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  1. Posting this for someone from work: I have just bought a new scale electric track for the wife and she loves it but, buying cars and fitting the digital chip to the cars at $30 a car then racing for an hour or so burns out the chips, why? We have 7 cars and I have had to replace all. Is this normal or are we doing something wrong? What could it be?
  2. Nice pics gazza, and good turn out. Still shocks me everytime I see a pic of Joe's garage, I'm amazed to see the PC monitor there
  3. Michael Maybe the shop breakins on RC gear has turned them off. Not sure if they have had any issues themselves. True Vince. Didn't know that had been happening. I remember seeing it advertised for sale almost two years ago (I've been in Wagga almost 18 months now). But if the upstairs is the same footprint as below, it ain't that big... Fair enough, I suppose if you want a decent price just get it from a slot car shop, the toy and other hobby shops always priced them up. This shop also had SCX cars for 65+. Either way, kind of bites. I lived in the Penrith area all my life with nothing there, get into slots with the SWSRG guys, build my track, then sell it and leave for Wagga and now TWO centres look to be opening up...
  4. Did a net search, and one of the centres is going to be an extension of Barclay's RC and Hobbies currently on High St. Don't see how they can fit a track and drag strip in there, so they must be moving. Hopefully their slot related products have dropped in price as whenever I popped my head in there ( I got all my Woodland Scenic stuff from him), what they did have (one small cabinet worth) were over the top in prices, eg all Scaley V8s were $65+. He didn't seem to interested in slots back then, so interested to know what changed his view. My wife used to ask me if a business like that could be sustained in the area, so lets see how the next 12 months go with two of them in close proximity.
  5. Can't remember if I've done it already. Can anyone help as to how I can check??
  6. A post from Joe... I don't believe it!!! ps. Looks the goods Craig.
  7. Oh dear. Thoughts and prayers for Chris, Dave and their families. Really used to enjoy the chats about all things military.
  8. schuey19

    Track Routing

    He did you did he? I know Joe's a nice guy and all but...
  9. Can't remember if I've done it already, so I'm doing again.
  10. Thanks guys. Craig, three inquiries, two serious. Greg's is a new build that I helped him with.
  11. Just got off the phone from the current owner. Up for sale, see post in FS folder
  12. Nah Ben, still in Kooringal so up nice and high. Glad central, CBD and all other areas given the all clear. This pic is from our front verandah of low lying properties between Kooringal Rd and Baker's Lane, and behind the exhibition centre/sport fields. Michael ps. our rental is going up for sale so looks like we're on the move again, 4 moths after getting into here. Going back to Forest Hill. I need to meet up with you guys, will do so after we move.
  13. I'm doubled up. Please keep which ever one scores better!
  14. John, I was going to post something along these lines yesterday when the 'unique identifier' was introduced. As the UN is anything at anytime, how do you know that no one will or can just go in and enter tips under someone else's name. I didn't post it because I though no one would do it, but its happened already. Just putting it out there. Now would Craig have to go and resubmit his tips? Don't mean to over complicate things or create work, as this method is far easier than a full blown website as we know what could become of that. I stopped tipping last year after it changed.
  15. They do look the goods. You can go to that extreme with wraps. I'd hate to be the one to go to your airbrush artist with it!
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