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  1. The fact we are regularly seeing only 6 racers regularly turn up for a race meet on 3-6 lane tracks concerns me greatly. I see this as a huge "LACK OF INTEREST" in the hobby, as Peter Gunn points out. The lifeblood of the hobby to me is racing with other people, standing side by side, in the same room, on the same track, at the same time. Collectors, scenery, proxies etc are peripheral IMO. I believe the commercial sponsors of Auslot should be promoting forum dialogue between new and existing customers. Can you help action this with your forum directorship Vinno?
  2. Get tested Peter, not many ever agree with me!! The other more controversial point I left out is to "kick out the fun killer". I've had experience with 2 massive drags on the racing fun in our race group over the last few years. These guys were invited along innocently by others , but ended up making other racers' lives a misery, we ended up losing racers because of them. In my experience, if the same guy becomes a problem on consecutive meets with multiple race group members, punt them. All are better off!!!!
  3. Would also like to see an increase to club racing results & posts as was the case in years past, to generate more interest in racing. Is Facebook strong in this area? I dunno Excluding the Hawkes Bay guys of course, they are keeping this forum going !!!
  4. 2600 members on a Facebook page - WOW!! I'd hate to line Zuckerberg's pockets with more gold, but it is tempting to make contact with all those active slotters. Anyhow, back to the topic, the local western Sydney clubs, both home and commercial, are really struggling for numbers. Regularly seeing ~6 racers at both 3 lane home tracks and 6 lane commercial tracks, ouch!!! I believe the range of tyres used by slot groups across ANZ makes retaining newbies difficult. Urethanes, rubber + oil, foam + goo, foam + banana boat, the range is f'ing ridiculous IMO. I don't know about most, but I got into non-mag racing for that little bit of sliding through the corner. Magnet racing had none of that realism. Adding oil, goo, banana boat etc to tyres is simply replacing magnets IMO. Untreated urethanes are the most pure form of scale racing IMO. I honestly believe this format would also retain more race members as tyre treatment "time & voodoo" becomes less of a requirement to win races. Urethanes don't have 100% maximum grip, but are fun to drive and are also easier to true than rubber tyres at least. Admit foamies are easy to true, but hate em with a passion Never seen a real car with a tyre that is 40% air on the contact patch!! they rely on goo and other chemicals to achieve traction. I'd like to see the commercial sponsors of this forum promote the Auslot forum with every sale as a way of encouraging tinkering, information sharing, cross-pollination, and in the end - more sales for themselves.
  5. IMO tyre choice for club racing has a big impact on overall slotting racer numbers, including commercial race centers
  6. Caddo

    Nsr F1 ( Weapon )

    guys, what do they weigh out of the box? looks like there's plenty of room to add weight to the chassis either side of the motor?
  7. Caddo

    Nsr F1 ( Weapon )

    The NSR blurb mentions the front and rear wings are designed to be highly impact resistant. Not having one yet, are they detachable, pliable or just very sturdy like a normal NSR car? re the motor, agree a King motor is going to be hard to control on our tracks at 12V too, we will probably just reduce track voltage and keep the cars stock.
  8. Caddo

    Fastest Car

    NSR Mosler is worth considering for the price, it's fantastic
  9. Caddo

    Kyosho Mini-Z

    Cheers Vinno I mightn't have been clear enough, I'm planning to run them as RC cars not slot cars, just using the slot car track as a racing platform.
  10. Caddo

    Kyosho Mini-Z

    Gday all, The Mini-Z bodies are used over Plafit type metal chassis to make slot cars - brilliantly detailed bodies. Has anyone tinkered with Kyosho Mini-Z Ready To Race RC cars? They are 1/28 scale bodies, and I'm thinking of buying a few of the RTR MR-03 rear wheel drive cars to race on my timber slot track. Interested if anyone has experience with them from their RC lives, which ANZ hobby shops support them best etc Cheers Caddo
  11. That comment was after the edit? wow. Murphy is good value in commentary. Good to see his son, another Kiwi driver, is doing well, Oz will claim him eventually I'm sure the slot car community in NZ are gagging to buy some Scorpius kit now............
  12. Auslot is working, maybe transfer your posts to here
  13. Caddo

    Skinny Analogue 3 Lane

    Looks great, will flow well, 100 mm lane spacing?
  14. Not sure, but happy the new NSR Classic models have been upgraded from 20k to 21.5k motors, closer to Slot It and Thunderslot's Classic models.
  15. Wonder what happened to NSR's plans for a McLaren MP4-12C GT3?
  16. Good news, so sounds like a temporary shortage only.
  17. Thanks Mark, a good development from Slot It. On the downside, Slot It have cut N22 compound tyres from their range apparently. We just about use them exclusively on our gloss/satin MDF tracks. Have you heard if this is ongoing, or temporary?
  18. Mate, would be great to get you back into the racing mix, GT3 and 5 other classes. Joe is the benchmark, great to test car set up and driving skills against him. Will be racing at his joint next weekend most likely.
  19. forgot to mention, we have a retired fitter with his own lathe in our group to compete with, oh no, where is that cheque book.....
  20. Sorry if I was a touch abrupt, maybe I should calm down..... But are you saying you would rather buy poor quality cars ala Scalextric Ninco, spend countless hours and potential $$$ rectifying them, then have those with more time or expertise, win anyway, and sometimes by plenty??? The range of cars & manufacturers now available in GT3 makes this close to the best class available in my view. Perish the Ninco hop & Scaley slop!!! Hey Caddo how you doing mate? I always got satisfaction from sorting a Ninco and and bracing the chassis, adding some decent wheels etc and seeing how I went. I haven’t raced with you guys for a few years now and there have been plenty of changes with cars but I always enjoyed that part of racing. I was happy getting a podium here and there if the car was fun to build. Hi Caddo and Vince. I must say I preferred the early days of SWSRG racing when we raced the Ninco GT's as well. These new things are just too fast to enjoy ( I know,, sacrilege) but I really enjoyed the racing that much better. Nowadays, racing group C, pre-75 classics, GT's, Group 5's are all the same thing to me. I used to love a well setup Ninco GT car racing against an SCX and Scaley. Anyway, thats progress! Yep those were the days. I will be renting for a while waiting for my house to be built so maybe I can get out for a race occasionally as I won’t have a lot of responsibilities for about 9 months. Would be great to catch up with you Vinno, always welcome to race with us. Re setting up "turds" to be race winners, our old group which Yngwie & Vinno remember well had "turds" as race classes: Guys buying 10x NC1 motors to find the 1 beast, fitting bearings or Victor's bushes, changing to different gears etc etc etc. Ended up costing sometimes more than a Scaleauto/NSR/Sideways. Those with time and or extra skill setting cars up had a massive advantage. I get the satisfaction of setting up a "turd" to race with or beat out of the box rockets, but hate it if class rules mean all are made to do so. We have a current Trans Am class, which means buying a Scaley or SCX car & spending 6-8 hours on it, sometimes buying new gears, axles, wheels, guides, bushes etc. From a club racing point of view, rockets are now available out of the box. They make for little set up time, and very close racing. The best way to attract new members IMO. New members are something I think all clubs struggle with. If they need to be slowed down, just reduce track voltage. Guys like Munter, DC, Vinno & Yngwie might not find a challenge in box rockets, and fair play to you guys, but majority of racers I talk to [like SlotsNZ & Mac] don't want to invest the time and sometimes extra $$$ in turds. Having said that, generally motor/rear bush bracing is still required, especially for the anglewinder boxers. GT3? I own 5, easy to set up & they all lap within 2/10 of each other, makes for bloody good racing!!
  21. Sorry if I was a touch abrupt, maybe I should calm down..... But are you saying you would rather buy poor quality cars ala Scalextric Ninco, spend countless hours and potential $$$ rectifying them, then have those with more time or expertise, win anyway, and sometimes by plenty??? The range of cars & manufacturers now available in GT3 makes this close to the best class available in my view. Perish the Ninco hop & Scaley slop!!!
  22. Why the angst? I was worried when Ninco pulled the pin on their sub-standard cars, including the GT3 range. I'm so happy ScaleAuto, Sideways & NSR have stepped up to make GT3 cars. Why whinge about good quality cars? I'd say pull your head in, I thought it was Poms who whinged about shite like this
  23. Caddo

    F1 Is It The Pits

    The answer for me - Moto GP, seems to be more available on Australian free to air TV, and the racing quality is nearly the best of any motor sport class IMO
  24. US postage is generally expensive. They probably have high insurance excesses, worried about their many global enemies. As we are an ally, would have thought we'd get a discount at least I'd hate to be an Iranian slot car enthusiast buying from US suppliers, shipping costs might be a tad exorbitant.....
  25. Good news, glad its going well, thanks Peter. Is it any match for a late model Slot It, NSR or Thunderslot pre 19775 Le Mans sports car?
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