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  1. That doesn't sound right unless they both share the same shortcut. Feel free to email me the xaml and I'll take a look at it. Although you get no guarantees as to what shortcuts I take and which I keep if you send it to me (:
  2. If you need help running it down let me know. It should be really easy to find.
  3. That's an error in some of the custom xamls out there. It means you have two shortcut keys assigned to CTRL-1. If you search the file for CTRL-1 you should find both and you can decided to delete one or both to fix the problem.
  4. Hey guys, haven't been on Auslot in a long time... but was looking over some of the more interesting posts. RC now supports segment timing via the arduino track interface. You need a custom UI to display them, but otherwise you can set them up and RC will display/export them to xls. Also, there's a new app called "Drag Race Coordinator" that is exactly what it sounds like. If you're into drag racing you should check the alpha version of it out.
  5. The "Invert Relay" checkbox switches RC between expecting NO and NC relays. I don't remember which way it defaults, but if your power is the opposite of what it should be during a race, then that's the box to use. As said, just change it from checked to unchecked or vice versa (all depending on how its set when you enter). And after you change it, as mentioned make sure to hit "update" to save your setting. For what its worth the config screen is only useful in figuring out if the relays are working. There's no way to tell if the check Invert Relay checkbox is set correctly or not until you actually run a race.
  6. Actually if you delete the rc.db file it will wipe out all your configurations (drivers, races, track and all). I don't think RC will recreate it, I think you'd have to create everything from scratch. If you go that route and want a "reset to factory" you can delete the rc.db file (and all the files/folders in the directory it is in, and then run the installer again. That will reset things. I much simpler/safer thing to do is run the Expert Guided Race Setup. It'll start asking you questions, when you get to heat rotations select Practice. It'll take all of about 2 minutes and maybe 5 questions to get it done.
  7. This crash is now fixed. I just haven't released a patch for it. For now, simply remove the extra pin configurations and you'll be fine. ***NOTE: even after I post the fix, you really should only configure pins that are connected to the arduino. Bad things can happen if you configure random pins that aren't wired to anything.
  8. Just a heads up but be careful with the group options. The group leader board will show the individual group rankings, but the main leader board will show the overall standings. The overall standings always includes N number of drivers from each group at the top. That may or may not be what you're looking for...
  9. Definitely post this on the other thread. But what I'll say is that although your race format and conditions can guarantee all drivers in a heat will be on their last heat at the same time, not all configurations will. That makes this situation a very special case. One of the hardest things to deal with in RC is how to add a feature that works with any/all race setups. Not just a single one in particular. If tons of people say they race this way, then even a specialized feature like this one can be considered would be worth doing, otherwise it poses a lot of problems. I'm not saying no, but I'm saying it'll take a lot of thought/consideration and off the top of my head it isn't likely.
  10. V8, Did you post to the "RC 2.0 Feature Requests" topic on SF? I don't want to link it here because that just doesn't seem right. But you should post your requests there so they're properly tracked. #1 is a very good idea as an option. Not sure how many people would want it, but it seems like a fair thing to do to me... #2 is harder. I'm not sure RC can figure out where a car is when a heat ends and the car doesn't go over the finish line one last time. In the example you give it makes total sense to allow the last heat a driver is in to force this situation, however what happens in the other cases where one driver is on their last lap but one or more other drivers on the track are not... now you have a big mess. Right now the idea is basically for the Race Director to manually add in the lap sections. For what its worth, there's also a suggestion to somehow display the drivers previous lap sections so placing a driver back onto the track where they left off would be easier to do. If you run all of a drivers heats one after another this isn't too big a deal, but if you don't it would be a huge help.
  11. If it's analog and it has its own base and therefore protocol then RC probably doesn't support it.
  12. I've never actually seen the SSD power base I support so somebody else will have to tell you if that's it. Sorry.
  13. Is that the "SSD" power base? If so, I have an RMS called RCD written specifically for SSD. In fact we're in development now on a new beta release. Just trying to iron out a few issues then start adding new features in. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any suggestions/issues. -Dave
  14. My brain is officially blown. But I say whatever works works... I think as many users will have problems modifying the sketch as building the circuit you have. Whichever is easiest is the way people should do it... I'll have to find time and double check that the arduino interface is working the way its supposed to with the bi-colored LEDs. I'm not sure if it is or not based on your description. In theory you can do basically any LED work you can dream up inside the sketch. I provide race state information you can key off of that includes the countdown tree as well as things like yellow flags and the like. If its not in there, the intent was to add to the extended interface as users needed features. I know one user uses it to trigger a pin high for 5 seconds when the heat ends. That triggers some flag thing on his track that signals the end of the heat... Anyway, like I said, whatever is best for each user... And you're right, doing things like that in a circuit prevents you from dealing with sketch upgrades. Although if you make the sketch changes "right" it should be easy to merge any new sketch I provide with your changes...
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