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  1. My Audi obviously likes scaley sport/classic track! 4th in stage 1. thanks Leo for running the stage
  2. Pepsi62

    Wonky Wheels

    haven't had too many issues with wonky wheels, had a Pioneer mustang that the wheels fell off (early model issue), but once glued on held ok. The worst was a bent front axle on my WRP rally Audi, bounced along like crazy, couldn't find a new axle as we had to use original wheels so I just straightend as best I could with a hammer.
  3. geez I'll take P3 after the test session!!, lets make that the final result...…..hahahahaha Podium finish
  4. Hi Mel Paypal sent $45 might try some new tyres on it, will get her in the post later in the week
  5. yes Mel, it had it's moments that's for sure, I'll do a little more tweeking on it and see if it improves
  6. why not, I'm in again, I'll stick with Audi once again
  7. went there a couple of times in the late seventies watching Pete Geoghan in the Craven A Monaro blast around, that thing sounded so good
  8. the scaley toranas are pigs either way, very narrow and tall with overpowered slimline motors, they take a lot of work to get them running well. XB falcons are ok, wider and lower roof line so are much easier to make work, especially the later versions, the XW/XY falcons are similar to the torana's being narrow and tall but have a standard FC130 motor and work pretty well with tyres and some weight I see your in Jimboomba, I'm out near Rathdowney, we will have to catchup someday there's not a lot of us out this way
  9. agree with everyone, many thanks to all track hosts for running the rounds and to Mel for organising it all, hopefully this series can continue and hopefully I can continue to improve the Audi once again
  10. Well done to those up the top, gee big improvement for the Audi, a 3rd place in stage 2!! with no offs looking forward to Monday's 3rd stage
  11. hmmmm car 62 seems to be missing from the result
  12. on the bottom once again, that audi doesn't like Wales at all
  13. mine doesn't seem to like either direction!!
  14. Thanks to Terry for running this round, very much appreciated, love the fabulous photos of each car and the related comments, absolutely dead stock the sierra so pretty happy with it overall. thanks also to Dave for organising the whole thing, top effort, looking forward to next years edition, I'll be running something with an ebay special chassis under it, not sure what yet, maybe Ian Geoghan Mustang or Alan Hamilton Porsche
  15. geez hope the mechanics can put a decent tune into the #62, it certainly needs it! thanks for running the stage Branco, hoping it likes Munters track
  16. Nice job Terry, thanks for qualifying, looking forward to the result
  17. Tanks to Gas and Drew for running the round, and once again congrats to the podium, Falcons dominate once again Will certainly have another throw at the stumps in this proxy, will see what I can come up up with, maybe Porsche 911S ?
  18. thanks for the feed back Rossco, I'll keep working on the SCX version for next year, or maybe something else yet who knows
  19. great job running qualifying so quick, look forward to seeing the outcome of the racing.
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