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  1. funny you should say that Phil as that's exactly what I thought would be the way I'd go if I did attempt it. trouble being my soldering skills are not to flash these days. but I did enjoy the chance to have a drive of the cars I was probably a bit Conservative in my driving so let the side down a bit in the red lane but then it was the same for all. one thing that struck me was the variation in the handling seeing as how the chassis are so similar. never know
  2. and I do hope that you have a really wonderful day
  3. avagooden Jake and take your best sticks
  4. g-day Chas yes I have been following your travels it would be good if you can get something going up there. Viv
  5. thanks Terror better late than never as they say in the classics will have to bring the camera for some pics.
  6. well done blokes,mammoth effort. proud of yuz
  7. do you actually have birthdays Gazz ???????
  8. thats the man standing with the car.
  9. not up to your usual standards Gazz and whats curly so bloody happy about
  10. interesting thanks for the report
  11. just the first class Mel.
  12. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    here's a few more from shep if you click on an image it will max and you will be able to view the rest I have a lot more if anyone's interested i will try and get them up in the next day or so
  13. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    dont seem to be able to post any more pics will try again later
  14. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    ended up in Shepparton last w/end and there was a car rally passing through the stopped at the car museum for a bit so got a few piccies
  15. o.k. the armchair voucher please
  16. sorry blokes been living in the truck for the last week just got home will be with you in a sec
  17. oldslot


    wings on midgets NO NO NO you would be severely flogged for this wombat
  18. goodonya mate hope its good for you
  19. thanks Tezza a bloody good night of racing
  20. good heads up Gazz. bstd. going to cost me more brass now
  21. might be the way that you walk
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