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  1. Good luck, Andrew. Hope it goes well.

    Any Thoughts

    Slider, as far as I'm concered, SlotIt are yet to produce a bad car. I have about 9 SlotIt cars and they are all magnificent cars. I don't have the Jagermeister 956 but IMHO, if you buy a SlotIt, you wont be disappointed.

    MRRC Toyota GT1

    Davenic Have to agree the stock motor is only 20,000rpm put in a Slotit 25,000rpm motor and this baby may well be a Slotit Porsche killer Charlie Yeah, Charlie, I took your advice but instead of a 25,000rpm SlotIt motor, I dropped in a 27,000rpm Cartrix motor (which, incidently, is a direct replacement for the stock motor) and the car is an absolute jet.

    MRRC Toyota GT1

    Yeah, I've got one of these and I must say, they are 10 times better than the ProSlot version. They are great cars box stock but I may just have to put a SlotIt motor in mine to get it competitive with my Audi. All in all though, a great car.
  5. Well done to Phil and all involved with the racing, it looks to have gone smoothly. Congrats to the podium getters, too. Just on the cars/results and Gman's comments, I found on my track the lighter cars were much more suited. Oldslots car, on my track, was a perfect match. It is super fast, great acceleration and braking and smooooth. I know Steve, Vlad and I were surprised with the weight of the Tassie cars. Nothing wrong with how they ran, they were smooth cars but when you have a car that is much lighter with a bigger motor, well, you don't need to be a brain surgeon.... I know Ged's track would suit the Ninco's and an Oldslot type setup. Maybe it's the size? Colyton Raceway is a big track too - Bo? thoughts. Maybe it's the surface? My cars slide effortlessly when pushed but if you can get a good rythmn going, the grip is unbelieveable. The heavier cars will slide but it's very awkward and the cars tended to tip. I would love to do an in depth survey of all the tracks and come to my own conclusion....
  6. I have just received my latest acquisition - a Scaleauto Toyota GT1. This car uses an old Proslot body on a new and improved Scaleauto chassis. I must say, I love my Proslots but the GT1s I find the chassis' are very thin and flexible. The new Scaleauto chassis is a lot more rigid. Given the power of the motor, this seems to help the car. Scaleauto have also used their own motor which I feel is less powerful than the Proslot EVO4 but, again, it makes the car so much easier to drive yet still have good speed even in box stock condition. Also, all 4 weeks are aluminium, so super round and true. I'll run the car in over the next week and give an update when I can but suffice to say, I'm very happy with the car. It handles beautifully and it feels very smooth. If only my Proslots did the same!!!
  7. I think Peter transends the Holden Vs Ford rivalry. He was a legend of the sport and supporters of both sides would respect what he did in the sport. A tragic week for Australians. :(
  8. Well done to Hoffy and crew on a well organised event. And well done to Pete, Beejay and Smokeio on their podium finish. I've taken the liberty of doing the race points and overall results as we head to Tassie. Race Points: Overall Standings:
  9. I think there is a guy on e-pay that sells them along with 1:32 diecast motorbikes etc. I'll have a look for his name.
  10. I've got one of these stashed away at home... somewhere....
  11. It must have been my repair job, hey Reckless????
  12. Good to hear, Hoffy. For what they charge for postage, they'd want to be prompt. Good luck with the race and have FUN.
  13. Gents, The cars have been sent to Adelaide this afternoon. Good luck to Hoffy and all those involved in the next round. I hope you have as much fun as I did. Regards, Dave
  14. Pete, the back of the car vibrates badly, which caused a few problems. The car deslotted a few times under accleration due mainly (IMHO) to the vibrating. Vlad drove your car 4th - just after Oldslot (who also had his lowest lap count) and maybe if your car was driven towards the end it may have performed better. As I was saying to Vlad, the Ninco cars that were pretty close to box stock suited me and my track. I felt much more comfortable driving these cars as my cars are very similar. Vlad, however, did beat my times with other cars (Smokeio for example did better with Vlad driving). At the end of the day, if we ran all the cars again, the results would be completely different.
  15. My legs are sore from standing up all day!!!! I started cramping up towards the end.
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