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  1. SRP motors at MrSlotcar
  2. There are a lot of budding track builders out there! At MrTrax, we can help you by cutting and routing your track design for MDF boards. We have everything you need, from Track braid in copper or our own Stainless Steel Mag-braid, with or without self adhesive tape. Swivel head braid rollers! Coloured aluminium controller holders. Trackmate lap couting systems from 2 to 8 lanes. Engraved Polycarbonate fencing. 3.0mts of Banner stickers in 2 1.5m lengths to add to your track fencing We can ship the cnc cut boards in a raw state, ready for you to assemble, paint and braid. For more info, please contact us thru email only ... peter@mrslotcar.com Below are a few pics to wet your appetitie...
  3. The modular Bathurst track over 5 tables is on the drawing board. It will come as a MrTrax Hybrid Plus digital system. Meaning it will run (6) Carrera digital cars plus ghost cars. Or 2 analogue cars and thus the Lane Changers and Pit lane will be non-active. We superimposed the topography of Mount Panorama into the landscape to give it some realism. For those purists, you'll just have to suck it up, because it's not possible to replicate every corner detail perfectly! And from a modular point of view, this is how the layout needs to be. I haven't included the Lane changers on this drawing. But I do have a version with the Lane changers in place. The topography took a lot of time to source and re-jig into my modular version. The landscape should look pretty good if we can scale match the contour lines. The 4 tables making up "Conrod", are 120cm x 180cm. Whilst the larger 5th table is 120cm x 240cm. We're hoping to get between 30cm and 40cm in height.
  4. Well, after searching all over for an economical track braid that offered magnetic attraction for our MrTrax factory production and the local domestic market. We finally found a factory that would source and use our grade of specified wire. Then after about 8 months of back and forth with samples, bench-tests and adhesion tests etc. We now have our own Mag-braid product in 1/4" wide (6.0mm-6.3mm). It comes in 2 options. 1. Plain 1/4" wide Mag-braid or 2. 1/4" Mag-braid with a self-adhesive backing. Perfect for easy laying and consistent height in the braid recess. We are offering FREE standard shipping to Australian addresses only in the month of March to try and move some of the 5,000+ metres we have in stock. For overseas buyers, we are offering 50% off standard international shipping (conditions apply). So this is the best time to order Mag-braid for your up and coming routed track project. https://www.mrslotcar.com/track-building?Track+Building=Track+Braid Cheers Peter
  5. We have David Beattie of Slots mods eager to order our new product too. Hopefully we'll be exporting it around the world.
  6. Mr Slotcar is well known for it's Mr Trax brand of modular track systems. And as of January 2021, we were told that Magnabraid from Magnatech in the U.S. was ceasing it's manufacturing due to increased costs and higher MOQ's. This sent a chill down our spine, as magnabraid is the main ingredient on all of our modular and custom systems. So we bought all of the stock that was leftover! But that hasn't fixed the problem. As we are now at least 25 track sets further on from January 2021 and fast running out of Magnabraid. A few months ago we approached many wire braiding companies in the USA, China, Spain, Germany and of course here in Australia to produce a specific braid to our specifications. These wire specs are not the same as Magnabraid. Although our specs stil produced an effective magnetic type of braid in the same same wiring configuration as the Magnabraid. It will be called Mag-braid! At the moment our braiders are running our first batch of 5,600 metres @ 6.3mm wide x 0.6mm thick. Thats about 100kgs and constitutes 1/3 of the costs in shipping. Once we have our hands on the first delivery, the braid will undergo some testing on our production. Hopefully within a short time thereafter we'll release it for retail sales through mrslotcar.com. The sad thing is we had to go overseas as the Australian braiders came back with pricing that was so ridiculous, we had no alternative to source it elsewhere. Nevertheless, the final pricing will be marginally better than what we had been selling the magnabraid for earlier this year. It will also come as the self-adhesive mag-braid exclusively through Mr Slotcar.
  7. Making Trax Twelve months ago I was writing of the unknown future we had ahead of us with Covid 19. Victoria was particularly hard hit, but there was a good news story in the slot world, and that was the Mr Slot Car slot shop businesses operating out of southeast Melbourne. AMC spoke to one of its owners, Peter Van Horssen to find out what has been happening. Australian Muscle Car: When and how did you first get into the retail side of the hobby? Peter Van Horssen: I had built a track and placed it onto an old trailer, which allowed me to roll it into the middle of the garage for us to play with. Soon after, my neighbour suggested I take it along to a fair at my daughter’s new primary school. Amazingly, I got requests for bookings on the day, and so the Mr Slot Car story started. AMC: Who makes up the Mr Slot Car business? PVH: There are three of us, with another fellow on standby on busy weekends. With my wife Debbie, and Peter Dimmers, we run the shop from week to week. That includes, retailing, hosting parties, corporate hire, design and manufacturing the modular range of Mr Trax products, importing and some distribution. And sometimes, local and interstate deliveries. AMC: How did you get to this point? PVH: We started in 1994 with a single portable slot car track mounted on a trailer, and added another one the following year. We also purchased an old eight lane commercial hill climb track and located it within a skate centre in Cranbourne. In 1996 we moved to a factory in Narre Warren where we added a drag strip and a smaller hire track made from Ninco plastic sections. In 2001 we moved into Dandenong and after 16 years and a mix of 19 different tracks over that period, we made the latest move where we are now in our own purpose-built 800 m² facility which includes the raceway and licensed café with an adjoining CNC manufacturing complex where we make the track modules. AMC: The onset of Covid 19 must have come at a bad time. How has the last twelve months gone for you? PVH: Like other businesses, we had to rethink our strategies. It made us concentrate in other areas to maximize our survival, like increasing our product range and design features. AMC: How did the wooden track side of the business come about? PVH: I think it was in 2013, when it was our turn to host the Model Car Nationals slot meeting in Dandenong. I decided to design and build a new track to suit that race meet. Since then, we have built many commercial and corporate tracks that sit in almost every state of Australia. I got started with a router. I’ve spent many hours crawling over sheets of timber on the floor with a long straight edge and a hand-made compass. It can be a long and tedious process but thankfully I’ve now moved to CNC manufacture. My good friend Miguel La Torre (an Engineer) set me up with a licensed CNC program and said, “I know you’ll do something with this”. Miguel saw my vision and knew what I needed to progress it to the next stage. Now, after many hours of practicing, CNC programming has become second nature. AMC What designs are available using your modular track system? PVH: At the moment we have four systems available with a multitude of combinations. The folding two piece track we call the Lockdown Track in five options/sizes. We also have a modular speedway oval system in seven designs. Then there is our regular two and four lane modular system with about fifteen modular tables to choose from. And our latest 2021 release is the Mr Trax hybrid system. It has all the regular analogue two lane modular pieces plus the new digital sections. So now you can assemble as many modular tables as you like, and at any time, insert digital lane change sections to run up to six cars on two lanes, with pit lane access and re-fueling etc. AMC: What makes up your typical track systems? PVH: The tracks are made predominantly from MDF, supported on steel folding legs, and for digital racing we have integrated the Carrera lane change system into our timber tracks. It makes it easy for existing or new customers to add a commercially available product, be it a car or an accessory, to our hybrid system. The track surface is a special black paint we use - a well-guarded secret! It gets a great result whether you are racing with rubber or foam tyres. Our most popular controllers are the Slot.it controllers for the avid racer. And the DS Controllers are a great entry level. Power is supplied by the Hop Wo range of power supplies. It’s capable of handling any track size and power requirements up to 80 Amps. For race timing we use the Trackmate system. It serves the racing and drag racing community. Their range is extensive and very good, and we are the resellers in Australia. AMC: How do you engage with your clients? PVH: We go through all of the basic questions: Is it for corporate use or home. Do they want to hire or buy. What area is available. How many lanes are required. What is your largest group of people. What is the budget. Do they need a full turnkey operation. Do they need delivery/installation/training. We have worked with clients such as Mercedes, Kia, Phillip Island GP circuit, Crown Casino, GP teams, CAMS, trade shows, V8 Supercars, Good Friday Appeal. For custom manufacture we get down to the nitty-gritty. What is the footprint of the space – where are the doors and windows, where is the power, how will people get around the track. Then we get down to systems, how many lanes, analogue or digital. Will it be fast sweeping, or rally style, what kind of cars do they race. I often get asked about doing a Bathurst track, but it is hard to replicate a specific track and not waste space, so then I talk about making something similar that will maximise the amount of track, rather than replicate it exactly. Most people go that way once I have shown what I can produce for them. AMC Do you do scenery as well? PVH: Scenery can be a challenge. We do little ourselves apart from green infields, track borders and fences. You can put in a lot of hours to get a reasonable result which is very hard to make for a good price. We recently acquired the Australian agency for Magnetic Racing. They specialize in high quality, detailed laser cut buildings which are supplied in kit form. The kits come unpainted, so customers can put their own stamp on the buildings to suit their layouts. But if they have the budget and want it made, our good friend Tony Di Pastena (see AMC#103) can make detailed pieces. I can supply the CNC base templates that will drop straight into the track. Tony will add park benches, turnstyles, marshals huts, grandstands – things that suit the layout and it’s all nicely assembled and ready to go. AMC: Where to from here? PVH: There are many loose bits of paper with ideas floating around my office. And every now and then, I decide to explore one of them and bring it to reality. We are forever designing more modular sections to increase the range and versatility. AMC: How can people find out more about your services? PVH: Simple, www.mrslotcar.com or call during business hours 03-9796-3830.
  8. It seems OK at this end via my phone and a stand alone PC.
  9. Mr Slotcar, Slot Car Racing and Retail Center, for all your slot car needs. Established in 1994 with a single Mobile Slotcar track. We attended parties, school fetes and corporate functions all over Victoria. In 1997 we opened our first Slotcar Raceway in Narre Warren. 4 years later we moved into Dandenong. Hosting 100’s of parties and staged some National race meetings. In 2017 we designed and built our new 800m2 facility in Hallam. It boasts a number of large slot car tracks, two ¼ mile drag strips, a 2nd level, licensed café, dining/party area and fully serviced retail shop. The Team at Mr Slotcar ... Peter Dimmers, Debbie Shaw and Peter Van Horssen Business hours (subject to change) Normal Hours Tuesdays: 10am - 5pm Wed- Fri: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 10am - 7 pm Sunday: 12pm - 5pm Always Closed Mondays Private Functions upstairs or downstairs by prior arrangements Holidays Australia Day Normal Hours Labour Day Closed Good Friday from 12pm Easter Monday Closed Anzac Day from 12pm Queens Birthday Closed Melbourne Cup Normal Hours Closed Xmas 25th - January 2nd Always Closed on Mondays Here are some pics ...
  10. Try the support page on the Trackmate racing website
  11. Well having owned a 4-Lane MrTrax track I am absolutely sold on this track system.

    Having spinal fusion and more to come, setting up and dismantling this track system is an absolute breeze and pain free... woohoo.

    The track is designed around the 100mm centre so it allows you to race 1/24 and 1/32 cars. As the track rubbers in times and grip do improve.

    The sales, service and support from both Mr & Mrs Slotcar (Peter and Debbie) has been an absolute astonishingly easy and enjoyable process, no question can go unasked, both will tell you the simple facts. There is zero pressure sale tactics at all, both are more than happy to go above and beyond for their clients, to which I will be a long term client and supporter of MrTrax and MrSlotCar.

    For those people thinking about a slot car track and would like to have a look and race first hand and are in the Taree, NSW, 2430 area please reach out via PM to arrange a visit and race, I am more than happy to open my house and track, you will be amazed with the entire system.

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    My Facebook group links:

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    Shenanigans Raceway (Mid North Coast, Taree, 2430)
    dictionary definition: mischievousness or high-spirited behaviour / secret manoeuvring.

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    MrSlotCar - mrslotcar.com
    MrTrax - mrtrax.com

    Peter Van Horssen



  12. Peter D, Debbie and I want to thank all that made the journey and participated in the 2018 APC. It was great to see everyone again. And congratulations to all the winners ... 1/32 Muscle Cars A Grade 1st. VIC Brett Chalmers 2nd. VIC Greg Colgan 3rd. QLD Simon Wakelin B Grade 1st. VIC Mark Pollard 2nd. NSW Ian Baker 3rd. VIC Doug Bogdanovic 1/32 Modern GT 1st VIC BRETT CHALMERS 2nd VIC GREG COLGAN 3rd VIC CHRIS WATTS 1/27 Mini Z GT 1st. VIC Chris Watts 2nd. VIC Brett Chalmers 3rd. QLD Simon Wakelin 1st. VIC Mark Pollard 2nd. VIC Doug Bogdanovic 3rd. NSW Ian Baker 1/24 Formula Le Mans Teams 1st. VIC Jason & Chris 2nd. VIC Brett & Greg 3rd. QLD Ben & Jason 1/24 Historics A Grade Qual Laps pts Conc Total Jason Lane (VIC) 6.8081 203 50 19 69 Chris Watts (VIC) 6.8669 200 46 20 66 Simon Wakelin (QLD) 6.8531 197.7 42 18 60 Greg Colgan (VIC) 7.3178 193 37 19.5 56.5 Jason Brooks (NSW) 6.9702 197.3 39 17 56 Andrew Bartholomew (QLD) 7.2806 187.3 35 19.5 54.5 Steve Drummond (QLD) 7.0894 185.5 33 19.5 52.5 Jacques Alberts (QLD) 7.4221 167 32 19.5 51.5 Rodney Clarke (NSW) 7.0882 185.9 34 16.5 50.5 Brett Chalmers (VIC) 6.8565 55 31 18 49 B Grade Mark Pollard (VIC) 6.9414 187.8 46 17 63 Ian Baker (NSW) 7.1904 190 50 12 62 Doug Bogdanovic (VIC) 7.1764 187.6 42 15.5 57.5 Pierre Barthram (NSW) 7.3888 178 37 18.5 55.5 Anthony Anderson (VIC) 7.4612 186 39 13 52 Ben Darley (NSW) 6.9200 173 34 17.5 51.5 Jack Auckett (NSW) 7.2416 176 35 11 46 (have tried to re-jig this table of results to read properly. But no luck!) 1/24 Group C Teams 1st VIC Jason and Chris 2nd QLD ANDREW and SIMON 3rd VIC BRETT and GREG 1/24 Formula 1 1st VIC BRETT CHALMERS 2nd VIC GREG COLGAN 3rd QLD SIMON WAKELIN 1/24 JGT 1st VIC Chris Watts 248 2nd NSW Ben Darley 243.6 3rd QLD Simon Wakelin 243.3 If you would like a copy of ALL of the results, please send an email to peter@mrslotcar.com There are nearly 30 pages of results from the 2018 APC
  13. Some of the design features of the MrTrax modular tack system ... 1. All track sections are interchangeable and stows away in seconds. 2. Built on very stable steel folding legs, or without. 3. All track sections have a combination of painted green infields, sand traps, ripple strips, track borders and indestructible engraved poly carbonate fencing. 4. There is also a track section that has lane compensation. So no matter what layout you create (Except with the flyover), both lanes are always the same distance. 5. Built with magna braid, so ALL slot cars with or w/out magnets work well. 6. The lanes are pitched at 100mm so you can run 1:32 and 1:24 scale cars. 7. No need for tools or fasteners to assemble the 2 Lane system. It just toggle clamps together in seconds. 8. The tracks walls are 50mm tall to help stop those cars flying off! 9. MrTrax can custom build sections to meet your requirements. POA 10. MrTrax have just added a “re-locatable” controller panel which can be positioned at any track join. 11. What sets MrTrax systems apart from anyone else, is that you can add track sections at anytime. Try this video link of a time lapse video showing the versatility of the MrTrax system. Mr Trax is about to embark on a 3 lane system soon.
  14. The New MR14 track is 41mts long. Footprint is 11mts x 5.5mts. Elevations from 50cm up to 91cm, and is constantly rising or falling. The longest straight section is less than 1.8mts. The main straight (curved) is 9mts long.
  15. Here are the results in another format for quick reference ... NSR Classics TQ Chris Watts Vic 1st Jason Lane Vic 2nd Chris Watts Vic 3rd Rodney Clarke NSW Concourse Clinton Jolliffe NSW Sideways Group 5 TQ Jason Lane Vic 1st Jason Lane Vic 2nd Ben Darley NSW 3rd Chris Watts Vic Concourse Ben Darley NSW Slot.it Group C TQ Chris Watts Vic 1st Chris Watts Vic 2nd Ben Darley NSW 3rd Murray Titterington Vic Concourse Chris Watts Vic Open LMP/GTP TQ Chris Watts Vic 1st Jason Lane Vic 2nd Murray Titterington Vic 3rd Greg Colgan Vic Concourse Pierre Barthram NSW Plafit US Muscle Car TQ Ben Darley NSW 1st Ben Darley NSW 2nd Jason Lane Vic 3rd Brett Chalmers Vic Concourse Rodney Clarke NSW Mini Z GT TQ Brett Chalmers NSW 1st Ben Darley NSW 2nd Chris Watts Vic 3rd Brett Chalmers Vic Concourse Doug Bogdanovic Vic FLM Day/Night (Team) TQ Black Cats 1st Black Cats 2nd Race ya Later 3rd Team Linfox Concourse Brett Chalmers Vic Slotworx V8 TQ Murray Titterington Vic 1st Murray Titterington Vic 2nd Jason Lane Vic 3rd Brett Chalmers Vic Concourse Rodney Clarke NSW Scaleauto GT TQ Jason Lane Vic 1st Jason Lane Vic 2nd Brett Chalmers Vic 3rd Rodney Clarke NSW Concourse Rodney Clarke NSW Plafit Historic TQ Chris Watts Vic 1st Chris Watts Vic 2nd Brett Chalmers Vic 3rd Jason Lane Vic Concourse Charles Jolliffe NSW
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