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  1. Torana arrived safely back in qld, thanks again for a fun run
  2. Pepsi62

    Innes Park Raceway

    looks awesome
  3. thanks for the run guys, was fun watching Knew that Torana was a pig from the start, couldn't quite get the small can to fit properly, hence the shitty gear mesh. Might try a long can when it gets back and see if that can help it. Congrats to the top 3, Charles, Tank and Oldman, figured an XB/C Falcon was the go but just wanted to be different Look forward to the next one
  4. happy with a P8 for the Torana Congrats to Charles for taking out the win, you could definately see it coming
  5. Thanks Paul, interesting video break down once again. I'm with Bov here, struggling with the weight placement of the top 2 cars, but it obviously works and works very well. Working on 2 new builds for next series, can only get better
  6. working on a new ride for this proxy, anything will be better than this MG
  7. Battle of the bottom feeders, Ron's Jag, Tony's Torana and my Torana. Both are faster than my car so I have to be favourite
  8. thanks Paul, well done to all involved in the running of the proxy
  9. Thanks Paul, one round to go and the retirement of that MG!
  10. thanks for the first 2 rounds, thought it was a silly idea to send that Torana, it was noisy all along with the motor swap and just not fun to drive. I think it best to send it home before it self destructs
  11. would certainly have another crack at the ATCC proxy Dave, lots of choices of cars now , especially with 3D printing. also the Pioneer Legends if it ever happens
  12. at least the Torana looks good, hopefully it will run OK 6 x XB/XC Falcons, 1 x XY Falcon, 1 x Sierra, 1 x Camaro
  13. Not entirely happy with the Torana, but will send it anyway, still has a tendency to pop out of the slot on tight corners, hopefully not too many on the track and it's noisy and probably slow, but hey someone has to finish last. It does look good tho MJK size would be the 4213 20 x 10 slot it size trued down to 19.6 ish. Will post Tuesday or Wednesday included entry fee
  14. A9X Torana ready to rock and roll( literally) Where do we send the cars too???? MJK size for the rear, 20 x 10 please
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