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  1. Just got my controller, module & dongle on Tuesday and didn't have a chance to try it till tonight (Friday night race night). Gotta say I'm very happy with it. Plugged it in and raced...no problems. It feels about the same as my DeFalco but I prefer the feel of the wiperless trigger. Also, it felt like the brakes worked better. I haven't tried setting my own curves yet...gotta figure that part out. I've put away my 2 Slot-It controllers and it's a toss-up between the deFalco and Scorpius, but once I figure out the set up, I think the Scorpius will be my main controller. We have an adjustable power supply on each lane (7 to 17 volts) and NO RULES! We do bracket races, where you announce your fastest lap and if you break out, you get 0 points for that heat. The start is staggered and 1/10 second is about 3ft on the track, so the slowest car starts at the line, someone 2/10 faster starts 6ft back, etc. We do 5 lap sprints and in theory all 3 cars hit the finish line at the same time. You're allowed to change your breakout time after every race. Using this system, you can run any car you have in your collection, there's no rules, no arguing and it doesn't matter who you're racing against. The most important thing is to run consistent laps...and you need a controller that you're comfortable with.
  2. We were a bit short handed, so this is We enjoyed running the cars, thanks, guys
  3. ...and the Hillclimb results. Unfortunately, the guide broke on car #21 on it's 3rd run up the hill. I'm not familiar with the SCX set-up, so I couldn't repair it, but all the bits are there. The Hillclimb lap record is 20.44, and was beaten by car #46 (19.48) and car # 9 (20.27). Car #66 came close at 20.48 I didn't get much video, but I'll post what I have soon
  4. We ran the cars last night, so here are the results for the 3 lane Targa track
  5. Some pictures to hold you over till we run the cars...let me know if you have any requests
  6. I qualified the cars today...on the Targa I ran each car until I couldn't better my time, and on the Hillclimb I did one run (some cars took a few tries, though). The Targa was set at 13 volts and the Hillclimb is 9 volts. Tires are seriously out of round on cars 98,17, & 96, no big deal on the Hillclimb, but really slowed them on the Targa Car 79 feels like the front axle is binding...do you want me to try and free it up? A back wheel came off car 1, I'll glue it back on. A nice bunch of cars, but a good showing on the Targa doesn't necessarily mean a good run on the Hillclimb. I didn't measure any cars, but a few felt wide on the very narrow Hillclimb. We hope to run the cars next weekend...2 minutes in each lane on the Targa and 3 different drivers will run the Hillclimb. Don C is our Hillclimb champ, and I'm sure he'll break the current record (20.44) with a few of the cars. I couldn't get car 18 up the Hill, it hung up on every corner...I'll see if it's anything I can fix
  7. Hi Guys We don't have the cars yet, just want to let you know what we're planning. We'll run each car for 2 minutes per lane on our Targa track. Since the last time the cars were here, I've changed the upper part of the track a bit, so lap times will be about .5 seconds quicker. The second stage will be on our new Hillclimb, single lane with a return loop at the top. We'll get 4 different drivers to drive each car on the Hillclimb and total the 4 times. A good run is under 25 seconds. Looking forward to running the cars.
  8. The cars should be in Oregon in 4 days. We had fun driving them, and hope to do it again next year. Might get a couple of our guys to enter cars next year as well Thanks for all the nice comments Luf
  9. Great cars, guys. We're running each car 3 times on the Hillclimb and 2 minutes in each lane on the 3 lane Targa track. It's up to the organizers to tally the scores. Don (the Hillclimb king) is the only one to ever go under 40 seconds (38.4), so I'm really looking forward to seeing him run your cars
  10. olldslotracer


    It's a very addicting track. I can't do any more scenery, because you need to be able to see your car...and yes, when a car comes off the road, it's like a Pachinko machine
  11. olldslotracer


    Hi Guys Got the cars yesterday, hope to run them over the next few days. We'll be running them on the Targa track as well as the new Hillclimb. I built the Hillclimb to show you don't need a lot of space to have fun. The footprint is 24"x96" (61cm x 244cm) and a run up and back down is 230ft (70 meters). The SCX cars will be in the 42 second range. The Hillclimb used 3.5 sheets of MDF, 3 rolls of copper tape and cost me about $100 to build, not including the electronics. The timing is by TrackMate, it gives us 4 sector times, a total time and automatically reverses the direction at the top loop. You need to sit in the chair to see most of the track, and you need to stand when the car reaches the top. We'll run each car on the Hillclimb at least 4 times, using a different driver each time.
  12. We've just had the pleasure of racing with Andy (gadgetman). He cleverly arranged his holiday so he could race with us for 3 Friday night races. He started kicking butt on the second night and by the third Friday he was hard to beat. It was great to meet him, but we didn't know there were any Australians that didn't drink beer. Sorry I didn't get any pictures, but we had a blast
  13. We had a nice visit from Mel and his wife while they were passing through Vancouver. As luck would have it, it was one of our race nights and Mel got some racing in. Also, thanks to Dave Craig for sending along some sample tires. We just wish they could have stayed longer.
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