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  1. I have one of these, it handles pretty good out of the box,and looks tough as well.
  2. FORDman

    How Did I Miss That

    Spewing Im sure it will be worth more to someone else on E'bay than yourself
  3. FORDman

    Need Some Help.

    I changed the chip, and all good now
  4. FORDman

    Need Some Help.

    The car and chip wouldn't be 3 months old. I have 24 cars that are all chipped and this is the only one with the problem.
  5. FORDman

    Need Some Help.

    The car is a DPR. And what does ferrite men mean?
  6. FORDman

    Need Some Help.

    Hi all, i have Frosty's V8 which i have chipped. It has just started playing up When i squeeze the trigger to full throttle and try to slow down it keeps going flat out.
  7. G'day mate, im new to the forum as well but have always found there is someone here with the answer, opinion or thanks for anything you need. Welcome aboard.
  8. Its going to be Frosty or the Gis
  9. GTR, all those cars look great. I wish there was a club here in karratha.
  10. Love it, looks awesome, those wheels are mean looking and might have to get some for my Mario Andretti fairlane.
  11. I have wired these around the wrong way , it didn't burn the chip out they just run in reverse. I did have problems with a FLY Alfa. It turned out that there is two little posts on the end of the wires that touch the brushes and those were to far out and that's all that had contact to get the power through
  12. All right here it is. Its works more on a lever than a clamp like most others iv seen but it works http:// http:// http:// It runs off a R/C battery and controller than i modified so it will stay on the speed i want. There is a spring near the motor that keeps upward tension and i just screw the nut that's in front of the Axel down until the tyres touch the paper.
  13. Well i finished my tyre truer, i don't want to post a pic because im ashamed of how it looks . Its amazing how much difference there is between before and after.
  14. I met the guy that owns the Skaife/Richards R32 one day when the R32 my dad and me used to do track days with. He organised the track days and skid pan days. Last time we were on the skid pan with him i was racing a Porsche Boxster around the slalom, when i beat the Porsche he was cheering and shook my hand. The guy in the Porsche was P@SSED OFF that someone beat him and left
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