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  1. These motors are very similar to the 17900 motor that I supplied for the Tasman Proxy series, almost impossible to tell any difference to the SRP 18000. I have plenty here if anyone is looking for some.
  2. Den You just don’t look around enough, I had two citreon Pro Kits Sitting in the cupboard! Just sold one off. They do make a good rally car.
  3. John Batich has asked me to enter his No 8 Brabham again and I will be returning again probably with the Lotus 32b rechassied No 9
  4. Thanks Vince, mine is a bit battle scared having race two Group A club series. Mine has a Ninco Subaru chassis under it, if anyone is looking for a suitable chassis.
  5. I buy mine from the US in bulk, but for small quantities try Mr Decal Paper in the UK. I have also used Papilio from the US some years ago For good coverage you will need to use white decal paper and print the body Colour around the decal.
  6. I think the body is just sprung on the sides a bit,the one I am racing is fine. The one I gave Vinno had been sitting on the bench for some time, I was going to build a second car but it never managed to get to the top of the list, LOL
  7. Peter your motor is already in a mailing box awaiting the bodies.
  8. My XY and XW were taked off a diecast, my XJS is Scale I think I may be wider than George’s only because of the moulding, the original was scale..
  9. The 030 are the Solarbotics size motor with no torque, I don’t know the specs of what you have brought so hard to suggest any gearing. But start with 8 pinion and then just vary crown from 24 and work up to probably 26. The Solarbotics rev around 21 or 22 and we gear them around 8/ 24
  10. Provided the pot on the track is working correctly then turning to zero will not effect your controller.
  11. Most Eurethane tyres will leach the Colour out, this is usually due to age IR heat,or combination of both.I have seen MJK do this but they do tend to last a bit longer if kept cool, my own tyres,only with most others do it. Different hardness,different Eurethane and the pigment used to Colour the Eurethane all effect the time this takes. As was mentioned flat spots can easily be avoided by keeping the tyres in the air,when stored.
  12. I did and have used Solabotics motors, with reasonable results, but have also seen several drivers not being able to come to grips with the characteristics, both in a Proxy and club racing. IMO the longer slim can it just more reliable and easier to drive. I use an 8t pinion , to try and get brakes. It will be interesting to see what if any rule changes Lenny makes for next year. Glad it is not my call.
  13. Munter lots of testing and reports on the Solabotics was done in the US some years ago for the VRAA, also Stubbo had two failures during the series. It depends on the gearing,when they are geared to try and keep up with the others seems to be the problem. That said I have one still going after running 3 club series. I will have to check on what the motors cost me a couple of years ago. Tyres: IMO Eurethanes are the way to go I make my own so do not have to buy them. Paul Gage Extremes JB,Stubbo and a few others run them. MJK make a tyre suitable. Slot Car Tyres seem to work OK, I have not tested them myself. I think RS Slotracing now sell eurethanes.
  14. Charles the main problem with the Solarbotics motors is that their characteristics are so different that they are harder to come to grips with during a proxy race format. It takes the drivers several laps to get used to them and their lack of brakes. We found that often during the first few laps it often resulted in one or more “OFFs”. As well they are also not as reliable as the longer can motors. IMO The best choices are the 16000,18000 SRP and the 1790.They all have similar characteristists.
  15. I still have a reasonable supply of the Tasman 1790 motors here. I do know the SRP 16000 seems to be on the unobtainable list again. Not sure why you would want the Solarbotics in again Charles, they are not as fast as the SRP 18,000 or the 17900 and many seem to be full of smoke that comes out on a regular interval.
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