its like the track is possessed or something!!?? Has anyone got any idea or suggestions (other than routing) on how to fix these anoying problem??? Please help..... Lynchy....
  6. I have noticed that a lot of you guys rave about the NC1 motors, can you please let the uneducated, like myself, in on the secret of why these motors are so great & what sets them apart from other manufacturers motors. Also how much do they go for? Cheers, Lynchy...
  7. Hi All, I was just wondering what is the best way to firstly strip paint completely of the body of a Scalextric BA Falcon. Then secondly what is the best product to use to respray it white? I am thinking of converting one of mu V8's into a police car or taxi, whatever may be easier to respray & decal. Also does anyone know of someone who does custom decals? If I go with the police car option, I was thinking of getting some lights from Tricky Dicky's & wiring them up so they flash. Is this simply running a wire from each point off the motor (as for the guides) or do I need to incorporate a resistor/capacitor or some other electrical thingy. Any comments or suggetions are welcomed, Cheers, Lynchy :(
  8. Lynchy

    V8 Supecars

    Phil, That is a crackin' track mate. How long is it & what are the lap times? I see you are running digital & looks to be 3 drivers per lane. How is the power over such a huge track with 3 cars per lane? Or do you guys run a couple of power transformers? Lynchy...
  9. G'day Lee, Those Camaros look awesome. What did you use for the exhaust pipes on the white one or were they already there? Lynchy...
  10. Hey Oswald, All I used was some wood glue from Bunnings. It comes in the big 500 - 1000ml bottles. I got the 1 litre as I knew I had a fair bit too glue down. I just applied a bit of glue straight to the board & then smoothed it in with my fingertips (good idea to have a rag handy) & then with the ground cover just simple sprinkle on. The best thing about the glue is that it dries clear. You can also do 2 or 3 layers depending on the thickness you are after. For other bigger things that needed glueing such as my control tower & guard barriers I used liquid nails. I also tried using spray adhesive (in a can) & found this to be too tempremental. It went where I didn't want it too go & when I tried for the second coat, it blew away all the other ground cover/grass from the first coat that didn't stick properly. Also it is HEAPS more expensive than plain wood working glue. Hope this helps mate, Lynchy
  11. Lynchy

    Guides Popping Out

    Eno, Sorry it took a while to get back, but here is what I mean This is the T-Piece at the front end. Unscrew this to reveal the self-centering spring. This is the self-centering guide spring. If your guides are popping out, bend the spring head down slightly so it sits firmly in the X of the guide. Screw the T-Piece back on firmly & this should solve your problems. Hope this helps, Lynchy
  12. Lynchy

    V8 Supecars

    Gref, Just go to Bunnings & get some roof flashing lead & cut it with tin snips. Its very maleable (shapeable) & easy to cut. It aslo pretty cheap. Hope this helps. Lynchy...
  13. Lynchy

    Guides Popping Out

    Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply. I took the bodies of my Falcons & realised they are self centering guides. This meant the have a small plastic T-Piece screwed over the top of the guide with a small spring inserted to centre the guide. After some little persuasions & readjusting the screw & also screwing the T-Piece down a few more turns, it has helped enourmously. The guide doesn't pop out anymore, no matter how hard it losses it on the corners. Cheers again, Lynchy...
  14. I saw on Ebay last week a 1:32 scale Ford Falcon ute cast that went for about $20 bucks. It was sold from "The Toy Store" Ebay shop. They said that it was the last they had as the mould had broken but were in the process of making a new one. Lynchy
  15. Lynchy

    V8 Supecars

    Hey Vinno, I took the magnet out of my Ambrose AU Falcon & replaced it with some blue-tak. I noticed how much the car "jumped about" without the magnet holding it down, so I put the blue-tak in the rear, on each side & a small piece at the front. It works a treat now & handles quite well. Lynchy
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