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  1. Unfortunitly I have not raced for ages and think i need some fresh ideas to modified my track a little bit. Any ideas for improvements?
  2. Great idea Top stuff cheers Manta
  3. WOW looks great Did you just tape it over the rails? Do you get any magnet effect still ? What type of tape did you use?? Great job cheers
  4. Would this wire be suitable for power taps and to connect each bit of track together? http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefro...duct/View/W2016 cheers
  5. Already got the bar setup with a fully stock fridge, and even a stubby holder dispenser. I measured the lane lengths and according to RMS the are: Lane 1 20.79m Lane 2 20.30m I may have to add a crossover in to equal the lanes up
  6. Well I decided to do another upgrade and this time i thought it was due for an elevation. I am having some big power issues on the back straight (dont think the power tap is working) and i need to find a way to run more power taps as the powerboard has no more room. I am happy how it turned out and now to put the 100 trees i have sitting in my spare bedroom to good use. God i love this hobby my orginal track a year or so ago
  7. The head ons are defaintely intresting Eno thats for sure, thought i better tidy up fpr the pics
  8. M now just to bank the curves and ad some elevation and scenery cheers Manta
  9. Gday Just wanted to know if anyone had a link on how to repair/improve/service Mabuchi motors? Cheers
  10. ha im an Engadine lad as well, I will try and head over to the slotshop Wednesday next week. What do you usually race over there Cheers
  11. im sold, now to find a pair of them Cheers
  12. Just wanted to know how people rate the scalextric drift cars as i am thinking of buying one for a bit of fun. Cheers
  13. Just thought i would bug a few people lol,
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