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  1. Only myself and my youngest daughter race on my tracks, I don't know of any others in the area, and Bunbury is very poor for supplies, only 1 gamesworld and they are not interested in slots, they have some Scaly stuff but all at very premium prices, Thank god for internet shopping.
  2. Thanks silver rocket, yes I am seriously addicted, I love building new tracks but I hate breaking up the old ones, I don't think Doctors could help either unless one of them had a really big shed that I could use
  3. If the track is as good as the base table it will be fantastic, keep the pics coming. Regards.
  4. pt59

    Track 5

    Love the tracks, Funny how most of us are always planning our next track well before the one we are working on is 'Finished' Regards.
  5. Thanks kalbfellp, I think braid could be the way to go, Do you use common or garden Contact cement to hold it down?
  6. Thanks Dave, the stable buildings are a toy kit that my 10yr old Daughter has kindly donated, she is mad about horses, all the garage and pit buildings are hand made.
  7. Here are the current contents of my shed here in Eaton, (just North of Bunbury.) I love being able to drive in and out of the pit lane, running ghost cars in both lanes etc, but as I already had about 70 cars, the cost of chipping all is prohibitive, and at the time of getting the digital stuff I had not heard about chipping the rails, so I shall keep a Plastic analogue as well. SSD http://i840.photobucket.com/albums/zz329/p...ck/IMG_0756.jpg Here is how I do the ghost car thing. I am impressed by the quality of Carrera's track, had I known about chipping rails I may have gone for D132 instead of SSD. Carrera analogue I am also a big fan of routed tracks, I have made 4 alltogether but found the bigger ones too hard to maintain in the heat of the shed, tape lifting and breaking. Here is the only routed track I have running at the moment, but I will soon have a fold away one in action. Stable yard track Routed oval with infield, AC2 car style.(Retired.) My last routed track that made way for the SSD. Thanks for looking, hope you like the pics. Regards. Paul.
  8. Guys, I noticed the site was hacked yesterday, I had posted My track pics in the WA section, but my post has now disappeared, the post was entitled 'Digital and analogue in Eaton'. Anybody know what happened?
  9. If you are racing by your self the the analogue timers work fine, I have 1 analogue R2 crossover in my circuit which effectively doubles the lane length thus I only trip the timer every second lap, Just keep your thumb away from the LC button!!
  10. pt59

    Moving Lc Sensors

    Darren, I had that problem, I bought the World championship digital set and by the end of the first week I had superglued the Mclaren back together 3 times, I have found that 5 straights before the straight LC is ok but more than that and I risk high speed impacts, It also pays to check periodically that the flipper is not getting a bit "Sticky" with dirt which could slow it down.
  11. G/day fellas, I have decided to make the swap from Scalextric to Carrera track for my #2 track in the shed (My wife is buying me the 'Cool Rods' set as a surprise Christmas present ) :bday: The thing is, the tip is missing from my right thumb so I may struggle with the Carrera controllers, Does anybody know if the Carrera controller plug or an after market equivalent is available from anywhere so I could use my other 'Trigger Trollers'??
  12. pt59

    Slot Car Heaven.

    Does anybody know of any problems with the Slot car Heaven website? I haven't been able to get in for a while now. Thanks.
  13. Try these guys, http://www.slotbug.co.uk I bought a power sledge off them last year, Remember to also order the guide blade carrier as it is a seperate item. Regards.
  14. pt59

    Scx Analogue

    Yes, they are. Thanks fella's.
  15. pt59

    Scx Analogue

    Gents, Would somebody be able to let me know if the new SCX analogue sets are pre wired for brakes? Many thanks.
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