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  1. track looks fabulous Jimmy, should have good flow to it
  2. payment sent Paul, Thanks for the encouragement guys! yes you never know what can happen in Proxy racing, having fun and getting a car to go around different tracks and drivers and get feedback is the best part of it,. I hot glued the pod thinking i had too, but that's for the ATCC proxy in NZ!!!!!, oops, but it still seemed to handle ok
  3. Thanks Paul, on my previous form there's nothing to worry about, it'll be a back of the pack runner anyway.....
  4. Hi Paul, posted my MG today, realized after that I forgot to put my forum name on the bottom of the chassis. I'll sort the payment on Friday
  5. Deepest sympathy to you and your family Ross, take care and look forward to your return once your ready
  6. would also be interested in an Altima body and inserts to match
  7. probably should postpone till all this rubbish sorts itself out, too big a risk to people's health
  8. I have a 3DP printed chassis and inline pod off thingiverse under my MG6, with standard Scalextric motor, I will swap the motor out to a slot it orange bell or Piranha, maybe a 20k SRP, I have a bunch off JS chassis that I have used under various cars, Nascar, IL and AW options, IL Torana which I am sending to ATCC proxy, Revell Cortina which I am sending to the U2litre Trans Am proxy on HRW, V8 supercar ones Camaro...……. Love them they are very well made and fit great, you do need to glue the rear bushes and motor in (which is normal anyway). highly recommend them
  9. mainly MJK or PGT or XPG on the majority of cars, NSR on proxy cars, as most of them specify rubber tyres, still working out how to get them trued correctly. have a couple of cars shod with N22 slot its and a couple with SW hi grips, still sorting them
  10. It certainly has sparked some interest, well done PG !!!!! Our group has a good mix, we have a couple of "gun" drivers and builders, one spends an enormous amount of time setting up his cars and is quite intense during racing, he has been sweeping the floor lately, winning all 3 classes on the night regularly, and in doing so has .3 or .4 sec fastest lap and average laps on the field. we also have the guy who blames everyone else for him crashing or deslotting !!! He drives quite well and is fast, but gee he can take you outta business quickly. Everyone helps each other with different advice and helping each other on different car setups and tyre choices, I just enjoy the company and have fun racing slot cars, Winning is a bonus
  11. Pepsi62

    Nsr F1 ( Weapon )

    These look great, can't wait to get one and hopefully we can run them as a class
  12. We have a core group of about 6 -8 guys that keep our "club" going. currently we have a member who has his own routed 4 lane timber track in an upstairs room in his house on the southern Gold Coast. Friday nights are our regular racing with magnets mostly Scalextric classes, GT3, Trans Am, Bathurst Legends, BTCC, V8 s/car. Also run any slot it (except Can am as we have a separate class for those), Vintage Carrera Nascar and SCX COT nascar, We have just started to run F1/Indy car and a newer class for the Olifer chassis V8 supercars, with inline slotit pods and orange endbell motors. GT3 scaley get around in 5.8-6.3 sec at 12v, slot its at 10.5v mid to low 5sec Hopefully we can move into a regular Non magnet class for open GT, using Scaleauto, NSR and the new Slot it GT cars We mostly run basically stock with MJK tyres and can upgrade to aussie magnet, Slot it can use Race Mag and change gearing if you want to It all originated from a commercial business iLOL slotcars on GC. we had 3 main tracks, The Black Track was a large 5 laner around 55m lane length, NSR/slot it was around mid 9 sec laps, lots of elevation change and technical sections The Red track was a 6 laner around 45m lane length, super fast around 8sec for the quick cars, Kangaroo valley, a 4 lane timber with kots of elevation changes and a tricky squeeze at the bottom of the hill, very flowing and great fun, 6 sec laps. These tracks got separated and the Black track had a couple of different locations, but due to its size rent forced the guys to shut up shop, its currently being rebuilt at home based shed on GC so hopefully we will see her back up and running soon the other 2 tracks ran at a different venue for a couple of years then got stored and I believe they got wet in a storm and are lost forever. There are 2 regular 1/24 scale home tracks running on GC running slotworx and plafit plus Toowoomba and 2 on the northside of Brissy, plus River City all seem to have very good regular attendance. We have a lot of fun and have a few newbies join in lately, which is great to see I'm like ZeGas, I live out past Beaudesert so it takes me close to 2 hours to go racing, wife thinks I;m MAD!!
  13. think I will jump in and have a go at this one, not sure what car as yet, maybe a MG6 BTCC
  14. keen to go again, I have a couple of candidates waiting
  15. Wow, a SS3 podium!!! Awesome and a 6th overall for the 62 Audi. Back to reality in reverse direction of Pinelands tho still that's racing!!
  16. once you have finished getting it setup for scaly chassis I would love to give it a try
  17. very happy with 6th overall, thanks to the team in Scotland for running the round and congrats to the podium
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