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  1. you need to get a little head stubbo
  2. thanks Tezza a good night was had by a small but select group of peddlers
  3. hope its good for you sparky
  4. nearly missed ya mate hope you had a good day I might slow up a bit and let you catch up
  5. oldslot

    3/32 Piano Wire

    I have a spare length terra how soon do you need it ?
  6. a better option are suture clamps if you can find them hospitals etc. change theirs frequently its just a matter of tracking them down I am fortunate that I have a friend in the system who keeps me supplied they come in all sizes from around 75mm to 250mm
  7. sorry to say Frank passed on this evening
  8. I class myself as a modeller rather than scratch builder as I have been doing such for over 60 years so far, started with some very basic plastic kits wen I was about 15 progressed to amt cars for a while then Tamiya came along with their wonderful 1/12 scale cars , had break for a few years due to work then 1/25 trucks came along and I was hooked again met a couple of like souls and we formed the model truck association of N.S.W. as a club we attended many model shows in various states. the club no longer exists but a core group of us still keep in touch and usually get together a couple of times a year. in between times I have been involved with slots on and off since around 1960 and done some scratch work on them from time to time I would like to do a lot more as there are lots of lovely resin bodies available now but unfortunately financial restraints apply these days keep up the good work John will definitely have more of yours when possible
  9. good job on a great car mope I have built a few of those in 1/43 scale in the past and have fervently wished that one of the better slot makers would do one . I think that someone had projected it some time back but nothing came of it. oh well in my dreams
  10. I'm thinking maybe autolite no I think espsix got it bosch
  11. oldslot

    Bathurst 12 Hour

    I guess its all history now . all same bloody good race - event and on a proper race track
  12. oldslot

    Bathurst 12 Hour

    I don't think there's any doubt that the big B was helped a little and how lucky was the audi to slip around the outside thanks heaps for the vid Ems thought I was going to die wondering
  13. oldslot

    Bathurst 12 Hour

    went up for practice yes'dy awesome cars and the sounds indescribable what a pity the heave-8 mob went out of their way to prevent some other drivers from competing. sort of turns you of the taxi's.
  14. onya sparky bout time we had something new
  15. onya young fellah another one down but you may be getting a little old for Gazza's post's
  16. nah moves too bloody quick for them Gazz
  17. yeah mate been a while since I had my fur felt
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