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  1. Caddo

    Track 2

    Mostly finished painting and braid on 2 lanes. Couple of quick vids on ghost mode
  2. Caddo

    Track 2

    Sounds good Tony, hadn't thought of that Hoping the track is simple enough that only the inner corner you mention will need marshalling, and the 2 hairpin ends. Always the call button as a last resort. Thanks for the tip
  3. Caddo

    Track 2

    Started a new build to get back the garage for parking another car in, funnily enough. 3 x tables are 2400x1200 each Losing elevation changes and an overpass the last track had, hinges are quite close to the walls, but a happy compromise to still have a track. Routing done, pretty simple lay out but hopefully allow for some decent car speeds even in corners. Starting to paint, going for a smooth gloss enamel finish for best grip and least tyre wear:
  4. Caddo

    Innes Park Raceway

    Have been following the build, nice work Gref. With the track joins, have you designed them to pull apart, or going to braid straight over the top? If you have pics of a pull apart join, keen to have a closer look if possible. Looking to make a join that'll align well consistently, but is also easy to connect/disconnect for a hinged track. Cheers
  5. Thanks , will likely look for a local option as per Phil's advice. Freight delays are bad into Sydney and Melbourne at the moment, likely to stay this way for 2022 unfortunately, it's killing us at work.
  6. G'day Wondering does anyone know where to purchase the flexible strip to nail down & run a router against when routing non-radius corners? Cheers
  7. Caddo

    F1 2021, what a season

    Shame about the last lap debacle to end the season and decide the championship. Seems rules can be bent for drama. Glad it's not my $145 million invested in F1, when the goal posts are moved mid race. Like him or not, and most don't, regardless, Hamilton was robbed in that race....... No surprise, Helmut Marko threatens RedBull leaving F1 again , unless he gets his way against the [legitimate] Mercedes protest. Many saying what a brilliant finish to the season, for mine a massive let down, has made F1 a joke. Weekend racers wouldn't accept losing under the same circumstances.
  8. Received a Motul Nissan GT-R, great looking, detailed body. Body and chassis nice and flat, chassis quite rigid. Love the sidewinder set up, planty of clearance between motor and interior. Only small complaint is the guide sits a fair way below the chassis, pushing up the chassis ride height at the front. The rake is backwards, not sure if I got a bad one, or if its how they come. Any tips welcome.
  9. It's great Slot It are getting into the GT class, and offering SW out of the box. Hoping Sideways may follow for their GT range
  10. Thanks for the replies all, the rims are 20 x 10 on a 1/28 scale car. Looking for an outside diameter around 24mm. The rims have no step, but I don't mind if the tyres do, will just glue and true them and enjoy the cushioned "air" effect. Cheers
  11. Gday, wondering if anyone has any ideas if there is a urethane tyre to suit a rim with dimensions: 20mm diameter and 10mm wide Cheers
  12. Gday, anyone had any experience with the BRM TTS 1:24 Abarth cars? The aluminium chassis config is unique, I haven't seen anything like them - front wheel drive angle winders, 19k Mabuchi motor, stub rear axles and ball bearings supporting all axles. Great looking bodies too
  13. Caddo

    F1 2021, what a season

    Great to see some young Aussie's progressing into Single seater's main game. I really liked the quali race Vince, would like to see a few more to get a gauge on how well they work at different circuits.
  14. Caddo

    F1 2021, what a season

    Same as Shaynus, really looking forward to the second half of this year's calendar. The mid pack teams are so close and competitive. In previous years' championship charge, Hamilton was behind in the first half, but surged home in the second half to win. RedBull have bridged the gap to Merc, but in my view, Max is generally less clean in combat than Lewis. Have seen Lewis back off in combat with Max many times, to Lewis detriment!!! Would like to see a mid field racer push Max off an apex dearly!!! Overall though, gotta appreciate the light of F1, with so much dark in the world at the moment.
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