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  1. hi can some one tell me please buy ninco to scalextric converter track i have seen but cant remeber where
  2. are there there any drag strips around sydney to race on just got a few cars from usa.might have to build a track at home
  3. thanks very mutch for your help
  4. is there converter track to join ninco to scalextric track if so can you tell me where i could buy it thanks
  5. I have blown a few in my time as well, some common reasons are;- - Over lubrication of motor, this can dmage any motor but with digital it can lead to chip damage as well. - Using larger (hoter) motors, the Scaley SSD chip is designed for 18K RPM motors and the biggest motors I have had success is 20K, the Slot.It SSD chip can handle up to 25K RPM's. - Adding too much extra magnet can overload the motor. - Motor shorting (bad motor) can also blow a chip. - The SSD chip is also only rated to 16 volts so too high a voltage to the track can blow motors as well. I had one particular car that blew 3 chips and I eventually tested the motor and it was sparking inside really badly, I think this meant it had a short in it and the easier and cheaper solution was to replace the motor. There is a modification to repair the common blown chips types but you need to be good with a soldering iron as it is a real micro job. I have failed on 3 attepmts to repair a chip but I had one fixed but an electronics guy and it works great now and can handle hotter motors as well. Hope this helps, blowing chips is a real bummer!
  6. i have had a few problems with cars blowing chips
  7. hi thanks for the encouragement i am runing scalextric digital,tracks about 35 metres in .thanks for the tip on inox Welcome Phil, I have a 40m Scalextric Digital setup on a table 5.5m x 2.5m and have been using INOX for over 3 years with great results, I also have all the SSD modifications which deliver all the uninterupted power and race management system linked to PC for fuel simulation pit lane speed limiting etc. If you have any questions fire away hope we can save you the time we lost
  8. hi thanks for the encouragement i am runing scalextric digital,tracks about 35 metres in .thanks for the tip on inox
  9. hi just started out with slot cars after 20 year break so mutch has changed.haveing problems with digital cars are hesitint like a road car mising and blowing chips4 in 3 months but here to learn.i still use the analouge tracks i have more than the digital,i just get that anoyeyd with digital ,when its working its fun but gives you so many probs cars going ferile getting possed and takeing off on there own.so i go back to what i know anerloug .cheers phil
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