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  1. I'll get mine in the mail to you hopefully tomorrow and pay my entry fee also. Decided on the scaley Sierra #10 Alan Moffat, pretty much standard, a little weight where the magnet was and each side of the motor. slot it P6 on rear standard rims ,standard fronts trued down, weighed in at 80 gms. seems to go pretty well, we will see Wayne
  2. I'm in again #62 again same car and last years tyres also, making some changes to the guide and removing all the lights and original wiring, hopefully make it better, can only go up!
  3. Hi David, just confirming I'll be sending a Sierra RS500 Alan Moffat, either #9 SCX version or #10 Scalextric version, still working out which one I prefer
  4. I'll give it another go, make a few changes to the audi and hope for a better result
  5. mine arrived thanks Mel, like the little surprise too, very much appreciated. I will certainly be having another go at this proxy in whatever form it takes
  6. would have to agree that all cars seemed to be very reliable, so keeping them as stock as possible would be a good idea, Guide change, tyres and maybe lightweight interior if you want. keep it simple and make it easy for anyone to enter.
  7. Congrats Glynn, you did a great job on that body and well done to all involved
  8. many thanks to all hosts and drivers/marshalls that helped make this proxy fun Congrats to the round podium winners and to the overall series podium too As it was my first ever proxy entry, not surprised to be at the bottom end, it certainly seems the cars are all fairly even, it comes down to prep and setup look forward to the 2018 edition and improvement
  9. back at bottom again I see, talk about inconsistent,
  10. love the Brian Thompson Camaro, did think about doing one instead of the sierra, but had the sierra 80% ready. would love to do a Sports sedan version of his type 3 VW, that was an awesome car back in the day
  11. here is the sierra I'm sending. SCX chassis/body, pod is 4 pin plus hot glued it Pioneer 18K typhoon motor 10/27 gearing Slot it wheels with Porsche 962 inserts Slot it F 22 on rear, slot it fronts off the 962
  12. awesome, midfield finish, way better than I thought it would be
  13. Hi Dave, changing from Torana to Sierra, SCX version, Alan Moffat ANZ #9, Pioneer typhoon 18k motor, 10/27 gearing, slot it wheels, still sorting what tyres to use pod will be hot glued https://postimg.org/image/x4jz00sq1/
  14. I'm in on this one, put me down for Torana or a Camaro(split bumper version)
  15. Slot it controllers are pretty good, although they are a little daunting to look at with all the knobs to twiddle, but once you get it figured out they're great. They do have a dual polarity cartridge as well and if you ever decide to go digital, you can swap over to their digital cartridge reasonably priced at $140 and the digital cartridge about $85. Good to know both you and ZeGas are close by.as I'm on the Rathdowney side of Beaudesert, have to travel to do my club racing but its worth it
  16. race co-ordinater has fuel usage based on times, you can set it up to however you want even how quickly your refill takes. all pretty simple, you just need to stop on the sensors under your light bridge
  17. Thanks for running the stage Alexis and thanks for the run down on its lack of staying in the slot. It had a badly bent front axle out of the box which I sort of straightened out as best I could ,took the front tyres down a bit, maybe not enough and the guide is a sloting plus, should have went with the ninco sprung one......never mind that's why I enetered , to learn
  18. WOW!!!!! 7th in stage and leading Audi......NO offs!! Mike your the boss
  19. looking forward to all this "technical" stuff!!!
  20. thanks for running the round, at least I'm in front of a couple of cars. I think mine would be one with out of round fronts as it had a badly bent front axle when I took it out of the box, did the best I could to straighten it
  21. Finally managed to log back in enjoying the WRP even tho my Audi is crap, first time trying this proxy thing. Big learning curve, I was going to put a sprung guide in, but decided not too.......Wrong!!! never mind, still fun, maybe not so much for the poor hosts driving it, for this I apologize
  22. wow up to 9th from last, looking forward to the next stage
  23. Thanks for the report Leo, massive improvement by my audi
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