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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking for a logo that was on a McLaren M8D entered at the 1974 Mid Ohio Can Am race. The car was entered by William Overhauser Racing Ltd and driven by Roy Woods, this seems to be the only race it entered with white body paint and Castrol sponsorship, in other races in 73 & 74 it came in a Yellow Livery and sponsored by Caldwell & WORLd. (The "WORLd" logo seems to be on the Castrol car even thought the only photo showing the car in this livery is way out of focus) I am after a copy of the "WORLd" logo (this is how it is shown) which is on the rear outer wing supports, I have no idea what "WORLd" even was, I have never heard of it, so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Cheers Shane (HGpanel)
  2. Thanks Mark, I have a feeling the chassis is just too flexible, should off spent a bit more time tuning and testing.
  3. They look great Phil, I would hate to guess the hours you have put in to build all those, mmm, might be easier to convince you to sell me one than me try and build my own. Have you had any luck chasing up some bits for a Ferrari? Cheers Shane
  4. Thanks for organising this round, congrats to the top three and also thanks to the drivers and marshals.
  5. Well, that was disappointing. Congrats to the place getters and thanks to the host, drivers and marshals. Any chance of tightening up my pod a bit?, I reckon the ones on the outside are a bit loose.
  6. Lol, where did bar & bottle come from?, the word predict thing is reading my mind. Congrats to the top qualifiers, obviously some great cars in the mix, thanks to the qualy driver Dion, great pics also, can only hope the Ferrari fairs a little better come race day.
  7. 22nd, mmmm, it's going to Bar&Bottle long series
  8. Dave, Finally posted my car today, no doubt will be late for the tech inspection, just apply relevant penalty.(if it passes inspection that is) Cheers Shane
  9. looking at all these cool builds I think I have missed the spirit of this proxy, not having the time to build anything from scratch I was just going to send a STD Sideways Ferrari, even down to the Hi-Grip Sideways tyres.
  10. Still entering the 512BB #61.
  11. Please check your email Dave, hopefully you will have the entry fee, I sent it two weeks ago but sent it to the wrong email address (again)
  12. I think those BMWs are going yo be hard to beat, should have a Calcutta on who we think will win, I don't know much about odds but going on the previous proxy I think I know where my money would be
  13. Thanks to Dave & Mike for organising this series, congratulations Dave on presenting such a good car, gives us all something to work on to get close to you, congrats to Drew and all the other racers for sending some good looking cars and a big thanks to all the hosts and helpers through the series. The final comment I would like to make is if the organisers could think about letting fantasy builds for next year, hopefully that would see less cars of the same livery, just a thought. See you all next series, (or maybe Group 5 soon)
  14. Congratulations to the podiumites, and thanks to the drivers and marshals, also thanks to Dave for fixing my Porsche, very happy with where it finished, much better than I thought. Please impose the relevant penalty for the pod replacement. Thanks.
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