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  1. You need to tell us a bit more. What interface board are you using,. Serial or USB connection. What sensors are you using. light emitting diodes are only to provide light above the sensors.
  2. Syd Where is the plug wiring diagram? From memory looking at the Back of the plug Positive feed to RH pin, feed out to track LH and Round earth is brake. I think NSW is the same as SA which is different pinout.
  3. Gazza Check on that,I have had controllers from Syd down here and I don’t remember changing things. Or maybe I am just loosing my memories.
  4. https://www.viasue.com/ Check what they offer.Not sure what interface they use. I setup my own Ardunio Systems.
  5. Looks like price will be close to $200 AUD, I think a piece of steel and use a hot plate would no the same If you don’t like the old hot water trick.
  6. He has also done a very nice 300s , That I printed recently for a mate in 1/24th
  7. Why are the tyres allowed outside the body by 1mm? Should they not be inside the body or level with the body sides? Does this mean tyres will be posted out to entrants or fitted when the cars arrive?
  8. I know Vlad has listed it as a TR but I am informed by a very learned source that it is actually a Monza.
  9. My grand daughters Lola went very well in the Tasman series a few years ago. She certainly showed up us guys!
  10. If my old brain is working correctly 20 +120 +120 in parallel would give 15 ohms Adding the 60 in parallel gives 12 ohms
  11. Mark I was only talking about the first NZ Proxy that you ran and I entered. It seems like decades ago If you decide to revisit the dreaded Legends Proxy I would be interested, no one here wants to race them.
  12. This is the first year in 22 years that I have not hosted a Proxy event of some sort. As Gazza mentioned, costs and delays in postal services are part to blame, but I think all the lock downs and limited club racing changed peoples outlook on what was important. Things here are starting to get back to normal, but slowly. Maybe the answer is for some more localized proxy events so postal costs and delays can be limited. We used to run local proxy’s here using all the local tracks, but we are now down to only 3 local tracks for club racing.
  13. kalbfellp

    Racing At Syds

    How are your ears, Syd does like a little chat!
  14. I have several old boards here from these controllers. I did manage to solder brass contacts on to a couple to repair them for racers here, PM version with brass contacts was a big improvement.
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