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  1. Very nice restoration.. Pete
  2. Beautiful job David... Pete..
  3. Hi Gill. Plafit 21mm front and rear rims as well. Rules fix gear ratio so any 50 pitch that fits ratio. I use Plafit.. Pete Nomad Raceway Toowoomba
  4. Between 7 and 10 for 1/24th model car racing at our 3 tracks in Toowoomba. It varies over the years. We did have highs of 20 a few years ago. Interestingly that was with 1/32 plastic car nights..
  5. Thanks for the pic Alan. Nice chassis build. Your cars look sharp too Terry. Pete..
  6. Nice car. Can we get a pic of the top of the chassis. We race them up here in Toowoomba but use schoeler and solid chassis. Would like to scratch build a couple.. Regards Pete
  7. Hi John. Have it on my computer at home. Issue with them was they were thin lexan. I can make those. Hoping to find a reproduction part out of thicker plastic like the originals.. Pete
  8. Hi all. Looking for a tip. I am building a new car using a Strombecker DType Jaguar body. But I need replacement windscreen and head lights. I would like to get some quality replacement parts but can make if push comes to shove. Does anyone have a lead to where I might be able to get some parts. Werner assisted me with an old ebay listing but they are gone. I have used search engines but no luck.. Regards Pete. Nomad Raceway
  9. We have ladies racing both circuit and drags at Nomad Raceway.. I agree with Kim 100%. We tend to try fit too much in and not enough socialising. Running facebook Live has toned down the language a bit for drags but can still be an interesting enviroment !!!!.... We would welcome more women to race and enjoy the hobby no problem. But most dont want too. Regards Pete
  10. Berger Jet Dry Gloss Enamel Paving Paint. But we run mainly foam tyres.. Regards Pete Richards
  11. Hi Grant. Yeah was CNC job by Andrew in Canberra. Its come up good. Just finished painting the barriers this afternoon. Just wiring to go.. Pete
  12. New 3 lane circuit track for racers in Toowoomba Qld. Regards Pete Richards
  13. Hi Kim. Sounds like software issue. But I have no experience with the time sell part of the program. You may be able to Email Daniel at Trackmate for some advice though.. Pete..
  14. Hi Kim. We use Trackmate which offers a european style rotation. Mixes it up a bit. Like all racing is a bit of a lotto who you are next to but your not next to them next bracket. The rotation is 1,3,4,2. 1 being the inside lane. You start on 1 when you come in for your rotation. But as you say if your in the first heat on 2 you go have a rest until your back on 1. We always place drivers at random for each class so that shuffles the racers throughout the night. My new 3 lane night use 1,3,2 rotation. Best you can do with small club tracks. But you will be next to someone different... Nothing is perfect though.... Pete
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