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  1. Thanks for that, try clicking on the pics in my previos post, shoulb b e linked to videos of the track in use, Cheers, Woody
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Embs, the track railing has been made from some old plastic edging designed for the bottom of 'Blueboard' cladding left over from a house building project, I just cut off the bottom return edge using a table saw and painted it with a Duragal spray paint and glued it to the track. Also makes good gurders etc for buildings and bridges, etc. Also pinched one of your ideas to make my lake, used blue hammertone paint and then covered with a thick layer of varnish and added a few bits of rock and reeds, looks great. All the lanscape fill is just newspaper layed over metal flywire with watered down Bondcrete, then painted and covered with coloured material used by the train guys. Here are a couple of videos that give a better idea, just click on any of the following and should take you to me Photobucket video library.
  3. Hi all, it's been a while, but i have got quite a bit done to the track now, if anyone's interested. Pretty much got the landscaping finished except for a few more trees and shrubs. Also still want to put up some signage etc. Here's a couple of photos, bit shakie due to the low light levels. Sorry about the quality of the last couple of photos, will try a few in better conditions soon. I've also shot a bit more video which I will post seperately in this thread soon, Cheers, Woody
  4. Hi All Anybody offer some advice on posting video. I have been using Photobucket and posting pictures isn't an issue, but posting videos using the IMG code just places a photo in the forum page, which when clicked takes you to my Photobucket album. How do you embed the complete video on the forum page same as people who post youtube vids? Is this possible with Photobucket, or do I need to open a Youtube account? Thanks in advance, Woody
  5. made mine out of perspex, cut the piece of wood from the entry area and shaped the perspex from that. Flippers are powered by relays Pits are just for looks at the moment, will get some landscaping underway whilst I kick around a few options on the pits and a couple of other ideas.
  6. Right,at last I've made an effort, here are a couple of photos, and some video of a couple of laps. I have now got my light tower built over the start line, and my race management up and running. Scaleys running in the mid 6 second range on a good lap, with the Slot-it's running around the high 5 second range. I want to take some slightly more professional vid at our next proper race night, but not sure when that will be yet. Cheers, Woody
  7. Thanks Slots, yes, my first track, problem is it won't be my last! Got the bug, already thinking up ideas for another in the future! Got tape down now, trouble is as Embs pointed out, once you get power everything else slows down as you just use the track, not finish it. Am shooting some brief video tomorrow night, will post over the weekend. Cheers, Woody
  8. Woody


    Guy's, as I don't have easy access to a Dulux trade centre without a 6 hour return trip to get Ferradore, I sourced a Haynes product that so far has been great. Water based, no smell, quick drying time, almost identical finish to Ferradore, still not cheap at $50 plus for 1 litre, but this was enough for 2 coats on a two-lane, 15 meter track, with a little left over. At least you can get this at a normal paint shop, and not have to buy 4 litres! Cheers, Woody
  9. $60, now no-one else is allowed to bid anymore, alright!
  10. And, by the way, ... does anyone know of a free (or inexpensive) timing software package that does three lanes? Laptimer 2000 is one. But are there any others? Pat. We have been using Ultimate Racer 3 and found it very good for a free sofware download. (shareware, donations accepted, and IMO well deserved) Will handle three tracks no worries.
  11. Thanks Embs, now if only you could do the landscaping, all I want to do is drive on it Don't see me having the patience to do what you have done to your track, not in a hurry anyway!
  12. Well, time for an update. Track is now painted (Feradore rip-off, cheaper & easier)and not looking too bad. Waiting on copper tape to turn up, hope to at least get a test run by Sundy night if lucky, if not then during next week definitely! If I get to testing soon will try and post video, Cheers Woody
  13. Woody

    Car Spotting

    How about this little beauty that came into Omeo whilst I was there. Guy just picked it up from NSW and was driving it back to Vic and got lost, came in on dirt roads If only it was mine!
  14. John, all you are doing is making life hard for the rest of us by raising the bar so bloody high! Cheers, Woody
  15. Hi Slots, Glad you like the track so far. Going to be used by mates over a few quiet ones, already doing this on a mates track now, but wanted another venue for a bit of variety. Budget is not too much of an issue, within reason, don't always have to tell the missus everything! Timing wise I can get my hands on an older laptop and aslo plan to run a remote monitor on the wall behind the track. Will use Ultimate Racer software same as on the other track. Still have to organise power supply and controllers, want to start analogue, but be able to go digital not too far down the track, to allow more than 2 cars, and also lane changing. Going to look into Scorpius, but just had the idea of butchering the Scaley stuff as a cheaper option, but probably with more work, if it is even possible? Cheers, Woody
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