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  1. Hello, long time ago that I present my work , I have been almost all year without creating anything new because of my health and the health of my parents, I suffer from Parkinson's disease for 18 years and there are now many . Thanks to the slot I have found great entertainment since I retire 5 years ago , and I've taught and helped others , now , for comfort , I added the blogs the automatic translator of google , which will be easier the visit those who do not speak Spanish . At this time I have developed which I think is the largest collection of designs slot tracks in the world, with almost 1300 designs of all kinds in my blog My circuits slot http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/ I have inventoried about half of them so you can find the one that interests you to each according to size and types of tracks , blog , Catalog practical, my circuits slot http://catalogopractico.blogspot.com.es/ and I myself have ridden more than 100 of them as you can see on my blog, My mounts slot . http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com.es/ and I have combined the slot with trains on my blog, Pequetrenes http://mispequetrenes.blogspot.com.es/ I invite you if you do not know her my work, visit and meet you, since you made ​​to share with everyone. A greeting. PD. On Facebook I have created a group of friends My circuits slot with almost 1200 members. https://www.facebook.com/groups/191717237512413/
  2. http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/n-1260-diminuto-rally-de-tres-plantas.html
  3. Two circuits very long, a speed and a rally. Hello, I put the last two circuits that I designed for two companions and I'm coming for 1253 and 1254, The 1253 is a circuit of approximately 7 x 1 and joining the two main lines with outer curves very quickly get a 13m stretch around the rest of the circuit http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/n-1253-un-circuito-muy-muy-largo.html And the 1254 is a 28m circuit three easy assembly plants at first seem complex though, and with a very colorful top floor, http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/n-1254-circuito-muy-compacto-de-28m.html In my blog auxiliary http://catalogopractico.blogspot.com.es/ where I am cataloging circuits principal you can find a label _CEQ (curves equivalent) that characterizes each circuit ranking in the number of turns of 45 degrees you have, so if calculais curves equivalent of your inventory that are = standard curves + curves + inner half of the outer and superexteriores Sketch can be used as any circuit having those curves equivalent or less, adapting it to your inventory, if you selected is complicated once the sketch, leave me a message and I helped to adapt. regards
  4. Method equivalent curves. to catalog and classify circuits. Hello, after some time back to improve my blog "practical catalog of my circuits slot". . To improve it, I will define equivalent curves, which is a number assigned to each circuit, so that the sum of curves equivalent is equal to the sum of standard curves curvier interiors exterior curved half and half of the superexteriores curves. (half and half inside and half standard curves Ninco) Calculate the curves equivalent of our inventory and we can use any circuit that has that number or less as sketches for the design of our circuit. more or less easily, depending on the skill of each if you do not manage it leave me a message and I will help you. Actually in this method we are finding out how many turns of 45 degrees can give clues to our inventory. You have to click on the label blog, _CEQ (number). http://catalogopractico.blogspot.com.es/ Here you have some examples with 50, 40 and 38 curves http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/n-1244-al1245circuitos-con-50-curvas.html http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/n-1241-circuito-con-40-curvas.html http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/n-1251-y-1252-dos-circuitos-con-38.html A greeting
  5. You can visit her on three blogs, the main "My slot tracks" http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/ "My mounts slot" with mounts, among over 1200 designs http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com.es/ and "practical catalog of my circuits slot" where they will be inventoried, and there are more than 400, all circuits in the main blog in order to find the one that suits your size and tracks. http://catalogopractico.blogspot.com.es/ and this video shows I hope you find it useful and entertaining
  6. These days before Christmas, we all dream of expanding our circuit a little slot, visit my blog for ideas, you will see almost 1,200 different designs, probably the largest collection of slot circuit designs in the world. I leave the link to the past, two digital circuits in L. http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/n-1161-y-1162-dos-circuitos-scx.html You also have the auxiliary blog "Catalogue practical circuits my slot" where they are inventoried over 350 circuits 1200 and you can choose to serve you according to your dimensions or tracks. http://catalogopractico.blogspot.com.es/ And the blog "My mounts slot" with more than 100 mounts spectacular heights of up to 8 crossings and many different levels. http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com.es/ I hope you like
  7. Circuit unnamed Hello, the other day, a fellow in a forum left me a very nice message, saying "amazed by your circuits, but with the titles put them ... as is the peel." Well today as the great painters and sculptors not going to put a name to a circuit, the circuit will be nameless. http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/n-1075-circuito-sin-nombre.html A greeting.
  8. seven symmetrical design whims Hi I have prepared a post in which step a first circuit design apparently very complex and I'm making changes as they appear explaining the remaining 6, I hope to follow him, if you have any doubt, ask http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/n-1064-al-1070-siete-caprichos.html A greeting.
  9. . The circuit is mounted with Scalextric and Ninco tracks, as track connections using the SCX Pit Box, with three crosses at the same level also scalextric elevated to a higher level using the elevators Ninco, below is a classic pequetrenes circuit in and comes with two Talgos, a Talgo III red and silver and a Talgo pendular white and blue. It surrounds every other circuit with two compositions of 4 cars high speed train moving in the opposite direction to Talgos and slot cars. The circuit has a rope slot offset of 18 meters and the whole dimensions of 3.00 x 2.60 m. I also include a map with the same design throughout with scalextric tracks, but it is necessary to use voltage line maintenance as there are many short tracks that linkers suppose many lost their tension. electrical function the same or better than the combined voltage is líeas Ninco sections leading electricity much better although occupying more space. If you liked this show you can see others in my new blog My mounts slot where I'm collecting the 100 that I have made​​, I have risen almost 60 to new blog http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com and if you liked are toy trains can visit the bolg Pequetrenes, which are the stars http://mispequetrenes.blogspot.com Undo edits
  10. Hello, I have designed, to a colleague in France Forum miniend Ninco circuit with 8 lanes compensated using novel elements forming roundabouts and detours staggered lanes, not decompensate lengths of 8 lanes. http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/n-1056-circuito-de-8-carriles-para-un.html Ninco circuit after 8 lane, I stepped over and now I have taken one of scalextric Bowers to support a digital circuit. http://miscircuitosdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/08/n-1057-y-1058-otro-circuito-de-8.html A greeting.
  11. Hello, I had to open a new blog My mounts slot, then the first slot My circuits, later, to overcome the 1000 designs and 400,000 visits are out of space to upload more photos, the new blog started in circuit No. 1035, a fun digital circuit long extrecho with a solution with a length of round, No. 1036 is a tribute to the olympic games and when I was designing, he has appeared Mister Potato Head, by the computer and has stayed with the No. 1037. I keep up my work so the new blog, http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com second volume of the collection, the first volume is finished. A greeting. Manuel Gonzalez
  12. without words http://mismontajesdeslot.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/n-1036-circuito-olimpico.html
  13. Vamos a ver unas cuantas composiciones que se pueden combinar para diseñar circuirtos. Y después combinando algunas de ellas montare tres circuitos con sus correspondientes videos. (Let's see a few compositions that can be combined to design circuirtos. And after some Montare combining three circuits with corresponding videos.) Muchas de ellas tienen en común que el inicio y el final de la composición forman una sección unica, como la primera, la rotonda o glorieta de salida y entrada tangentes, esta tangencia se consigue usando 4 curvas exteriores de curvatura contraria a las 6 curvas standard ( Many of them have in common that the beginning and end of the composition form a single section, as the first, the roundabout or traffic circle tangent input and output, this tangency is achieved using 4 outer curves of opposite curvature at 6 standard curves.) La glorieta o rotonda de inicio o de cierre, la llamo así porque la utilizo para iniciar o terminar circuitos. (The roundabout or traffic circle or close home, I call because I use to start or end circuits.) La curva de cambio de sentido o la doble curva de cambio de sentido. (The reversal curve or double curve of turn.) La judía, es una glorieta irregular con entrada y salida formadas por curvas interiores con un punto de tangencia. (Bean, is a roundabout and out irregular curves formed by interior point of tangency.) La judía doble , parte de la anterior pero no es simétrica, puede usarse como núcleo para iniciar un circuito. (Double bean, part of the above but is not symmetrical, may be used as a nucleus for starting circuit.) Las herraduras, formadas por tres curvas interiores seguidas de parejas de curvas standard y exterior o exterior y super exterior. Y la famosa curva del sacacorchos , del circuito californiano de Laguna Seca, formado con la sucesión de curvas superexterior, exterior, interior y cambiando la curvatura, interior, exterior y superexterior, con un punto en el contacto de las dos interiores, que al cambiar la curvatura cambia el sentido de la fuerza centrifuga y por tanto la inclinación del peralte para compensarla. (The horseshoe formed by three inner curves followed by pairs of standard curves and outside or outside and super.And the famous corkscrew curve, the Californian Laguna Seca circuit, formed by the succession of curves superexterior, exterior, interior and changing the curvature, interior, exterior and superexterior, with a point contact of the two interior that changing the curvature changes the direction of centrifugal force and thus the inclination of cant to compensate.) La curva del trineo, la llamo así porque la utilice en un circuito que recordaba un trineo, y en concreto esta composición la parte delantera del trineo. (The curve of the sleigh, I call her that because the use on a circuit that resembled a sled, and in particular this composition the front of the sled.) El lazo de salida lateral, es medio ocho combiado con un giro a un lado con curvas de distintos tipos. (The output loop side is half eight combiado with a twist to one side with curves of different types.) La hoja de sierra, composición que se asemeja al extremo de la herramienta de carpinteria. (The saw blade, a composition that resembles the end of the carpentry tool.) La rotonda asimétrica y las miniglorietas de salidas rectas o de salidas divergentes. (The asymmetric roundabout and straight miniglorietas output or outputs differ.) La lágrima y la glorieta triangular. (The tear and triangular roundabout.) Ahora voy a diseñar los tres circuitos combinando algunos de estos elementos. El primero combina la doble judía con un lateral deformado, el sacacorchos, el lazo de salida lateral y la rotonda de cierre. Queda un circuito con pistas Ninco de 2,90 x 2,50 y casi 22 m de cuerda. (Now I'm going to design the three circuits combining some of these elements.The first combines the dual deformed Jewish side, the corkscrew, side exit loop end and the roundabout. It is a circuit with Tracks Ninco of 2.90 x 2.50 and almost 22 m of rope.) El segundo, combina la judia doble, la curva de cambio de sentido, la rotonda de entrada y salida tangentes, y la curva del trineo. (The second combines the Jewish double curve reversal, the rotunda and out tangents and the curve of the sled.) El primer diseño lo hice con pistas Ninco pero después me di cuenta que no tenía suficientes curvas exteriores Ninco para hacer la curva del trineo, entonces utilice pistas scalextric para esta curva, se me presento un problema, las salidas y las entradas de la curva del trineo son tangentes, y no podía colocar las pistas de adaptación Ninco-scalextric que son trapecios y necesitan que las pistas scalextric esten separadas. Lo resolvi y las separe usando un truco, dos curvas scalextric exteriores contrapeadas tienen la misma longitud que una recta standard, en un ramal coloque la recta y en el contiguo las curvas exteriores contrapeadas, así conseguí separar lo ramales para que entrasen las pistas de adaptación. Había otro problema en la parte de arriba hahia que volver a ponerlos ramales tangentes para conectar con la rotonda de entrada y salida tangentes. Tenía que pegarme menos de lo que me había separado, ya que los ramales se habían acercado al colocar la pista de adaptación, si antes contrapee curvas exteriores, ahora tenía que probar o dos curvas superexteriores o dos medias curvas standard Ninco, y esto fue lo que coloque, en el otro ramal para igualar la longitud probe con media recta scalextric más un cuarto de recta, y quedo exacto. (The first design I did Ninco tracks but then I realized that I had enough Ninco outer curves to the curve of the sled, then use scalextric tracks for this curve, I was presented with a problem, the outputs and inputs of the curve sled are tangent, and could not put the ski-Scalextric Ninco adaptation are trapezoids and Scalextric tracks need to be separated.I solved and separated using a trick, two external scalextric contrapeadas curves have the same length as a standard line, on one leg straight and place the contiguous contrapeadas outside curves, and managed to separate the strands to ensure the entry adaptation tracks .There was another problem on top hahia to put them back branches tangent to connect to the roundabout and out tangents.I had to hit me less than I had separated, as the branches had come to put the track adjustment, if before contrapee outside curves, now had to prove or two curves or two half superexteriores Ninco standard curves, and this is what to place, on the other leg to match the half length with a straight probe scalextric more fourth straight, and stay accurate.When I do circuit design, I like to imagine that can be represented accordingly and put a name, this reminds me of a gnome without a hat and big head, driving a snail.The circuit has dimensions 3.60 x 2.40 and a rope of 24.39 m offset without using crossover tracks, this happens when you have a single lane bridge that makes the indoors outside and vice versa.) Cuando hago diseños de circuitos , me gusta imaginar que pueden representar y ponerles en consecuencia un nombre, este me recuerda un gnomo sin sombrero y cabezón, conduciendo un caracol. El circuito tiene dimensiones 3,60 x 2,40 y una cuerda compensada de 24,39 m , sin usar pistas de cruce, esto pasa cuando tienes un único puente que convierte al carril exterior en interior y viceversa. Y por último , el tercero , un pequeño circuito con las pistas scalextric de 12 m de cuerda y dimensiones 2,38 x 1,36 combinando la glorieta triangular, la judía , la miniglorieta de salidas rectas y una herradura modifiada con sucesión de trios de curvas standard con curvatura contraria. (And finally, the third, a small circuit scalextric tracks 12 meters of rope and dimensions 2.38 x 1.36 by combining the triangular roundabout, Jewish, straight miniglorieta output and a horseshoe modifiada with a succession of trios Standard curves with opposite curvature.) <a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Z_wtfcmi858/Tm-Of5d-hnI/AAAAAAAAEgs/5cHCm-QZuKM/s1600/listado+714.jpg">
  14. A colleague of a forum, I wonder But how long each track takes you ride? And how long do you keep it until you ride a new one? Perhaps other colleagues are in fact those two questions, each circuit ride costs me between 3 and 6 hours depending on the elevators that I have to do, and I spend almost as artists Fallas in Valencia, as I have ridden one and I managed to peraltarlo moving cars as seen in the videos, I'm thinking of the next assembly, so that they do but endure for a week as far as I am retired I have time to do so and as soon as I came to change health assembly. I'm going to leave another video that trains take co-leadership in the assemblies.
  15. I add this other video segments impossible viewed from within the loop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDPjAZSaCSQ A greeting.
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