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    Why Slotcars?

    my first contact with slot cars would have been around 1959 when I was still in the army and going with a girl in Wangaratta. poddling around doing a bit of racing on w/ends. met up with a few blokes from Shepperton and hung out with them a bit I think it was Bryan Thompson that bought the first scalex set that I had ever seen and we had a few races on the loungeroom floor. he had a couple of cousins who raced as well allso a bloke called Adrian Ryan. When I got out of the army in 62 I went to live in Adelaide for a while and joined a 1/32 group that used to have a track at the old Parafield airstrip in a nissan hut I waas living at Brahma Lodge then close to the strip. was involved in the first 24 hr. race for the Duncan Laycott trophy which we took out can't remember the year. Was driving tourist coaches then and took my cars with me raced all over oz. inc. Tassie. dropped out of it for a lot of years as I was driving i/s got back into it in Syd. with a mob of dubious characters inc. Devious Dave. ended up building a four lane scaley track in the shed wich became the w.d.s.r.g. live in Boggabri now started to build a few cars [thanks Dave] aand gave myself a carrera monza set for chrissie now looking at maybe? a three lane wood track haave made a 1/10 scale model of it if I can ever work out how to post some pics will do so [help Rob] old slot [Viv Ireland]
  2. phoeno 29 it's aa scaly camaro that devious gave me to play with flared the gaurds and gave it a paint job. some old decals that i had from i don't remember when. still needs an interior.
  3. probably caused by swallowing the credit card statement before mrs. dog found it
  4. oldslot

    Monogram Cortina's

    cortina's in front of a 350 stang and a daytona ? must be reverse grid
  5. yeah you would really feel confident sending 161 grand to this turkey.
  6. nothing beats a bit of molesting. more power to the molesters
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