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  1. I used ridged high pressure air hose,about 8mm diameter.
  2. I have two here with RK motors., Used Citreon DS3 and BNIB Ford Fiesta A10029X300 The Pug 206 did not come with the RK motor. The seat with the RK motor is not a Rally car. Have plenty with RX motors. like Gazza I have a few rally cars
  3. I did see a file for printing the Trooper. Not sure where or what model now. Maybe do a 3d printable search.
  4. Be nice to know what part of Tassie you are from. There are clubs in Launceston, Hobart and Elizabeth Town that are always ready to offer advice and also welcome people along to have a look at what they are doing.
  5. I think one of the Renault Alpine has these inserts,Team Slot I think. Also early Scalex Escort
  6. The best way to test is to do the opposite use the test motor to drive a “ fixed “ motor that can be used as the generator, measure the voltage and Amps of the fixed motor to calculate the output. The fixed motor will need a resistive load on it. It is then a Dyno.
  7. The slot for the guide to go into should be 1/8. Not 2mm. I does not really matter how long the slot is, but should allow the Longer aftermarket guides to fit.
  8. No problems for me, as far as I know this Forum in on a Private hosting site.
  9. Great work, do you have any idea of how many hours you put into filling and sanding the body to get that quality of finish?
  10. I tried this on NSR to see if it was any better than cheap Super Glue. It did seem to hold the tyres longer, but the glue went off in the container very quickly,even stored in the fridge.
  11. DM the lap times increased after running the silicons because the car had Less grip. It was run on the Electric Dreams track.
  12. There is a Rubber versus Silicon test on You Tube conducted in the US. Times for rubber tyres increased 3 tenths after running Silicon tyres on the track.
  13. The car could be fitted with silicon tyres,Scalex marketed silicon tyres some years ago, under the the Scalex Sport name.Are you sure he has not changed the tyres? The tread on the tyres should not make any difference.
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