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  1. Luke, Maaaaate, Top Video. I love it that you ended with my lovely Aston Martin DB9 Gulf at the end. Some really good fotage, and I neve though they "slid"so far off center. Top racing class. I am looking forward to all the class racing next year. Jason W
  2. Hi, Yeah next year the SCX class sounds quite cool, I was wondering if we could remove magnets from all cars, then as an improvement to those like me who arn't up to pace, we can add weight to the cars (say 5g at a time) till we all get so called even. Off course, if you are carring wieght that assist for you to win, then you should remove 5gr back to no addition weight, till you fall into "average" lap times. Jason Watson
  3. Hi all, I was away for the last round of GT 40's and Host class, but i am keen to be there for Tuesday night's Slot it class. Jason Watson
  4. Hi Phil, aim am new too, but I notice the digital comment. I run a Ninco Digital track and had a couple of minor issues that differ to analogue systems. What system are you've running?
  5. Cheers Jason for posting results. Jason W.
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