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  1. Have to agree that new membership drives are fraught with a bit of risk, never quite know how people will behave when the red mist and adrenalin descend! Driving can be OK, marshalling can be atrocious A few potential pitfalls to worry about. I am not so focussed on recruiting younger racers, happy if they come along, but there is a growing pool of retirees in Australia that will no doubt remember slot cars fondly from their childhoods. They have time on their hands, and maybe a few spare dollars to spend on a hobby. Seems like the best place to start - Men's Sheds and the like. Has posting pics on here gotten any easier since Photobucket changed to subscriber payment?
  2. Hi Vince, we'll be back at Joe's Sat March 21, and will be racing every second Saturday thereafter, alternating between Joe's track & mine. Whereabouts are you moving to?
  3. Some good points Shaynus. Newbies being blitzed by experienced racers is an area our group is becoming more focused on, providing more host classes & breakout races when newbies are involved. This forum not being able to keep up with new member requests is disappointing, though understand it is basically a not-for-profit set up. Unfortunately, our club is going to head to Facebook to try and gather some new race members. Not had much luck on here, despite the other good content.
  4. Yeah mate that would be good to see even if you don’t show the shy guys who don’t want to be photographed. I need to plan one night a month for getting out but I have gotten so used to hanging out at home or going out for dinner that it is the last thing on my mind. I was thinking of digging out some old topics to show what used to happen on the forum when we kicked off and in the years following. Just thinking the best way to show them, do I just reply on an old thread to bring it back or start a topic linking back to old threads? There was so much good content being posted 10 or more years ago. Our group is finding that unless all racers turn up, we struggle for numbers to hold a meet. We have no reserves now, have had a few members move away and/or find other hobbies. The home track owners in our club are sacrificing their garages to house a track, that may or may not get used.I think occasional racers need to evaluate whether they want the hobby to continue or not. Commercial race centers are also struggling for numbers for race meets. Unless racers such as those on this forum, turn up regularly to race meets, the hobby is likely to slowly die. The social aspect of slot cars is a by-product of racers turning up to share a common interest - slot cars. Our group has taken necessary actions to expunge divisive & troublesome entities from our group. This duo had already caused other race group members to leave, and this would have continued unless action was taken. Talking about generating new interest on Auslot is great, existing enthusiasts turning up to race meets is far better & easier than finding new members. No offence is intended to other posters on this topic, my hope is to generate an increase in race meet attendances. I have also posted an expression of interest in the club racing forum on here, aim is to attract new members. This is not an easy, as most clubs in Sydney are finding. Cheers Caddo
  5. Been a while, so thought it a good time to touch base with any on here that may be interested in racing 1/32 scale slot cars in North Western Sydney. We have had a couple of members move away from Sydney, and find other hobbies, and are looking to make contact with anyone interested in racing with our group. Racing is all 1/32 scale, non magnet, on 2 home tracks in north west Sydney. A 4 lane and a 3 lane track. When numbers are good, we also include meets at a commercial centre - 1/32nd World at Pendle Hill. Racing is normally held fortnightly on Saturday evenings, sometimes Fridays. Please PM me if you are interested, we are more than happy to help newbies with car set up tips to get you up to speed asap. Our club has access to tyre truers and lathes which minimises your costs, and gets you racing competitively quickly. Cheers Caddo
  6. Thanks for the feedback Mark, I've had a few comments over the years about the rubber build up on my track being because of tyre treatment. I don't do the treatment thing, and think it is more due to the textured surface I have. Even though the surface is glossy, the textured pockets allow the rubber to deposit.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Mark, I've had a few comments over the years about the rubber build up on my track being because of tyre treatment. I don't do the treatment thing, and think it is more due to the textured surface I have. Even though the surface is glossy, the textured pockets allow the rubber to deposit.
  8. Some serious traction there Mark!! Are you running N22's with softening oil? I am surprised how little black rubber build up you get on your track. I just run untreated N22's and P6's, but still get a fair bit of rubber buildup on my satin track surface after a lot of laps.
  9. Won every race it contested, that sure is quite effective....
  10. First time I've seen one, and I thought the Ferrari 512BB was a beast....The De Tomaso is an absolutely brilliant looking Grp 5. Hope a slot car co picks it up soon
  11. Yeah, kinda looks like a Lego astronaut jammed in there, would still buy one though.....
  12. Caddo

    Tyre Troubles

    Slot It tyres can be glued onto rims and are nearly always very close to true, require very little effort to true. I have had enough of the NSR Ultra's altogether, I've found they are always very out of round when glued onto rims, require a lot of material removed to get them true, which is a very slow process due to them over heating easily. Even after removing the injection pip. Have also found the NSR Ultras are very prone to picking up marbles when racing, and don't shed them easily. Slot It N22's offer similar grip on timber tracks, are easier to true, and don't pick up/hold onto marbles as much.
  13. I'd like to see MJK supply a softer urethane compound option to work better on the double shoulder air rims and offer better grip overall. Even if it was only to suit the Slot It double shoulder rim size - MJK tyre code is MJK4213
  14. It's a good point, but most of the guys posting on this topic have generally contributed to the forum at various times. Forum traffic is an issue, the lack of interest in the hobby altogether is more of a concern to me. They kind of go hand in hand. Home & commercial race groups in Sydney are all struggling to attract new members. One commercial centre is rumoured to be closing this year, and two others are struggling hugely. Regularly seeing 6 racers at a midweek race meet at a commercial centre in Western Sydney on a 6 lane track. As natural attrition occurs, guys move away, get other hobbies, demanding wives etc, replacing them is becoming increasingly difficult. I have also tried to harness motorsport fans of family & friends into slot cars , with very limited success. Maybe using FBook and other social media to at least promote the forum and race groups is the way to go?
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