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  1. forgot to add that we do run with standard magnet in them on magnabraid
  2. We ran our Trans=Am class class last night, 3 x Javelins, 3 x Mustangs. We do have a couple of Camaro's but none last night. Mustang 1-2, Javelin 3-4, not much difference in times during heats winning Mustang running slot it axle/gear and alloy wheels 5.8 sec lap, 2nd place Mustang, just MJK tyres on rear 5.9 sec lap, My Javelin (N0.1 version Red/White/Blue) PG tyres rear, 6.0 sec lap, #6 Javelin (Green motor version) standard tyres trued, 6.0 sec lap So really not a lot in it, just personal preference both John Bowe Mustangs go well too, , interestingly all Mustangs last night were older non DPR chassis
  3. Thanks Roscoe, if you could just check it for me that would be great, probably ok and its just noisy now Wayne
  4. interesting thoughts Peter Gunn, my original car selection was an SCX Sierra. I had planned fitting a Pioneer 18K short can, 10T pinion, 28T spur, Slot it wheels etc couldn't quite get the mesh right with it, so swapped to the scaley version I was running in our own Bathurst Legends class, just pulled the magnet, added lead, rear tyres and gave it a quick spin around my track, thought it was OK knowing full well it wouldn't be mixing it with the top dogs going to try the SCX with a RK pod and a baby Raptor inline and work on getting the mesh right and see how it goes Still been fun watching the series
  5. OK thanks Difinity, if your happy with it then send it off to next round, no need to go looking if you dont have to
  6. wondering if my Sierra was noisy because the motor has popped out of the mount, or maybe the axle??? I did glue bushes in, still pretty pleased with how it's performing as its completely stock
  7. thanks for running the round Difinity, congrats to the podium getters. those Falcons are the bees knees in this proxy! on to the next event
  8. thanks for running this stage Phil, mid pack again, which I'm happy with, car seems like its better than last year so far
  9. many thanks to host Phil for running the stages, well done to those on the podium,seems the kids are giving us all a lesson in rally tuning!!! Maybe they had a very good teacher
  10. congrats to the podium , Gas continues his dominance, let's see how we go in Australia legs
  11. thanks for running the round guys, stock Scalextric isn't the way to go!
  12. looking forward to this round, sounds like the amount of grip will make the sierra's susceptable to tipping over!!
  13. interesting that all 3 audi's are grouped together, also mine ran pretty much the same time as last year where it finished 2nd last, while this year its mid field lets see how the rest of the stages go
  14. thanks for getting the rally underway with the 1st round Congratulations to the podium, well done, pretty happy with 8th overall, massive improvement on last year
  15. thanks for running the round, congrats to the podium getters, onward to the next round
  16. Congrats to the podium sitters, well done, thanks to nitro and crew for running the round seems the big Falcons have the edge on the rest of the field look forward to the next round to see how the sierra stacks up
  17. interesting comments. the sierra is tippy, being narrow and tall, Mine is stock with just P6 tire so never really expected it to be a front runner. How did the slot it tire feel compared to NSR?
  18. thanks for running qualifying and hope tonight's race is a whole lotta fun. pretty happy with a standard OOB sierra with slot it tyres, didn't expect it to be up the front with all the tight pods
  19. that's interesting , seems that there's a few bent axle/wheel combinations going on with these scaley cars. My Audi had a badly bent front axle last year, I managed to straighten it as best I could, but you could still notice it. when checking it over for this year I found one of the front rims also had worn out from the knurling and was out of round, got it glued back on but again it's not 100% so there is still some front axle/wheel bounce going on I checked on Pendles website but they didn't seem to have any front axle or rear ends for these cars as spares,
  20. Paypal sent Mel, car will be sent today
  21. Slot it P6 glued and trued on rear, standard fronts have been true, bushings glued in place, everything else is stock. Will be interesting to see how it goes against the other modded cars
  22. Thanks for getting the pics up Ze gas , you got it Branco, I only realized the 11 was there in the photo. I was a lazy bugger and had put ANZ decals over the original ones, had no intention of using this car for a proxy event, was running it in Bathurst Legends class I couldn't get the SCX version that I was going to send running as nice or as smooth, so just sent this one instead
  23. My entry for ATCC, Scalextric Sierra RS 500 pretty much straight outta the box, has Slot it P6 on rear and a little weight added [/img]
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