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  1. Sounds good, a few questions. 1/ Will the track be gooed with proper Goo not Scaleauto stuff? 2/ will the constant braid lifting be fixed?? 3/ Will a track call button be fitted???
  2. Thanks for the help will do it your way Garry.
  3. Will a hudy 3100 tyre truer fit plafit donuts for trueing 1/24 Scaleauto and Plafit wheels
  4. The west coast has a total 190 STD pack is 290
  5. Network board 1/32 try 180 our west coast custom network worked for me.
  6. No Bob Jane did not run a Camaro at Bathurst he ran in the touring car championship in 1971 1972 in a 1969 427 Camaro, Bathurst was a production race back then the only Camaro was in 1979-1984 was z28 , So Salextric cars stamped 1970 on are the same Camaro I have all the early entry lists for Bathurst.
  7. Sorry just checked 1969 Bathurst no Camaro shows up . Bob Jane had a touring car Camaro 427 not a production car for Bathurst, Chas is correct Bathurst Camaro's where Z28 entered 1979-1984.
  8. True speed MT11 you can get + and - and dual polarity
  9. Buy your self a true speed MT11 you will not go wrong.
  10. The Canberra 8 hour the winning team used a true speed controller with 3 time long time Difalco users me included with each testing 1/10 a lap time improvement and our team Barby only team to do sub 7sec laps on all lanes not just cutter lanes, the true speed controller is unreal controller for its $230 cost.
  11. Thank's to Steve and Michael for a great event and all the drivers for a very clean event.
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