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  1. shayne

    Fly Trucks

    I gotta agree if it has wheels and an engine it can be raced!! As for the fly truck, it goes pretty well now that i have modified the guide, it was spring loaded and caused the truck to jump out of the slot at the first corner.
  2. shayne

    Fly Trucks

    I have just received a Fly truck from my friendly postman and my good friend ebay........ How good are these trucks, the detail is awesome and i cant wait to run it on the track unfortunatley it will need to stay in it's box for a few weeks as i have visitors.
  3. thanks Jamie, yeah i have my eye on a slot.it audi r8c and i wouldnt mind getting my hands on a fly truck as well. I gotta say i am very happy with the ninco ford ranger.
  4. I have a grand total of 5 cars: 2 x ninco bmw m3's 1 x ninco raid ford ranger 1 x scalextric vy commodore (supercheap) 1 x scx ford fiesta
  5. shayne


    thanks for the advise. I dont thinki will be able to stick tape on the track as my sometimes opponenet (3 year old daughter) will pull the tape off. I think i will need to save my pockett money and get the challenger!!
  6. shayne


    Thanks Guys, I didnt say i was very fast with the left hand.........but you gotta do something to have 2 cars going around the track. Sounds like i will need to get a chalenger, cause as i said i'm not that fast, so i sure it will be o.k for me.
  7. shayne


    Hi All, I am new here and relatively new to slot cars, have only been enjoying this great hobby for 5 months. As i spend most of my time racing against myself (left hand vs right hand gets a bit boring) does anybody use the scalextric challenger set with ninco track, i also am after info on a lap timer/counter that i can use with ninco track? Thanks guys.
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