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  1. I think Ronnie' has sorted it out to Charlie.
  2. The top livery looks better, more work, but better looking mate...
  3. Try another slot car shop for spare parts mate, l am shaw you con get some somewhere...
  4. P. R .

    Rally Slotkhana

    Thanks Gazza for having mate good to see the old pics mate.....
  5. P. R .

    Racing At Old Bar

    looking good there Charlie, Will have to come on over and check it out mate...
  6. P. R .

    Track #5

    Finally got your new garage Mate. Maybe you could do some type of joins like Rick used on his track? Good to see that you are moving forward champ...
  7. To make it more of a challenge put fuel on, So you have to overtake the pace car then pit to refuel, and do it all over again. Makes you keep pushing all the time. Just a thought...
  8. I can't see any problem there champ...
  9. P. R .

    Test Bench

    Use an old insert or blu-tak one to any wheel and check that with your laser tacho...
  10. P. R .

    Pit Pro

    Yes there is a way to upgrade the unit, but you will have to send it away to get the upgrade done. I just can't remember who done mine as it was a few years back now. He was in the UK. I think his user name was Richo. But don't quote me on that. I think that there is someone in NZ as well. Someone else here should know who they are. They work very well with the fuel aspect and are easy to see than looking at the computer screen. Cheers...
  11. Happy Birthday mate, hope you had a great day....
  12. P. R .

    Undara Circuit

    Thanx Tonka Anyone up this way just send me a pm for a crack on the track... Cheers Paul...
  13. P. R .

    Undara Circuit

    Hopefully we can make this an ongoing thing with the Sydney boys. Always good to catch up and have a race of course... Cheers Paul...
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