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  1. ~KevJ~

    Hi Guys

    just to update, I did have a read up on the build your own way but i just felt i wasn't ready for that sort of commitment off the bat and i have seen some pretty cool standard track setups... anyway we are in , ive picked up a triple cup set from hobbyco at rhodes on special for $389 and my son has his first add on car wrapped up with it for his brthday on the 20th, his pop went down to visit mr armchair racer the other day and picked the little guy up part#c2774 gt500 hes in love with its funny im looking forward to my sons birthday as if its mine
  2. ~KevJ~

    Hi Guys

    ok guys all great advice ill ponder for awhile before i make my decision.thanks again for all your input time to go read some posts..
  3. ~KevJ~

    Mt Panorama Track

    nice track mate i love it i could see myself having a few ales out their with lads and getting into it
  4. ~KevJ~

    Hi Guys

    ok thats good info guys, inox corrosion inhibitor, i guess to protect the track.. good tip. now analogue seems to be the general consensus for a first kit, thats thrown me abit as my son was keen on the lane changing since he saw the youtube videos, i was under the impression that the scalextric standard track is interchangeable so i was thinking i could pick up a cheap analogue set off ebay to boost the track length and that having the digital to start with was going to be better, i cant see me needing 6 on track but regularly wanting 3 at least with my daughter in the picture also.. hmm more to think about.. other than the short track length was there a main reason ppl would advise analogue? ie is there something bad about it? if its to do with having to add chips to cars etc that doesnt phase me as ive previously dabbled with a friends dcc train layout which im sure is very similar and im heavily into electric rc planes so wiring / soldering isnt a concern either.. budget is 400 for initial set gref im in quakers hill sydney..
  5. ~KevJ~

    Hi Guys

    hey all just wanting to say hi and thankyou for the forum and info already there for me to read and for any questions and help i may receive in the future i had scalextric years ago (1st set was the green dick johnson/mobile brock sierra's) used to love the thing until my older brother took the track to his mates house to form a big communal track and i never saw it again. here i am years later and my son turns 7 in september and recently went to a birthday party at an amf bowling where they had a permanent slot car track, anyways he has fallin in love and ive convinced my wife my son has to have a race track at home. (ive assured her im not reliving memories but just between you and me im loving it) so i come to my first question to the forum (and please if anyone knows of this being covered b4 please post a link or point me in the right direction to some current info on it, im happy to read anything rather than ask you to repost.) where do i start.. my thought process is to buy a scalextric digital set so that im on current technology straight away , i believe scalextric is for me because the better brands are going to be more expensive and harder for me to access lots of cars and track etc, especially since the track is for my son and i and hes young so im thinking he will be alittle rough with it. id love to wait for the new platinum 6 car set but its out of my price range and so is the gt set.. that leaves me with lane change set, triple cup set or an analogue bathurst set(which would give me more track).. i spoke to hobbyco at rhodes today and they are selling the triple cup set for $389 atm (best i had seen it is $469, do you guys agree this would be the best set for me to buy as you get the addition pit lane track sections and pit lane game over the simple lane change set for $299? or do you think i should just go for the analogue bathurst set? any info appreciated and thankyou again to the forum Regards Kev
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