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  1. The floor polish content varies from Country to country. Many years ago I tried what was made here and it was crap, so a friend sent me some from the UK and it was better, although IMO no where as goos as Auto acrylic clear. So it is possible what Chris is using is different to what is available here.
  2. To the best of my knowledge Jaycar do not carry any suitable wire wound pots anymore.
  3. The Camaro was originally Hugger Orange, and I believe the Monaro was Sebring Orange. But I Di remember reading an article on the Jane cars where it was stated that they later had a custom mix done for the team cars, that was similar but appeared brighter. As photos from that period can vary a lot depending on film,photographers, processing and printers unless I can find a code reference I just go with what looks close.
  4. kalbfellp

    Scalex Ute

    The utes were built on a longer platform than the sedans and Scalex seem to build to their own ideas of the correct wheelbase. Somewhere I have a very rough Scale ute someone sent me years ago.
  5. I am surprised that no one has mentioned what voltage you are running on. Many if the US clubs running on 10 volts with unweighted Slot Its. As Dennis mentioned the track layout and surface also is a big consideration.
  6. A small envelope size parcel from the UK arrived yesterday, post marked 14th December, seems no logic with clearing the back log. Small parcel sent to Canada returned marked. “ not accepted my Canada Post” Seems only larger parcels sent as Courier are being accepted at present.
  7. I think you would will find that Airfix steering front end had screws holding the front wheels on, about 1963 or 64.
  8. MJK are Eurethane but I think they are 40 shore and Gage normals are 30 or 35 and extremes are softer.
  9. The Tasman Cup rules allow 50mm outside to. Outside, while this is out of scale for many cars, it is what is allowed. Cars are up to 1965. Running scale width makes a car uncompetitive agains the wider cars. It is all a compromise. As for the Gage tyres the bleeding of the pigment and softness is normal over the years. Often Eurethanes only last 2 to 3 years especially if they had got hot at some stage.
  10. By the time you fill the body to obtain a good finish the door lines will have gone with the detail, so it all needs to be added.The thickness and hardness of these means you may struggle with the scriber to get enough depth. I have tried another knife and it does work if you can control the temperature, and be careful.
  11. I feel for all you people, living here in Tasmania we have been very lucky, only one cluster outbreak early last year, so now life is almost normal.
  12. These products are easy to use especially compared to the old Dow Corning material of years ago.I still have many white moulds from years ago. Just remember that Pinkysil cures very quickly as does easy cast. The high temperatures last week made both cure too fast.
  13. What sort of Lacquer are you talking about, Old school nitrocellulose lacquer or modern acrylic lacquer? Chances are that either will cause the Tamiya model paint to wrinkle as the thinners is “ hot” compared to the model paint. Best to use only the same clear as the base paint.
  14. John Batich has decided he will not be running this year so No 8 is now available.
  15. Back is wrong to be a Brabham. A pic of the rear may help.
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