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  1. oldslot

    Emerald Raceway

    you lucky bedstead
  2. just looked in a mirror and the strangest thing!!!!I have turned a bright shade of green
  3. a good wash and scrub up in washing detergent works well
  4. YO ! love the older stuff myself' been modelling in various scales as well as slots for more years than I care to remember have done quite a few resin bodies but unfortunately fiscal restraint's severely limit my spending powers these days
  5. methinks a bad dose of haka fever
  6. sorry stubbo i'm out for this year
  7. none in n/castle that I know of the closest would be at charmhaven slots-o fun
  8. check the no. caddo its the dopey mad max thing
  9. oldslot


    what a pathetic pack of drivel watched for about 20 mins and dumped it. really 10 I have seen better acting at my kids school concerts surely brocky deserved better than this
  10. your looking younger every year curly avagoodun mate
  11. try park green over gold the gold will darken the green
  12. thanks blokes whoever you are something seems to jog my memory Gazz but I can't quite put my finger on it
  13. thanks blokes a few things to think about, swap the cartridge sounds a bit of a go, should be able to arrange that.
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