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  1. thanks everyone for the burfy wishes my wish is that they wouldn't come around so quickly
  2. seems to be some confusion here Gazz Daves was two weeks ago.
  3. thanks for posting Gazz great pics as usual
  4. would be nice to do one of those replicating Stan Jone's racer
  5. I would have thought that you would have given them up by now bloke
  6. if you can find a seal from an old bottle of wine that had the lead foil on it that would be ideal but may be a bit hard to find these days or the tear out seal from a milo tin might do the trick. or tissue soaked with white glue as Em's suggests
  7. onya Mark missed you last sat.
  8. oldslot


    right on John I'm all for the bwa or mt1 motors as you say cheap and plentiful lets go a step further and allow use of the slot-it pod as a easy way of mounting them.
  9. load of B/S face -off twatter etc
  10. yes and won't be getting my dosh at that price
  11. YO! eagerly awaiting the spyker
  12. I think Gazza has covered it fairly well Lynne not much more we can add, except happy burffy
  13. you might like to take the hat around for me Caddo
  14. HELP had a bit of a problem with mine last night when some wires where reversed and blew the fuse since then the throttle action has been inconsistent mainly on full throttle the power is reduced. any help would be massively appreciated
  15. have a mighty marvelous magnificent momentous mother of a Mario day mate,
  16. oldslot

    Roll Bars

    knitting needles
  17. I will be down there for the Ken Thomas reunion in a couple of weeks there is a truck and model truck show on at the showground staying with a mate in queen st [shut up Gazz].
  18. you wouldn't happen to be around harden way would you Joe ????
  19. great work Vinny you forgot to mention that the wheels must remain standard but thats another can-a
  20. oldslot

    Round 5

    onya Vince a first up win for the foulcan
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