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  1. Alex, where did you get the resin Saab? Would love one on a chassis too... T
  2. Been a tough start to the fire season. We have a great crew supporting firies with catering both at staging areas and in Evacuation centres. My crew were at Braidwood early in Dec (see pics above) but thankfully only a few at the centre. The staging area support is more challenging- went to a small fire in Kybeyan (about 12,000 hectares) and fed 3 fire crews from a very dark corner on a fire trail. These people are amazing!
  3. Hi Alan, Car arrived back this morning. Thanjs
  4. Sad. Condolences for his family
  5. Thanks Maminmal. I cannot understand how, but will see what happened when the car gets back I guess. It suffered chassis damage last year on the final round as well, though that looked like it had thrown across the room. (Bent and twisted rear mount). Needs a new chassis anyway...
  6. Thanks guys. Still slow but a slight improvement on qualy. Cheers
  7. I gave a very well used Mazda 787B GP.C which was a rocket ship. A few years hard racing with a MB Slot Dodo motor wore it out though. Rear wing pretty banged up - I think that are lighter than the Slot.it version. Easy to set up using pod tuning though. Taught me a lot...
  8. Bugger. Thought 6’d do better here. Back to the drawing board for future years I think. Might need some of your Tassie motors I think...
  9. The same hobby shop I get metal rod from (in Canberra). Should be available anywhere plastic/metal hobby pieces are. Maybe try your local RC/plane store?
  10. Thanks guys. Improved from qualy which is good.
  11. I tend to run flat carbon fibre strap from the motor to the guide post with these chassis. Bracing the motor to the rear axle mount helps too.
  12. Nice. I think the munterworkx HT is a much better rendition than the one I used to build Beechey’s car for the NZ proxy...
  13. Thanks for the feedback. #6 is last years car. Ran a few laps at home but other than that, cleaned tyres and boxed it back up. I think the competition have progressed even further ahead this year...
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