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  1. car is stable I just have to sort a better motor or change gearing to make it quicker
  2. think the MG would take longer than 30 mins!!! but let's hope it goes OK, at least it's better than last year
  3. last place once again, gotta make a change after this proxy, thanks to the guys for getting the round done
  4. good to see you back at it mate, You will enjoy the Revoslots, they are a great, we found the standard tires work pretty well with a light true up, check all the mount screws on the axle blocks to make sure they are tight, found the odd one a little loose. There is a couple of youtube vids out there showing setup tips Have fun
  5. get it done when you can Paul and most importantly, stay safe
  6. thanks Paul, some pretty fast cars in this lot, those slotit 21K motors seem to have a stack of magnetic effect. I think your right about the tire rubbing on one side, it was pretty close and I did profile the edges both sides and it's probably still touching, hopefully it will wear itself some clearance
  7. Pepsi62

    The Asylum

    good work great to see you have it fully functional now
  8. Pepsi62

    The Asylum

    looking good Ding, not long before your laying down some serious rubber
  9. the MG was sent last friday so should just about be there.
  10. Revamped MG is on it's way, hopefully its a lot better than last season
  11. This was my favourite car from back then, sounded awesome,nice work on the body and chassis too
  12. geeez that's rather pricey shipping ArroldN, must cost a heap to get your car sent over for the proxy
  13. I'm taking some of Paul's advice, 1404YD (skinny yellowdogs), podded chassis, trying to find a decent motor to fit in now, swapping to a Piranha and see how that goes, The MG may be back Number 2 test car, SCX Renault NSR 20K Fat Yellowdogs goes pretty nice but does it have enough???????
  14. those slotting plus guides fit great ( SP101001) just use a spacer as necessary no slop at all. I think the majority of us have the fronts down around 19.5mm
  15. we have been running these little rockets as well. So much fun. A couple of members have had warped chassis as well, gears stripped on axle, wheels fall off during a race, all the issues you have mentioned, A touch of superglue seems to help sort the wheel/gear problem on the stock axles. Have also had a couple of front axles pop out with a high impact crash. We are using MJK or PG tires on the rear, Slotting Plus guides and take those front tires down a heap, running on a 4 lane Carrera track, have run both mag and non mag with them About to do a full 4 week series of no mag racing with them thanks for posting the build tips
  16. Working on a SCX Renault Megane, trying NSR 20k inline, original pod/chassis setup, lightweight interior, will see how it performs. Also rebuilding the MG, new motor and rear axle setup, lightweight interior Charles, I might have a play with a Commodore body on a JS chassis, see if i can get one running well enough
  17. mine arrived yesterday, thanks Paul, rear tires are quite worn. Working on the 2021 edition which probably needs to be 100% better than 2020 version
  18. thinking the MG might have been one of those left behind.......just like it ran in the series, it will get a total revamp if I decide to enter it again
  19. I'm in again for sure, may redo the MG, perhaps a Holden supercar with windows. Glad to see your on the improve Paul
  20. yes would have cut off the motor/bushing supports to be able to get better body float, bushings and motor should be glued in also to stop movement. The Holden's never handled as well as the FG did as the body didn't sit as low as the FG did in stock form. Different chassis on Holden too so most people raced FG as the Holden took a hell of a lot of work to get anywhere near as competitive as the FG was. I ended up repainting an FG and put the BOC decals on it and turned it into a Commodore ( sort of). The new ZB Commodore has changed it all.
  21. Nice job Jimmy, love the carbon fibre idea, your M6 is doing well in the current GT3 proxy, no doubt the '22 version is better. I'll have to get onto my '22 effort as I missed the cut this year so need to do much better
  22. good to hear your on the mend Paul, get well soon
  23. you take it easy Paul and get yourself better
  24. Pepsi62

    NSR ASV Gt3

    pretty sure its the violet 4412. NSR use 2.5mm screws
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