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  1. DrGore

    Pitstop Time !

    Sweet as, i forgot to mention ill be loOking into some sort of rms and cable as well. But how does tue car know when its actually in the pit stop? Where is the sensor?
  2. DrGore

    Pitstop Time !

    Hey guys, After purchasing the scalextric digital box set and extra straights and curves, ive been racing non stop and am ready to purchase the next stage of my setup. THE PITSTOP Ill be buying the new 6 car power base and pit stop peices. My question is do i need to buy the pit stop game to be able to refill or could i skip it?
  3. I know its probs the coldest/wettest winter we have had in a while. Sucks.
  4. Ok so after a few hours of Making the missus race with me ive come to the realisation that i need more lane changes. Just 1 wont do lol. I am defs glad that i went with scalextric digital. So thank you all for your input. It really helped me alot, hopefully one day i can help someone else out in a similar position. Ive already lost 1 of the mirros of the nissan gtr nothing a bit of glue cnt fix. One thing though didnt expect the track to be so large, spesh after adding all the extra peices i bought. Here me thinking ill probs need more. Haha Now to chip my lambo, invte some mates round have a few drinks and get racing . Anyone in melbourne area racing scalextric digital or even a club?
  5. Today, my scalextric digital lane change 2 car set arrived as well as the extra 8 straights and 8 curves that i got brand new and cheap of ebay. So its all sitting in my lounge room, u nfortunantly I was on my way out to work when it all arrived so ive i havnt had a chance to set it all up. Cnt wait for my shift to end so i can ge home haha. What chip will i need to buy to install into my autoart lambo so that i have headlights and brakelights ?
  6. is there any way RMS can be run through the4 car power base that comes with the digital set boxes ?
  7. thanx for all the advice everyone has given me, im going to spend the next week or so sussing best possible prices for everything and hopfully make a purchase. mayb race with some of you soon ?
  8. ok sounds good. what should i buy to get started?
  9. Hey guys, I had my mind set on scx digital ever since i discovered digital slot car racing but now that ive done some in depth research i cant make my mind up on which brand to go with. I was keen on SCX digital because of the " flashy " look of there CU, acessories and track. but im slowly heading away from them after reading a heap of bad reviews. Im asking for other peoples opinions on what they own and what they like . . . What i want in digital is - lane changing - possibility to expand (at a later date) to have some 3 lane sections. - lap counting - race position - pit lane/refueling - fuel meters - ease of conversion (car wise) i can use a soldering iron well i have a budget of $500-$600 to get me started. any help, advice, opinions are greatly appreciated. thank you
  10. Hey guys, I hope someone can clear this up for me. Ive been reading alot about scx bringing a new digital control unit out. Is this true? Will it be compatible with the older units? Only reason im asking is im soon to purchase my first box set and dont want it to be made obsileet a month later nor it not be compatible with what ill have. Hope someone can clear this up for me. Cheers
  11. Awsome, which one haha, i am a complete noob when it comes to this hobbie. Is it the starter kit? This one ? SICH33HRS/2 SIDEWINDER CHASSIS KIT Wheel base Max. 89mm / Min 74mm Found that on the armchair site
  12. i think this is what im talking about but i cant find anywhere that sells it
  13. hey guys, been reading alot about this chassis that can run on scx digital track and can have basically any 1/32 plastic body mounted on it. anyone know what its call and where i can buy it from. cheers
  14. DrGore

    1St Track Idea

    Thats it. The missus still cnt understand why im going be spending so much $$$ on it haha.
  15. DrGore

    1St Track Idea

    Scrap that idea, After playing around with track power for a few weeks ive created many different lay outs, this is one that ill be actually put together and raceing on. Its only small (compared to alot of the tracks you guys have on here) but i think itll be fun yet challenging to race 3 cars on.
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