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  1. Sad to hear of your loss Rossko , prayers and thoughts going out to you and the family .
  2. You can run the pod system , but it has to be locked up , either screws done up tight or pod is glued so it can't move .
  3. Count me in to Dave , as a Driver and Track Host .
  4. Car arrived back home today , thanks Dave . Hope things go well with your studies for 2019 .
  5. Congratulations to the top 3 in each class . and the overall win to Gas41T . well done to everyone else for providing a good field of Group 5 cars . Big thanks to all the round hosts and there support crew , Thanks to Dave for organising and running another awesome proxy , hope all goes well with your studies this year .
  6. Great job with running the last round , congrats to the top 3 .
  7. Great collection of photo's Rossko , an awesome group of cars for this proxy .
  8. Good job Rossko , look forward to seeing rest of the pics and video ... Good luck with the race this weekend .
  9. Looks good to me Mike , i think Davids 512 is class A , it's the same car he ran in the 2017 grp5 proxy .
  10. well done to the top 3 , another round of close racing , going by the results ...Thanks Dave and the crew for getting the round completed .... now we shift to do battle across the ditch ...
  11. wow , qualified in top 3 , i'll take it , hope that converts to a top 3 finish in the race .. time will tell .lol . Good job Dave getting qualifying done with your busy life going on around you .. Good luck for the race everyone .
  12. I think there is 1 more round up north , then they head across the ditch for the last 3 rounds . Well done to the top 3 in round 4 , happy with my 6th place ...
  13. Not sure what has happened with Dave and the posting of results from round 4 , but have taken this screen shoot from a posting in facebook .
  14. Round 4 is being run tonight , as i have found out .. So hopefully Dave will get the results asap , so they can be posted on the forum ... . Good luck to everyone .
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