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  1. Only that he's crazy enough to organize a proxy. ;-) Oh, and a tire truing tip.
  2. Going wide to tight, or even tight to wide, is pretty common. But, and this is only my personal opinion, a corner that starts tight, widens out, and then tightens up again before the straight, is an annoying turn to navigate. THAT'S what an isochronus curve it. I'd rather go in on a tight turn, and leave that tight turn for a short straight into another tight turn.
  3. Could be? I don't have any MJK, nor have I used the technique much on my Paul Gage tires. That said, anything that is good, can be bad if overdone. ;-)
  4. Apologies if this was already mentioned, but I was recently informed that isopropyl alcohol has an effect on urethane tires, in a similar way that naphtha has on NSR type tyres. I tried it, and it's true.
  5. I call painting "not fun at all" which is why I have 50 spools of different color filament and a multi-color printer. ;-)
  6. Nice! These types of prints are ideal for the color change between layers technique. So long as each color is on the same layer, and a different layer from the rest, you make sure the last/top layer for each detail is printed in the appropriate color. From the side, you can see thin stripes of colors, but from the front, it looks perfect, and no painting needed. This does require a stock of different colors on hand, though.
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