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  1. No need to thank us, we all need to thank you for all the work on these files.
  2. Vlad I moulded all the Mirages and it was a waste of time just no interest. But the F5000 cars should provide a lot more interest. Certainly will down here.
  3. My Lotus 32B is now back home, thank Alan.
  4. Final Points for Tasman Cup 2021 A couple of points corrected owing to my spreadsheet missing a couple of fastest laps. Well done Paulslots!
  5. I think my resin is just on 55mm so Scalex is well under scale width.
  6. Shame that they got the width wrong, it is about 4mm too narrow to be scale.
  7. https://www.waslotcarracinggroup.com/ Syd and his group are keen racers.
  8. I know how you feel Gazza, I had to do the same with my 8 lane Flashtrack about 20 years ago.
  9. These pots from Jaycar are not suitable they are not wire wound.Also will not fit the circuit board. Brake pots are usually 5 or 10 ohm. If the brake pot is on full brakes and you do not have enough brakes then the pot is not the problem. Easy test is to bridge the two lugs on the pot and test. The wiper may not be contacting the brake stop. As DM mentioned braking is different from car to car.
  10. I think Roger miss read your question. Brake pot problems on PM controllers often happen. I assume you have full brakes and when you turn the brake knob you loose all brakes? If so the resistor in the pot is broken, These pots are of a different physical size to normal pots and have a 1/8 shaft. It is possible to fit a conventional wire would pot but much easier to just buy a replacement PM pot from Thunderbird. You only need to desolder the two pot connections on the board and fit the new pot.
  11. The car tech sheets are a big help, when I was entering Proxies in other countries I would look at the previous years tech sheets to see what worked on what tracks.
  12. Points now updated after Round 4 PaulsSlot is starting to take a commanding lead.
  13. Can I suggest that you try powering up the gantry (IR or actual lights) and leaving on so the light source is on the sensors before the track power comes on. There may be a very slight delay once the track power relay is activated and the light source coming on and the sensors detect it as a lap count.
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