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  1. Phil. That seems a bit harsh as i think the point has been made that the retailers are not to blame. Simply the cars are expensive for what they are. I think most people understand that limited manufactured runs equal higher individual costs. Throw in hefty licensing fees from the racing teams and i think we are at the price point we now see. Well frankly I cant understand how Southern Models can even justify commisioning these things..i am no fan of Southern Models..but for the 1500 units per livery that they get made..These cars are very cheap.. If you are an Aussie v8 fan the price should not be any issue..especially if you are a collector of the v8's I cant beleive the price people pay for die cast models that sit on a shelf and do nothing.. I dont whinge about slot car pricing...I am a slot car racer..I only need about 6 cars to cover my racing class requirements. If I were one of those blokes who seems to need 2 of every car made (one to drive and one to keep in its original box up on the shelf with all of the other Queens..) I guess i'd be sensetive to pricing..But the Aussie v8's..despite their obvious imperfections are remarkably cheap..Why compare them to a model that is manufactured in their 10"s of thousands?
  2. Hey Guys...Who Is the Aussie distributor for these Pioneer cars? Wouldnt mind stocking them in my shop. Phil
  3. Yeah,from my own personal experience,you need a big track to get the best from digital. I feel that to race 8 cars in a cohesive fashion on 2 lanes you need lap times in the order of 15 seconds. Any less than that and it gets a bit too hectic. Also radius 1 corners dont really work and you have to be carefull to allow enough run off for cars that are crashing,so they dont take out other cars travelling on a different section of track..either that or high wall track barriers. I personally prefer 2 lanes..not interested in multi lane digital. My big track is on a table 8 meters by 3.7 meters and I am able to have a 2 lane track with some long straights and 15 sec lap times. So it handles 8 fast cars on 13.8 volts with up to 250grams of magnetic down force pretty easily.. If you run no mag and lower track voltage,you could achieve a higher lap time and sensible 8 car racing on a smaller circuit. There's a lot to consider,but i find digital racing a far more interesting and exciting form of slot racing than one car one lane racing. Phil
  4. Yeah the Pale is my usual favourite..He had a seasonal beer recently called "The Harvest" wich was made using fresh rather than dried hops..It was unbelievable..and i scored the last 2 cartons! It sold out real quick.. The brewery is about a 2 minute walk from where i live..Dangerous! Phil
  5. Hey boys, I have lived in Beechworth Victoria for about a year now,and they have this wickedly good brewery called Bridge Road Brewers Owned by a young beer making genius by the name of Ben Kraus.. I've been a member of his beer club for a while now and I'm just over the moon about his range of beers,cant get enough of it..anyway.. He asked me if I would run a slotcars and beer night for his members on Sat 8th August. I said "Hell yeah!" It will be on at 7.30 pm. He said that non members are welcome to come too,but there will be a $10 fee for those poor guys.. Anyhow,the brewery will be closed to the public and open to beer drinking slot racers. I'm buildin another N Digital mobile track for the occasion..It wont be big as I'd like..but we need elbow room for drinking! Instaed of running 8 cars at atime ,I will probably keep it down to 4 and I will supply the cars.. It will be run as a lighthearted competition and Ben will probably have some beer related prizes on offer. The young lad turned 30 recently,so i slapped together a personalised race car for a present.. He will be able to use it at our regular Tuesday night comps at the nicholas Hotel in Beechworth. So If you feel like getting away for a weekend,grab the chesse and kisses and head to beechworth,She can sample all the little boutique shops and you can sample some excellent beer and a bit of fun racing!! You should probably ring the Brewerey and book in if you wanna come. Phil
  6. Round 2 of the Finley slotcar club champs is on Saturday June 20 Timed qualifying starts at 8pm immediately followed by the racing,so practise is any time from 1pm sat. Scrutineering of all cars is held immediately before qualifying. This round is for A1 gp cars and Gt cars. A1gp is for scalextric A1 gp cars only,they must have the Scaley slimline motor,stock gearing,stock tyres and have a magnet limit of 250grams The car must be fitted with a 3volt zener diode between the digital chip and the motor. Gt class. The gt class is open to any GT style car The only eligible motors are the 18k square can scalextric motor,no zener diode nessecary. The Ninco NC5 motor with a zener diode fitted The NSR 20k shark motor with a zener diode fitted Magnet limit is 250 grams There are no rules reguarding tyres,wheels gearing etc Racing rules.. There are no enforceable on track rules.. We ask that competitors conduct themselves in a sporting manner. Aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse towards fellow club patrons will not be tolerated for any reason. We ask that competitors make sure they are running a competetive car ,as slow cars cause accidents Digital racing with 8 cars on 2 lanes is very fast paced and it is very easy to run up the back of a slow moving car during the heat of a race. We ask that competitors get there early enough to properly set up thier cars,learn the track and learn the location of the lane changers. We ask that competitors learn properly how to change lanes. We ask that slower cars hold thier lane We ask that faster cars change lanes to pass and that they do not travel past several lane changers whilst tail gating another car until there is an accident. Digital racing is quite unlike analogue racing,the key is to have a well setup car and be able to make use of the lane changers without having to think too much about it. There is a prize of a Ninco n digital master track for the highest placing new comer to the finley club. New comers must compete in 5 of the 8 rounds to be eligible and the highest 5 scores out of 8 rounds wins So far after 1 of 8 rounds,we have just 2 newcomers,so there is still time to be competetive. Newcomers will be given any help required to setup thier cars to a competetive level. A range of race ready cars is available at PJR Slotracing as well as all the components nessecary to make a stock car competetive. For info call Phil on 0419 609728
  7. Great work Chris..They look great! Phil
  8. Painted up an NSR Mosler..It really stands ou on the track!! Go The Saints! Phil
  9. PhilR

    Ve Dunnydore

    Hi Dav mad. The commodores have a bit higher ground clearance than the falcons.. What that means is that the magnet is sitting higher up away from the track rails ,resulting in much less magnetic down force.. I just compared a brand new orrocon falcon with a brand new skaife commodore on the shop magnet marshal..The falcon had 170 grams of down force and the commodore just 70 grams..This is fairly typical. You need to magnet up the commodore a bit. Also it is important to space the guide blade down a little so that the front wheels are not running on the track ,as this causes drag in a straight line that rewsults in lower top speed and more importantly it causes the car run off straight out of the slot in corners. Phil
  10. Ok its been run and done.. The winner was current club champion Scott Congram on 173 points over Wayne Brooks on 155..Brooks won the v8's by 2 points over Congram..The v8's were great..Congram took 4 wins from 4 starts in the American muscle car class.. Qualifying in the v 8's was tight with about .75 secs between the top 6..the top time was 15.12 secs by local Scott Gordon Was a great night..and we had 2 new comers keen to win the big prize. The next round is on Sat June 20. It will be Scalextric a1 gp cars and GT cars. Any new comer ,has to compete in at least 5 of the 8 rounds to be eligible for the prize.and the top newcomer will be the best 5 scores out of 8 rounds. The overall club champion is the best 7 scores out of the 8 rounds.. Some of you Melboune blokes should car pool and get into it..You only need 4 cars.. And there is stil 7 rounds left. Competetive race ready cars cost from $80 to around $160 each to build ,including the cost of the car. I will post the club class rules in a separate thtread Phil
  11. Some people have asked me about the picture I use on my avatar on the forums.. It is a bit unusual.. I shear sheep for a living and run a digital slotracing venue for a hobby. This photo Was taken in the Kitchen at the shearing huts on a property near Woodside Victoria a few years ago From left to right it is myself,and Fellow shearers Pete Hosie,Sean "Rambo" McMahon Dan the African and Alfie the African and on the far right was a roustabout Who's name I forgot.. One night after tea we had a big race night in the kitchen..turfed all the furniture outside and set up the ssd track. When the Alfie and Dan came in to look at the track They were muttering something in African that could best be translated as "you crazy white bastards" We named the race "The Backside 500" since we had renamed Woodside to backside on account of how much s#!t was hanging off the arses of the sheep we were shearing Oddly enough Alfie won the whole shebang! Determined he was! Dont see Alfie and Dan any more, they dont come over and shear in Aus now.. Some time after this,we heard that a couple of locals were killed when hit by a race vehicle in the Paris Dakar event. I said to my shearer mate Little Mick Cochrane "I hope it wasnt Alfie and Dan" and he said "no chance,not unless the car went out of control right through the beer tent!" You see shearers are the same the world over..bloody pissheads!!. heres some more pics. Backside 500 A track I set up in the shearing shed at Woodside/Backside..Very long main straight! In the mess hall at a shed called "Tupra" near Oxley NWest of Hay in NSW.. It was a big room and I was able to leave the track set up for 2 weeks..racing every night! On the board at Tupra..never got a chance to set up atrack here..woulda been an awesome main straight! Event runner up Steve Smith from Sout Australia..Posing for the shot inbetween changing the papers on his grinder.. Phil
  12. Round 1 of the Finley slotcar club championship,gets under way Sat 23rd May The first round will be Aussie V8's and American muscle cars. All racing will be on the big Ninco digital track at PJR Slotracing Finley Anyone wanting info can call Phil on 0419609728 Last years championship,which actually finished up in April this year turned out to be a real corker!! It came down to 2 guys in the end. Paul Brooks carried a 48 point lead into the final round but had no answer for a determined Scott Congram who took seven wins and a second from 8 starts in the best single performance of the year. This years championship will be 8 rounds starting in May and ending in December. Points are totalled from each competitors 7 best rounds,each competitor drops thier worst score. This year there is a special prize of a Ninco digital master track,mounted on a board with fold up trestles,for the highest placeing newcomer to the club series. That means that none of the experienced old hands are eligible to win it! This is the prize. Here are some pics from last years championship. This is the club champ Scott Congram taking delivery of his prize ,with his two sons Riley and Blake..needless to say they were fairly pleased!!
  13. PhilR

    Black Coke

    That is one ver nice looking car! Great work and I'm stealing your idea!! Phil
  14. Yeah...This is It..I had ripped some wheels off a Ninco renault megane for this photo..Now I have some nice ninco alloy wheels with inserts on the thing..It's so pretty ,that it takes pride of place on the top shelf in my shop..It's the only shelf queen I have.. A yong lady named Donna created it from a Jeldwen falcon...She can make her own vinyl stickers as she has a all the gear for that and she is an air brush artist!! She is painting up several cars for customers in my shop,She just deals with them directly...There should be a Jack daniels commodore finished soon..I will post some pics. Phil
  15. Yes dave,it's most likely heat buildup causing the power drop off..Can you smell the motors cooking as you drive the cars? I have seen many many scalextric cars melt thier motor mounts with n digital. The short can mabuchi motor seems very susceptible to overheating from the dodgy Ninco electronics..Occasionally you will get one that never gets hot and runs great while you often get one that will get red hot. Most are inbetween and get pretty warm and lose power.. Lots of car magnet aggravates the problem,but it is not the cause The way Ninco has set up the PWM control of their system is to blame..Too low a PWM frequence causing the motor to act as a generator ,building up heat..Also there is no 100% power step so the motor never gets full DC power from the rails..just constant on /off signals and at too low a frequency rate. Everyone at my shop fits NSR Motors to thier cars..they never get hot..even with super ridiculous amounts of magnet. ninco motors dont suffer from heat build up either..I have only had 2 slotit motors come in the shop..both of them got red hot. Gonna put more tips up soon as I can. Phil
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