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  1. Hi guys, looking to hook up my brother in law with someone who can build a 3-4 lane routed track to fit in single car garage.local preferred - south west and west Sydney area.
  2. hi, looking for 2 x Holden Scalextric Rear wings Any condition. VX or VY model fine.
  3. Cheers guys, yeah it's always a hit with the kids! I would love to do the ice break commodore got to get the decals..... I really have to stop the food & beverage theme!
  4. What the hey I thought I would give it a go. Decals from pattos place. http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/4A99C680-D52A-45F6-8D01-F9FCBF9A5530.jpg
  5. http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/E83B509B-CF7D-462F-8798-60C6A36E6F4D.jpg Old 360 guide blade in the foreground, new adjusted blade in background http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/E0D8ADA1-9E01-4EB3-B623-0DCDFE08B35B.jpg
  6. http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/C3CDDA0A-AE56-4607-BAC9-A10EFF3DCA59.jpg http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/D5053902-B699-4458-853F-9DD2F5D1A6D8.jpg http://i1057.photobucket.com/albums/t384/forcasenna/Slot%20Car/78B6D8C6-0D9E-451D-A345-F52461DC70BB.jpg
  7. Given the overwhelming responses I recieved (lol) it either tells me no one in their right mind would have either bought or kept one of these 360 degree cars and or no one has bothered to salvage these and turn them into a normal scaley..... Trundling through all the suggestions, I thought I would have a go and converting it myself! It's not pretty but it works. Steps below 1.find yourself old fashioned scaley guide blade with the brass eyelets 2. Detach the 360 guide blade 3. Snap off the blade so surface of circle guide sits flush 4. Drill arc shaped hole to allow wires to come through and has enough span to move when turning (tip - making a hole in between the metal circular rims is perfect as it needs to be away from the front axle as much as possible) 5. Cut the wires where the brass clips flow through the old guide blade set up 6 you will need to extend the wiring for free movement of the new guide blade set up 7 pop the old fashioned guide blade in to the hole of the 360 circular guide blade it should fit snugly 8 mark the area where the front section of the old fashioned guide blade sits on the 360 circular guide blade, you will be cutting this area out so as the adjusted guide fits flush to the track 9 cut the section you marked from the circular guide plate ( I used a drill ). 10 thread the eyelets to the wiring 11 thread the wiring through the underpan predrilled hole 12 thread wiring through to old fashioned scaley guide blade threading eyelets in place 13 push old fashioned guide blade into 360 circular guide plate 14 push amended guide plate in its original position Fin It would be easier if I showed you pics but I haven't figured how to upload these yet. Will do soon.
  8. Hey, any one had an attempt at converting the 360 degree drifting cars guide blade section? Have an old Porsche 962 where the contacts have broken off the circle mount. Any suggestions would be appreciated (apart from finding a replacement part of course)
  9. Thanks Miveson ( I'm still no good at tipping!) I think my illusions of doing a Steve Bradbury towards the end of the tipping comp are now fading fast , although I am sure it's mathematically possible, I think the key ( looking at my record ) is consistency.... Not my strong point Once againg Miveson and Yngwie for running a great comp.
  10. what do you mean miveson? I did.... they just aren't any good!
  11. Glad I didn't Tip Villeneuve! Yngwie (ignore the txt) , I still don't know how you do it!!
  12. isnt Jacques Villeneuve racing this weekend instead of Greg Murphy? Can I tip Jacques??
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