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  1. with much regret I must inform all of our members that Dave succumbed to his illness last night. R I P old mate. Viv I have no date as yet for the funeral possibly next Wednesday I will post details when available
  2. I seem to have lost an exhaust along the way. that must explain my poor showing
  3. thanks for the feedback slo 1 I will have to look into getting the car a bit lower I guess but hey it was enjoyable building it and if blokes can have a bit of fun with it, that's the go isn't it
  4. great work Rosco used to wander about down there many years ago re-visited in the eighties not been there since so really good to see how it is now thanks
  5. oldslot


    Dave is currently in westmead for tests will be there until after Easter if any-one would care to drop in I'm sure that he would be very pleased to see you Viv
  6. oldslot


    no Gazz he will never do that
  7. oldslot


    thanks blokes visited yesterday and Dave's holding up pretty well will be having more tests later this week to try to confirm what they think may be pancreatic cancer I will be going down again next w/e so will keep you posted
  8. oldslot


    sorry to say but old mate Dave has been a bit crook lately he is currently in respite care at bupa facility north rocks chin up mate
  9. yes the poor old barstards losing it. its a bwa motor
  10. Ferrari 18 airfix body scratch built chassis using brass sheet and narrowed slot-it pod guide ?? cartrix wheels tyres ninco front p/g rear slot-it gears 10/25 I think. bwa motor best of luck to all
  11. those wipers should pick out good enough I reckon John.
  12. very nice john the globes look sweet , but we expect that from you
  13. very nicely done and is that a young Moff at the back??
  14. Alan leave me in for now and I will see what I can work out with Terry this week sorry for the stuffin about Viv.
  15. Alan can you drop me out please the car that I had intended is not eligible and I haven't any thing else that is thanks Viv
  16. oldslot

    Duncan On Tv

    I was part of that Duncan laycock trophy, the team was from parafeild airport club the track was on the port road in what I think was an old picture theatre we would grab some sleep on the floor or outside I the back of the car much water under the bridge since then.
  17. oldslot

    New Track For Vinno

    onya mate good to see you still up to it great layout how about lennox drive ? been a long long time since I had a drive up Lennox pass.
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