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  1. GEEZ Curly you make me feel younger every year
  2. thanks blokes I'm still hanging in there
  3. Geesus I thought mine was a shite-fite
  4. has anyone considered it could be the guide ???
  5. oldslot


    its just resting Gazza
  6. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    I'm guessing Bristol for that last one Gazz.
  7. it is inevitable relax and enjoy
  8. thanks for posting Terry a good night was had by all
  9. tomorrow night at Rob's Terry get in touch with the other Terry for directions
  10. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    where's that tanker live Gazz???????
  11. that is stunning. Viv the other Viv
  12. g-day terry I'm sure that one of the other blokes will be in touch soon I am only recent to the group so I will leave it to one of the old boy's to contact you probably the other Terry who is at Anna Bay. Viv
  13. I have found that you need to let the decals cure for several days before applying clear maybe you may have been a little hasty putting the clear on ?
  14. great work bloke having done quite a few flair jobs I know what's involved and our old mate munter really is a class act is he not?
  15. I missed out badly there built several of these in 1/43 some years ago.interesting history in wicki
  16. oldslot

    Pioneer Sunoco Camaro

    zakly what I thought Phil apart from that pretty happy with them
  17. yeah its getting almost as boring as bloody cricket. but at least it doesn't go on for as long. thank Christ for recorders I can watch a two hour race in about 20 min's
  18. onya bloke hope it was a good one
  19. oldslot

    Car Spotting

    some diverse stuff there Gazz .o.k. people what's the two door on the hoist????
  20. well well Curly you made it through another year. bloody amazing, take it easy old mate your not getting any younger you know
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