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  1. Guess no one knew... just a nube mistake, the whole unit goes into stand by mode after twenty minutes, just have to switch it on and off again and it all fires up
  2. Hello all I joined this forum in 2011 and I think this is my first post, taken me that long to actually purchase a set. Got a Carrera 1/32 digital from Germany. It was over a hundred dollars cheaper even with shipping. I set it up this evening and plugged it in, everything fired up, beeps and led lights. Controllers charging nicely then it just stopped as if the power were turned off, which of course it wasn't. I unplugged it from the extension lead I was using and plugged it directly into the wall and it fired up again.. for a while and then shut down again. Now this set is from Germany and has the EU plug, Ive just used an adapter to make it Aust three pin, the set runs fine on 240 volts so what gives? could it be the adapter? I know this is the risk one takes when buying overseas, I cant just take it back to the store. Any ideas??? Thanks )
  3. Im sure this has been asked many times and I can find some topics on it but I want to fit about a 12 meter semi permanent Carreratrack on a table tennis table for ease of storage as it folds and on wheels. Now is a carrera track too wide for this much track to fit in that space? I think they are about 2.7m x 1.5m, I could possibly screw in some boards on the ends to extend the table. Some track Configuration ideas would be great too, but I suppose half the fun is working that out as you construct it from all the pieces. Thanks for any advice
  4. rocket3

    My First Set

    Thanks Paris, I'll go Carrera I think. The owner of Red Racer up at Redcliffe, nice bloke, will put together a set using the Ferrari competition set and some extra track including a pitlane and another car for me, sweet. Now I gotta work out how to mount mine on a moveable board too
  5. rocket3

    My First Set

    Thanks for the imput guys, you both chose Ninco, what are the pros and cons Ninco digital vs Carrera digital? Is the quality as good as Carrera? 1.32 scale? please excuse my ignorance
  6. rocket3

    My First Set

    Thanks Dangermouse thats all great info I called slot car factory and they indeed have a GT heros in stock, only one left so I'll grab that one I think, I'm so much happier buying here in Oz. Youtube has old commercials for the TCR sets, wow that took me back.
  7. rocket3

    My First Set

    Total control racing oh my god I think that was it. Yes the shipping is 135 dollars, and the set is 378 and the transformer is about 50 bucks, but GT hero’s is the set I really wanted, that’s awesome I can get it here, I was a bit dubious myself about the wireless controllers. What store is that from?
  8. rocket3

    My First Set

    I dont remember too much about it being so long ago and we only used it once or twice as it didnt work much at all. I think my mum got it cheap due to the box being open. As I remember it didnt have "slots" it had two very thin rails on the track, god knows how the cars stayed on the track but this meant they could change lanes at anytime during the race. I remember one jumping over into the other lane on the odd occasion when it worked for a short time.
  9. rocket3

    My First Set

    Hi all well Im just starting out, Ive always been interested in slot cars since my mum got me a set for xmas 1974 when I was 9, it was one that changed lanes with the flick of a button. It never worked but it was fun trying. Anyway Im going to order a Carrera pro GT 132 digital. We dont get that particular set here but I can get it on ebay from the States. First Question, They are 110 volts and we're 240 so if I buy a genuine transformer here and plug it in I'll be racing? also I want to fix it to a board maybe folding if I can do it, is this done? The track takes up almost 4m x 2m. Or if it only takes a few minutes to set up I wont bother and just set it up on a big mat of that fake grass for effect, but I have no idea. Is this a good set to kick off with? and anything else a newbie needs to know. Thank you
  10. rocket3

    Hey There

    Keen to join in, I have heaps to learn as Im new to the hobby
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