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  1. Have found that the plastic track shape changes a lot depending on hot or cold weather, can make it difficult to keep the MDF borders aligned with the track edge. I'd suggest maybe having the border height slightly below that of the track, so tyres don't bump into the border edge and create de-slots. If you are going to this much trouble, highly recommend you save yourself time & $$$ and move from plastic & build a small routed track instead. No power drops, minimal track joins, far more consistent & enjoyable surface. Can make tracks that tilt and stand on their side to save space. Check out the Members Tracks section, plenty of ingenious designs there. Re paint surface, generally the smoother the surface, the higher the grip level, due to a larger tyre contact area. Good luck with it!!
  2. Got some Group C 22's 19x10, thanks Rossko, a bargain!
  3. Caddo

    Weight Ratio

    I hear you Wobble. I did Maths as a subject too - for 13 long years during my school years: 1976 - 1986
  4. If you could please quote heat times/distances and the track length that would be great,thanks guys Good luck with the racing Cheers
  5. A match for a Thunderslot?
  6. Thanks for the heads up Mac. How does the 6.3 lap time compare to a NSR or Slot It classic sports car similarly prepared? We have tried to keep parity in this class of Slot It & NSR's, looks like the Thunderslot might need a weight handicap. Cheers Caddo
  7. The discussion has kinda morphed into whether analogue is the problem, and if digital is the solution to the lack of popularity of slot cars generally. . Personally, I only went analogue because I wanted pure, no-frills, competitive racing. Whilst I love the concept of changing lanes, the extra cost, complexity and carnage of digital turned me off. But realistically, in the digital online world that the masses are absorbed in, digital slot cars are still really only analogue+ a few extras, and nowhere near the center of most people's radar. As others have said, slot cars are never going to be mainstream like in their heyday, now are a niche for a minority few with a great taste in hobbies!!
  8. Caddo

    Reversing Switch

    Thanks for your efforts Phil I'll use the diagrams & pics to wire up my track switch Much appreciated, Caddo
  9. Come and experience the influx of Islam & Asian immigration in AUS, you might get grumpier. "first world problems" are f#%*@%g minor
  10. They are the poems of a left wing writer awarded by Russia for his left wing views. " I am grumpy"- left wing s#!t pisses me off......
  11. Haha, yeah, you are right Mark. The Huracan has some very nice angles to it. So good to see GT cars now on the agenda of top tier, 1/32 car manufacturers. Now we need them to recognize the market for Trans Am / Muscle Cars. So sick of having to buy poor quality SCX and Scaley's, then spending a mass of money & time getting them to run well. [PS - Can't believe SCX have stopped making the 'Cuda, are they crazy????]
  12. Just a laugh: VW = overpriced Skoda Audi = overpriced VW Lambo = overpriced Audi I'm a Skoda owner, love it, it's a great car, but maybe I have badge envy
  13. Caddo

    Reversing Switch

    Benno, 1 switch to rule them all......ideally anyway
  14. Caddo

    Reversing Switch

    No need to reply, unless there are new developments on Phil's advice here: f you only want one reversing switch you will need to add a change over relay for each lane is the best option.There are industrial switches available that will work also usually rotary switches. You need a six pole double throw change over switch, that breaks before makes, To ensure it does not short the power. A switch before the controllers will not work with electronic This switch is an example. http://www.ebay.com/...mMakeTrack=true
  15. Caddo

    Reversing Switch

    Hi electrical gurus, I have a 3 lane routed track,positive wired [power supplies' negative terminal wired to the left track braid in the direction of car travel] with the Trackmate relay. Plan to install one reversing switch to do all 3 lanes, can this be done without affecting electronic controllers? Cheers Caddo
  16. Pedro, I'm interested in what normally wins, short can sidewinders or long can inline/anglewinders?
  17. Caddo

    New Shell Ad

    The GT3 12 hour at Bathurst is a cracker of a race every year, so many different body/motor variations, all homologated to achieve reasonable parity. Hope the move is towards GT3, similar to the DTM's, but more global
  18. Brilliant, check this larger scale out
  19. Caddo

    Front Guide Play

    That is them, thanks Alexis
  20. Caddo

    Front Guide Play

    Hi all Someone posted a mod a while back to have the front guide mounted to a lateral spring loaded assembly to introduce understeer. Anyone know where it can be found? Cheers Caddo
  21. Great review guys. Most 1/32 non-mag racers I know love the sidewinder set up. The anglewinders are just too torquey for small/medium home tracks. The EURO trend is towards high magnet down force AW motors with tall gearing for magnet racing. Scaleauto have gone this way too. Their previous racing options were all sidewinders. I really like that NSR offer the same model in 21k AW, 25k SW & sometimes 21k IL. Well that is to say their website does. Most of the SLOT retailers in AUS must choose to stock generally only the AW option.
  22. Forgot to mention, don't be scared to cut off a cancerous limb. We had a person in our club who went out of their way to pick on anyone weak enough not to talk back. This 1 person alienated at least 4 other racers from our club because of their crap behavior. Don't allow this to happen or else risk losing members.
  23. Definitely can relate to the problem of trying to attract new slot racers, even in Sydney, a city of way too many people!! Manimmal's comment about a newby having problems keeping up with experienced racers is common in my experience. A lot of newby's get gun-shy and disappear before they get up to speed. Listen up all slot car clubs, a few things you can do to help welcome & keep new members: Have frequent "host car" races so new members can assess their driving skill against others, without having to spend hours setting up cars Keep the number of classes to a minimum - when I first joined SWSRG there were 13 classes, now there are 6. Keeps the cost & complexity down. Have classes that are as close to out of the box as possible ie Slot It Group C inline only, NSR/Slot It Classic Sidewinders with original motors, Sideways/Scaleauto Group5 with original motors Specify control tyre compounds to minimize the cost of setting up multiple pairs of rims with alternate tyre compounds Have topless bar wenches serving drinks at each meet If there are clubs regularly choosing option 5 only to welcome new members, please share your whereabouts
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