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  1. Try again later? I would expect that the hosting service that this forum is on has a limited number of connections. If the site owner wants to have more connections, they'll probably have to pay more.
  2. I think I'm slowly getting it. This video was VERY helpful, and also explains why some people might say that the power generated by the motor under braking is flowing back into itself. If this video does NOT apply, then I'd appreciate a similar video that DOES apply, if not also an explanation as to why this video is not appropriate. (Note, I'm not sure about the shunt field stuff... does that apply to our use?)
  3. I couldn't find a LOL button, so I guess I'll use emojis... I appreciate the attempt to explain how it works. I understand WHAT happens. Gaining a true understanding of why is not so easy. Not being permitted to explain it the way that my brain wants me to just means I'll never try again. Now that everyone has focused their attention on my inability to describe it with appropriate scientific terminology, the others in my predicament can sit back and learn from my mistake.
  4. I can't explain why I understand some things and not others. I'll note that while I understand WHAT digital systems do, I don't understand the specifics of the magic behind them. Your reaction is what I meant by "upsetting" people. DC power makes a motor go. Reversing the polarity makes it go the other way. Inserting resistance into the power reduces the amount of power going to the motor, and therefore the speed of the motor. Removing the power makes it stop going. Shorting that power makes the motor stop hard. Inserting a resistance into the short makes the motor stop less hard. Is that all correct? Would you say that I understand it? I still can't explain why those things are the way they are. I can kind of understand how a resistor, which does what it says, and resists the flow of energy, will therefore reduce the amount of energy (note I'm not saying volts or amps here, 'cus I honestly don't know which is being resisted... both? Volts? I'm guessing), will make the motor go less quickly. That logic follows for me. But why does resisting the flow of energy out of a motor, that has become a generator by virtue of it still spinning after power is removed, make it stop less hard? That's backward to me... which I guess stands to reason, since it's now backward from how the motor GETS power, but it just doesn't click for me. If I could explain WHY it doesn't click for me, then I probably wouldn't have to, because then it would click for me. I'm sorry if this frustrates you. I'm glad that you understand not only how these things work, but also why. I also did not intend for this to continue going so far off topic. I was merely responding to a previous post about how it's hard to understand for some people, including myself. This is why you won't ever see me "debating the finer points" of the actual electronics behind any system. I don't repair chips, or design chips, or replace resistors in things. I can solder wire to motors and braids. That's pretty much the extent of my prowess on HOW these things DO what they do. Does that mean I'm not allowed to understand, or debate, WHAT they do from a practical, USER point of view? I should think not.
  5. Does it exit through a tunnel and then under the bridge?
  6. Looks great! Is there a good picture of the pit entrance and exit somewhere? I can't get my head around it from that last photo.
  7. Not being someone good with electronics, it can be hard to understand. I get that power isn't actually being generated and going back into the motor with an opposing polarity. I also get that the motor is a generator when power is not being supplied to it. I get that the resistance of the brake pot is what reduces braking effect as opposed to increasing it. What I don't know is the proper way to describe it such that a layman such as myself can understand it, while also NOT upsetting those who ARE good with electronics. ;-)
  8. Because their guides are so long and thick the cars would get stuck on the inside slot. (that's what she said)
  9. The part that I have a hard time getting my head around is that a brake pot is MORE brakes with LESS resistance. It's because you're resisting the power generation of the motor to act as a brake, so a higher resistance means less power is going back into the motor, and so it's braking less. However it works, adjustable is always better than no choice, or only all/none as your choices.
  10. Simple Markers for Lane Color and Direction
  11. World Wide Slot Car Chat Tip Of The Week! Below is a link to the Playlist of TotW videos which will grow over time as new tips are added. Direct video links will also be shared in the comments and replies below. If you'd like to contribute to the Tip of the Week, please either send me an email to ggaub@ggaub.com, or send me a private message, and we'll work it out. We'd love it if you came on the chat and presented your tip yourself, but we can present it for you, if you prefer. Tip contributors will ALWAYS be properly credited, even if they ask for someone else to present their tip on their behalf. If you got your tip from another source, please let me know so that we can share that source as well. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKBb4ZEBXG5yiagfJJo68ljBxIRy_DTbU
  12. Awesome! Thanks! You should post your make to the thingiverse pages, they look great.
  13. Very nice, and thanks for sharing it on the chat! I forgot to ask, but what site did you get them from?
  14. It usually isn't complicated. Chances are, the Carrera chip outputs to the light board via one of the light outputs. That's usually a 5v output from the chip. While not ideal, the motor output usually works fine, but most SSD chips have a light output connection you can use. On some chips, you might need to bridge a missing resistor, but on the most recent DPR chip, there's light output ready to hook up.
  15. Pic isn't working for me, but yeah, you'll have to cut and solder something, even if you wanted to keep the plugs, if only to add the right kind of plugs to the scaley chip. If the truck has two boards, whichever one is on the floor is the digital chip, and the other will be for lights and sirens, which you can probably wire up to the motor output on the scaley chip. Depending on which scaley chip, it might have light outputs you can use.
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