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  1. dazza

    1/24 Lane Widths

    I’m only doing a 2 lane track what would be recommended as a minimum corner radius for 1-24 scale cars ?
  2. dazza

    1/24 Lane Widths

    110 - 115mm ( ideally ) would be perfect What should the overall track width be mate ?
  3. Where can I buy a complete kit to build one of these v8’s Cheers
  4. I’m looking at building a new routed timber track and I want to be able to run 1/24 scale plafit cars on it. What is the best width and also what radius corners do they not like lol Cheers Dazza
  5. Hi mate how many starters have you got. I might come over and check out the track and see what it's like.
  6. I'm over near Wellington mate.
  7. dazza

    Milgun Park Raceway

    This track is awesome, do you have a video of it in action. Also what lane changers did you use.
  8. dazza

    Wrp 2017

    Miveson Has the next oz rally proxy being posted, I can't fid any info on it. I'm keen to have a go at both events.
  9. dazza

    Wrp 2017

    I have never done a proxy before but I would like to have a go at this one. I'm following closely what is going on and I already have a scaly RS200. Any help would be great and are the rules ready yet and what is the cost likely to be ? Cheers Dazza.
  10. I like this idea, I have a small 2 lane routed track with braid and i'm thinking of going the digital way. This looks like a great idea and it's really got me thinking. Thanks for sharing your track.
  11. dazza

    Lane Spacings

    I want to build a timber routed track and I want to run both 1.32 and 1.24 scale. I would like to be able to run parma flexi cars, what would be the best lane spacing to use, and how much out side edge should I allow for ( sliding room). Cheers Dazza.
  12. what are the dimensions of the track made for rosco (gas41t) and how much would you charge to supply that track made as in the pics. Just timber routed for braid ?
  13. Hi are there any people based out in western nsw interested in some racing or simply getting together for a run let me know.
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