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  1. mus-28

    New Scalextric Cars

    My Torana arrived yesterday. Only issue is the angle of the front bumper, which looks to be a production issue as all of them seem to have it. Other than that Scalextric have done a great job, even down to the bridgestone labelling on the tyres.
  2. Great looking cars. It strikes me as odd that there aren't a lot more Petty cars available as RTR slot cars. I presume its a licensing thing as anything Petty would sell like hotcakes.
  3. Thought this was worthy of a bump https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184373318138
  4. mus-28

    Paints And Decals

    I've always used the PowerPlus cans from Supercheap, but will probably have a dip at some of the Squirts range after looking at that.
  5. Theres a page on Facebook "Johnco Scalextric and slot cars." selling cars from a deceased estate. They have 2 of the SCX Sasol Jordans in a photo album "F1, IndyCar, Open Wheel" for $30ea. I've bought 4 cars from them and all were in mint condition. Might be the cheapest way to get parts for cars.
  6. That's super impressive. Perkins cars when he was a privateer always had that 'simple elegance' about them.
  7. I think there's a reasonable market out there of people that wouldn't know any better and would be happy with the performance of an out of the box Scalextric with magnet on their home track. Also a lot of the toy stores only stock Scalextric and Carrera as the market isn't there to have the higher priced cars sitting around waiting to sell. Plus they market cars that will sell to a market, Torana's and Falcons will sell in Australia, BTCC is a big market in the UK and their stock cars, muscle cars and IROC Camaros seem to be a big hit in the US with a lot of these being Club Categories. As long as they keep producing cars that the market wants they'll do well.
  8. I've been looking at these for a few weeks and finally decided they were too good to turn down and got myself a BMW M1.
  9. mus-28

    Nsr F1 ( Weapon )

    Brilliant job. It would be interesting to see sales numbers of these cars and the Pioneer Legends, both seem to be a huge hit worldwide.
  10. Gonna be a mad scramble to get the Brock Hatchback as no doubt there'll be the usual suspects buying up then selling them at inflated prices down the track.
  11. Scalextric just announced their Australia only release: Brock/Richards A9X #05 Moffat 77 XC Falcon #1 Bob Jane Camaro #7 Moffat 69 XW Falcon #61 Falcon XY GTHO Phase III road car Redbull ZB Commodore Bathurst 2019 #888
  12. Just announced as part of the 2020 catalogue. Being produced in Bob Morris colours. Hopefully this opens the door for the Brock and Grice versions in the future.
  13. Thanks. Any opinion on best program to use?
  14. I've just picked up a 2nd hand Scalextric Digital Platinum set with the Porsche's, Audi's and Lambo's. Any information on how to get the maximum out of the set would be much appreciated, be it with any apps or programs.
  15. Has anyone removed the wheel flares on the Classic Mini Clubman and reduced the axle width to get a more realistic looking Mini? There's room on the Chassis to cut the axles to get them flush with the body but not sure if taking 10mm off would make the car more unstable. I've shaved down the chassis to lower the ride height at the front and tubed the axle and it runs quite well, so I don't want to completely destroy it for aesthetics. .
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