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  1. All look great Terry. Lotus 30/40 are one of my favourite cars, had a Russkit back in the sixties. Dave Bantoft restored a Cox Lotus 40 body for me, you have inspired me to assemble the chassis and finish it.
  2. I hope you can get a few more guys to join your racing group.
  3. Gref I have several different setups down here using RC Most are still using the old Trakmate interface. But I have twi tracks using Ardunio UNO, one generic one genuine. As for PC and PC we are still running most tracks on old XP machines. I use what are called Terminal shield on the ardunio to make termination easier. Both single Relay using Relays purchased from EBay. Sensors are IR transistors one sourced from Syd at WA slot cars, these are the old Sharp transistors. The other is using some unbranded ones I got off eBay. Ensure you run each pair of sensors wires back to the Ardunio board. All the tracks use IR LED. transmitters from Jaycar ZB 1945 5mm with resistors on each led, thing 480 ohm resistors. Each lane has a small capacitor across the lane, sourced from old Scalex or SCX cars. RC has a basic wiring diagram included in the Data folder in the download. Download RC and play around with it and see in the Uno board will give you enough outputs for what you want, if not you may need a Mega if you decide you may want to do more later on. I will sort out some pics and try and find some links over the weekend. Email or PM me if you want more info, I have been playing with RC since it was introduced. But I have no experience with in Digital mode.
  4. A bit more info would be helpfull. Are you going to run digital? Do you intend to use refueling with pit stops etc.? Do you want each lanes power controlled individually? IR lane sensors or dead strips?
  5. Mark Ican sell the track for you IF you offer free postage to Tassie?
  6. Most of the tracks down here have 1945 IRs as Emitters, so not sure why your flouro was causing a problem unless people move past the Fluro casting shadows, but glad it is sorted.
  7. I have o lt seen one set of MJK’s go to gel, and they had been hot, seems they last longer than the softer tyres.
  8. Dave All Eurethanes will turn red and fall apart over time. Heat reduces the life of Eurethane tyres. I keep my new tyres in dark cool place. The softer the shorter life.
  9. Many tracks allow tyres to be treated. we are of course talking about Rubber tyres. 3in one oil usually works as well as anything else, WD40 will,also work. The petroleum based products actually soften the rubber,,but it should be applied and worked in to the tyres. Plenty of guides on Forums and YouTube if you look around.
  10. I fitted the capacitors between across the braid near the lap sensors, simply because there were power connectors there. I think some PCs seem more sensitive to this than others. Another problem I have had is with people using a controller with full power relays, but fitting a diode across the coil of the relay fixed that.
  11. Two suggestions Try a small capacitor across each lane, the ones off Scalex motors usually work well. If thst does not fix the problem try the grounds should be kept seperate right back to the board. Your set up is the same components that I have been using for 20 years.Had the same problem on one track and the capacitors fixed it. The other track required both the above Phil
  12. Tank I apologize if I have offended you.I certainly did not mean to. I only commented on the limited information that was on this thread. You obviously have plenty of experience with RC. I will not comment on this thread anymore.
  13. IF you use the Ramdomize option in RC you will find that it does not actually Ramdomize. Depending on the entrants. it will come back to the same order every few times it is done. You are better off doing it manually using a form of spread sheet.
  14. I agree with Bov, the actual winner of this proxy may infact do less total laps than other entrants. RC has a couple of issues when trying to sort cars on the same laps. This problem can only be sorted IF you had multiple sensors around the track.
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