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  1. Thanks again to the guys for running the round, congrats to those up the top end. well done. Looks like the MG needs a bit more work to get it up the pointy end.
  2. thanks for running the round once again outstanding job!!!!!! Thanks Paul for gluing motor back in, it's a 3D pod that's a bit brittle around the motor mounts/ axle carriers, so not surprised, hence so much hot glue holding it in regards Wayne
  3. another great round, thanks to the guys for getting these rounds run so fast, still down the bottom but hey, room for improvement. Congrats to the podium getters
  4. Congrats to those podium sitters, well done, great videos too Paul. Great driving by all the drivers. Think I need a faster motor for next year
  5. I had a friend print 2 for me, they came out pretty good, did need a bit of a tidy up in places but overall they were good
  6. thanks for the round guys and congrats to the podium, well done. Pretty close racing over the entire field 10 laps between top and bottom, a couple of de slots and you've lost a lap pretty quickly. On to the next round Also I love the organized space in the corner of the track, cars and controllers stacked on top of each other!!! Very Cool
  7. thanks Canberra crew for running round 2, Congrats to the podium, good to see some different faces up there. The MG still at the back of the pack, off to round 3
  8. nice setup, looong straight will suit the fast cars
  9. thanks to the team at Alvaro's track for running round 1 and congrats to the locals on the podium. thinking I should have went FK180 AW setup
  10. nice job on the videos Paul, some quick cars in this lot. The squeak is probably rubbing rear tyre I would think, could be front axle rubbing on the grub screws perhaps???? Good luck to everyone in the race
  11. good to see the MG maintaining my lack of form and being 2nd slowest!!!!
  12. Hope it goes well for you at your race meeting, good luck The MG I sent to the touring car proxy also has a 3DP chassis I found on thingiverse and an inline 3DP pod from chappyman, also on thingiverse, seemed to work well testing here at home so we will also see how it goes in the proxy. The Olifer supercar chassis work well as do the JS design pod version and they have a flexi as well.
  13. good plan to postpone, can spend way more time working on the Torana and Porsche 911
  14. nice work, chassis looks good and good idea to use an adapter to fit to the different body mounts. does the guide flex side to side?
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