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  1. You're Invited! Topic: World Wide Slot Car Chat #75 Time: Sep 22, 2021 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88943332891?pwd=NVNLWnFDd2lPdVlwTDBNNFFpa2JVQT09 Meeting ID: 889 4333 2891 Passcode: 553064 Time Zone Calculator for 6pm CST: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210922T230000&p1=234&p2=179&p3=136&p4=37&p5=240&p6=103 I hope you are able to join us!
  2. oXigen doesn't require unique IDs for the lane changers to function properly, therefore it does not have any, and is not limited by such things. I've never felt the need for them, but I understand you make use of those IDs and direct address of lane changers in certain ways, which is cool. For large competition tracks, such as the oXigen 24hr Le Mans track, such a limitation would have been inconvenient, at best. I did not. As a user, I don't care about how it works, only that it does. I expect the reasoning is quite similar to the reason Scorpius Wireless requires three dongles do to the same thing for 24 cars. Also, the limitation of 8 is only a limitation of the current RCSO2 race manager and the firmware of the oXigen dongle. Time will tell what the requirements are when the rms and firmware are updated. How many cars, WITH full racing simulations (e.g. the speed and braking are effected by race conditions such as fuel burn, tire wear, and track condition) are currently supported by a single USB dongle on each system? oXigen: 8 Scorpius: 0 How many USB dongles are currently required for the aforementioned racing simulations to work for each system? oXigen: 1 (currently limited to 8 cars) Scorpius: 3 (24 cars with simulations) Will oXigen require a second, or even third dongle to support those simulations with more cars? Possibly. The RCS team is working on a new version of RCSO2 that supports the full complement of cars and simulations, with cooperation from slot.it on new dongle firmware. When they are ready to speak about their new version, then we'll all find out how many additional USB dongles, if any, are required for all 20 cars with racing simulations enabled. I'm sure there are some Scorpius users out there who would appreciate the ability to run "just" 8 cars with full racing simulation. Is it possible Scorpius Wireless could release a version of its race manager that does so? As far as I can tell, if they want racing simulation features, they'll need three dongles, even if they only want it for a few cars. For reference:
  3. I was wondering about that, and looking for video of the cars on the track from a spectator's perspective. Sure, the cars will have to go much slower for the POV driver to have any hope of accurate control, but from the driver POV, the cars would still seem quite fast, wouldn't they? Were the drivers wanting to go faster, or were the spectators bored? ;-)
  4. A familiar story. I'm going to go with "inferiority complex" coupled with being taught things like: "It's a dog eat dog world out there." and "Any press is good press." and "It's not personal, it's just business." and "Take it to the mattresses."
  5. No one asked about how it's done, they only care if it's done, and if it works. I have 8 cars with simulations on a wireless system using one dongle. Using your math, that's 24 of whatever you're talking about. If oXigen doesn't do all those communications, yet still achieves the desired end result, then you're bragging about needing to do more work, with more dongles, to get the same result? By your logic, one dongle should be able to handle 8 cars with full simulation, therefore the same work is being done by both systems. I don't expect RCSO2 to need three dongles to acheive that result, but if they do, then the math is still the same. One dongle per 8 cars with full simulation.
  6. I thought the Maximus decoder would be able to do all those things. Why release dedicated decoders?
  7. You also clearly compare them using the numbers of 72 against 8. All I'm saying is, if you're going to put numbers out for comparison purposes, use the same math for everything. Yes, I look forward to my system doing that. I've gotten used to those things with much older technology in SSD with RCS64 and 6 cars. It has been great for the last several years. Good to see that you're finally adding simulations to your system as well.
  8. How do you count 72 for yours, while 8 for theirs? Shouldn't it at least be 72 to 24? Or, are you genuinely claiming to be able to have 72 cars on the same track?
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