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  1. Trophy I have had mine back over to Steen and he could not find a problem and yet the intermittent problem still persists. Like Gary I’ve modded my brake contact points however still the brakes fail when it suits them and yes I keep them clean. However having to state that I keep them clean and you stating they must be clean is the issue. Hence the ACD is very atttsctive with the contactless operation. I have also fitted a new brake pot which dint fix the problem, if it would lose brakes altogether it’d be a lot easier to fix.
  2. You know I absolutely love the CS-4 it has more punch and mid range then the ACD how ever I’m having problems with brake failure when ever it decides to. I have sent it back to Steen and he has done a couple of upgrades and could find no fault with it. Since having it back the brakes fail every other day. It cost me a national title in 1/24 Scaleauto which was the first race after having it checked over by Steen. I only heard today that at a club race in NSW last night two Carsteens had brake failures. It seems to be a common issue with them. You maybe over paying at $20 😂😂
  3. John the new ACD controller is now able to give you the braking of a standard controller so to speak. Up until the latest version the ACD would start to apply brakes the moment you come off full power. No need to return the trigger to the dead position to make contact with a brake post or button. You can now set the controller to do the braking the normal way at dead trigger or leave it in standard ACD mode. I only tested one last night and yes it does take some getting used to over my CS-4 Carsteen but I am now a convert. There is no maintenance at all on them either. I will admit it took me 3 different classes of cars and about 109 laps after racing to get my head around it, in the end my cars were all doing lap record pace the same as I could do with my Carsteen. Oh one other thing is you can get a short stroke trigger or long stroke. As said before Werner from Ace Hobbies in Brisbane is the Australian importer.
  4. Noel B

    Lead Weight

    Werner from Ace Hobbies sells an adhesive backed lead in different thicknesses as well..
  5. Sounds good Robbo.. I think Qld is the only state that doesn’t get that long week end anymore. Wouldn’t think that would be much of a problem though
  6. They look Awsome Jimmy as per usual 👌👍
  7. Awsome Cam, And it drives as good as it looks.. Noel
  8. Well done Cam.. bloody Awsome as usual mate
  9. You couldn't get a better driver on your team then Timmy... Can't wait to hear your story Tim
  10. wouldn't mind another enduro race over seas with you Tim..
  11. On the what car will it be thoughts Kim and all fellow racers.. what about an 8 hour LMP enduro at Hornsby some time this year ? It seems a shame to wait a whole year to race on what a lot of people think is one of the best if not the best scale track in the country. A year is a long time to wait for another awsome Blue Gum weekend I mean race week end 👍
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