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  1. Not entirely happy with the Torana, but will send it anyway, still has a tendency to pop out of the slot on tight corners, hopefully not too many on the track and it's noisy and probably slow, but hey someone has to finish last. It does look good tho MJK size would be the 4213 20 x 10 slot it size trued down to 19.6 ish. Will post Tuesday or Wednesday included entry fee
  2. A9X Torana ready to rock and roll( literally) Where do we send the cars too???? MJK size for the rear, 20 x 10 please
  3. thanks Oldman...... A couple of other questions for you With the FF050 motor used in Torana's, Cortina/Escort models can you modify and swap them out for FC 130? and are the slimcan motors eligible while rated by Scalextric at 18k they are not as most spin up around 25k???? Is the $5 entry fee a one off payment or is it per round? thanks
  4. Put me down for 1 entry, I'll chase the others and see if anyone is interested
  5. hi pepsi62, that would be good if your club could get involved we have abbout 8 of our members interested 

    dont think we will have to much trouble filling the spots    thanks Old man

  6. looks interesting, might be able to get a few teammates interested to send a couple of Bathurst rides over. I will for sure
  7. happy to keep rolling on to the end, got last place all stitched up. No stress and stay safe most importantly
  8. would we be able to run a Revoslot chassis???
  9. yes Predators are awesome, was planning on using a 22K BB motor in next years car
  10. My car certainly doesn't have it. Next series I'm going down a different route. Not sure what that is yet, but it will be different
  11. If you would like to let a few Aussies in to make up numbers i think i could find at least 6 players maybe more, and if you wanted to send them over we have a few tracks here to host a couple of rounds, make it an ANZAC proxy??
  12. hey Nimrod, could you send me the files for the Bugatti and the Gordini please sent a PM with email address
  13. Thanks to the team and Paul for running the round, congrats to those up on the podium steps. Those tyres must have been an old pair of PGT I had, sadly that might explain some of the crappy performance of the car, Thanks for finding some replacement MJK's I would have some here too if needed I can send them down to you. Time for a new car for next year's series, Nissan GTR perhaps
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