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  1. Just wondering if anyone has investigated the possibility of improving the throttle curve of the Ninco Wico controllers. I got the Wico when I bought the track pack and really like the wireless convenience, if not the overly sensitive throttle. Scorpius alalogue is an option but a bit exy considering I already have wireless of sorts.
  2. Hi Guys Just getting back into it (a bit) and decided to do a Kevin Bartlet Camaro using the Scaley Sunoco car (yeah, I know it's not the right model but I've ruined my old 1:32 Monogram shell). I tried a few things and finally decided to try Repo Paint Doctor and cotton buds. Wow! It worked a treat, it looks just like an out-of-the-box plain blue car and all the other fine details (hood pins, moulds etc) are untouched.
  3. Given frequent reports of behavioural problems I do hope that GF is grand final and not girl friend. Here, here Embs and a couple of my observations for what they're worth: 1. I gladly left Victoria nearly 50 years ago to escape the incessant Aussie rules hype/tripe. 2. I have three daughters and two granddaughters so why would I even think about following any football code, given their practitioners’ general attitude toward their fellow human beings both male and, in particular, female.
  4. He he he... 'tain't dixie, it's Swedish and the good ole tractor is a Volvo, accompianied by Olle Hemmingsson´s Trio. Gotta say I'd travel a long way to a field day if something like this was on offer... ...and doncha just love the solo spots?
  5. He and Lex Davison were close friends and he is married to Lex's widow, Dianna. more here http://www2.cams.com.au/Content.asp?PageID...&ObjectID=5
  6. Wash your mouth out you naughty man! On Stahly's prices, I know for a fact that mates' rates are quite reasonable
  7. Brilliant Phil. I'll try it with the uncooked one I stripped down for a look at the brushes (dunno about unscrewing and screwing the brass bit out of the electrical connector eight times though. Close enough's good enough in these parts ) If they're similar in torque to an NC1, they'll be a nice (ideal even) motor for a classic build (as well as a direct NC1/8 replacement at a saving of $38.30)
  8. I'm also not happy with my torque test (I did it at 12 volts so heat may have been an issue) but it's pretty clear the motors are very much like the old Dick Smiths, which means they're around the speed of an NC1 but quite a bit softer in torque.
  9. I used a laser tacho (available from Jayco @ app $70) Cheers, I haven't been able to find a cheap one here yet but I think we have confirmed GTune as at least a reasonable comparative tool. I know which of my 2 scaley motors turn more RPM. Now I need a coat hanger and a scale Gettin' old, that should read Jaycar...
  10. Just tried a jury-rigged torque test involving a bit of coat hanger wire bent to a 10mm arm length, the brass bit out of an electrical connector, a Woolies digital scale and a cut away Scaley plastic box lid and came up with around 20gm/cm. The shaft is around the same length as a Slot.It so should be able to be pressed through to make 'em dual drive (you'd need to pull 'em apart to shim the can end spacer while you pushed the shaft through).
  11. I used a laser tacho (available from Jayco @ app $70)
  12. Welcome Tim The local Canberra scene is pretty healthy, with at least two strong clubs on the North and South side, a heap of private tracks and Steve Winchester's shop and track out at Fyshwick (might see you out there). Cheers Charles
  13. Yup, Just did an autopsy and found carbon brushes. They also have a long shaft so a bit of gentle persuasion with an appropriate hammer might turn it into a nice omni-drive motor. Nice find Embs
  14. I just tested one for speed and it ran 13000 rpm at 12 Volts, about the same as a Ninco NC1.
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